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The Best 6 Exercises to Do First Thing in the Morning

Want to feel great all day? Start off with a few simple exercises straight out of bed and you'll be energized, motivated, and ready for anything. You don't have to get in a full workout — just 5 to 10 minutes will do. Here are the best exercises to do first thing in the morning:


A morning run or walk is a great way to kick off the day in style. The exercise will boost your metabolism and encourage better fat burning. If you run or walk before you eat anything (in a fasted state), you'll end up burning a lot of fat first thing in the morning.


Nothing helps to build those core muscles and improve your posture like a good old-fashioned plank. Plank is a static resistance exercise, meaning it engages your muscles without any movement. There's no risk of injury or strain; all that happens is you push your abs, back, and obliques by holding yourself in place for 30 to 60 seconds. It's one of the best core-building exercises that will straighten your spine and help you stand and sit better throughout the day.

Jumping Jacks

Want to get the blood flowing to your muscles and organs? Do a set of 30 to 50 jumping jacks! Jumping jacks are amazing cardiovascular exercise, and they'll engage your legs and your shoulder joints. You'll feel more energized and more mobile all day long.


Never skip leg day! Better yet, do Leg Day every day by throwing in a set or two of squats first thing in the morning. The fact that your legs are your largest muscle group means you'll burn more calories with less effort, as well as boost your metabolism. Plus, exercising your legs can help to improve your mobility and reduce the risk of knee, ankle, and hip injuries.


To get that strong upper body, you can't skimp on the push-ups. Push-Ups are amazing for building the "pushing" muscles: your chest, shoulders, triceps, and forearms. It's also an exercise that demonstrates how fit you are. You want to work up to sets of 30 to 50 Push-Ups, so start doing at least one set every day.

Yoga Sequence

Throw this Yoga sequence into your morning workout: start on your feet, reaching your arms up as high as you can, then bend forward to touch your toes. Transition into Downward Dog, then up into Cobra Pose. Go into Child's Pose, Cat and Camel Pose, then back into Cobra Pose. Finish by going into Downward Dog and back up to your feet. Hold each pose for five seconds. The stretching for your spine and joints will be amazing to help work out any aches and pains from a night of rest.

These exercises are amazing for helping you start your day out right. Not only will they get the blood flowing to your muscles, but they'll loosen up your joints and improve your mobility. That's what I call a great way to get out of bed!

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