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The 12 Best Exercises for Women


They say a fit body is made only 30 percent in the gym, but that 30 percent is still pretty darn important. So, when you're working out, you want to make sure that you're doing the right exercises to meet your goals--whether it's weight loss, fat burning or muscle-building.

Here are the best exercises for any woman that's looking for a fit, toned and sculpted body.

1. Squats

Get those legs looking great with a few sets of squats. Leg workouts burn more calories than upper body workouts, and squats will do wonders for your fat burning as well as the shape of your legs.

2. Lunges

Nothing shreds your thighs and glutes as effectively as lunges, making this one of the best butt-sculpting exercises around.

3. Deadlifts

Targeting your lower back and glutes, this exercise hits every muscle group effectively. It will release muscle-building hormones into your bloodstream, and it should be the cornerstone of your workout.

4. Bench Press

Women can burn away the fat on the backs of their arms, perk up their boobs and shape their shoulders with this excellent exercise.

5. Pushups

Do this exercise correctly and you not only tone your core and legs, but you also work out your shoulders, triceps and chest.

6. Plank

This static exercise is ideal for any woman with lower back issues who wants a strong core. It places your core under greater tension for longer periods of time than regular exercise, leading to a more defined, yet still feminine, six pack.

7. Bridge

Want to strengthen your lower back while working out those glutes? Bridge is one of the best butt-sculpting exercises around. Plus, it gives your core a nice workout simultaneously.

8. Farmer's Walk

This exercise is surprisingly difficult despite its apparent simplicity. Holding heavy weights and walking around forces you to keep your upper body erect, all the while setting those forearms on fire and strengthening your grip.

9. Burpees

You love-to-hate this exercise, but it's definitely one of the best full-body movements around. Squat for your legs and glutes, jump back into plank for your core and upper body, push-up for your upper body, and leap into the air for your legs and cardiovascular system. It's a total-body workout that will have you gasping for breath in no time.

10. Overhead Press

If you want to develop a sleek, toned upper body, this is the exercise for you. It burns the fat on the back of your arms while toning your shoulders, all the while forcing your core to maintain proper erect posture.

11. Back Extensions

Don't do this on the machine, but instead hit the floor for this workout. The high tension of this exercise forces your lower back to work harder, leading to more muscle growth and increased strength in your back.

12. Barbell Curls

Give those biceps a little love and definition. While curling barbells may lead to more isolation, using a barbell is always better for overall strength and conditioning.

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Some people get lucky and are born with fit, toned bodies. Andy Peloquin is not one of those people... Fitness has come hard for him, and he's had to work for it. His trials have led him to becoming a martial artist, an NFPT-certified fitness trainer, and a man passionate about exercise, diet and healthy living. He loves to exercise--he does so six days a week--and loves to share his passion for fitness and health with others.

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