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The Best Moves For A Strong Back

Round Out Your Program With These Highly Effective Exercises Building a strong back is important to not only help you look great, but feel great as well. These four exercises will transform your workout, ensuring you build functional strength that will help out with every activity you do.

Want to boost your back strength? Building a strong back is a must if you hope to not only gain an aesthetically pleasing physique, but also build one that’s functional and helps you do every activity you want to do in your life.

Building a strong back will also help with maintaining proper posture, which impacts everything from your energy level to your ability to how slim (or not slim!) you look.

Wondering which moves will give you the best bang for your buck? Let’s take a closer look at the best moves for a strong back so that you can get these added to your workout program:


The pull-up. It might be an exercise you have a love-hate relationship with, but it’s one that you’ll start doing if you know what’s good for you. While not easy by any means, pull-ups, or assisted pull-ups if need be, are excellent for working your lats and biceps.

They’ll help give you that ‘V’ shape look to your body, which can also help create the illusion of a slimmer waist as well. When doing the pull-up, really think of contracting from the sides of the back for maximum effect.

Bent Over Single Arm Rows

Next up on your back exercise line-up is bent over single arm rows. This move is great for hitting the lats as well as the mid back and since you’ll work each arm separately, it’s a good way to ensure muscle balance between both sides.

When doing this exercise, perform it in a very slow and controlled movement pattern to avoid letting momentum come into play.

Horizontal Cable Rows

Horizontal cable rows are another great back building move to get into place in your workout program. This move, done with both arms at the same time, will help target the mid and upper back provided you think of pulling the cable handles (or bar if that’s what you wish to use) into the sternum region.

As you do this, really feel the shoulder blades contracting to target the right region. Once you’ve pulled in, slowly return to the starting position, resisting the tension of the weight stack as you do.

Good Mornings

Finally, good mornings are the last great back-building move to get into place. This one will not only hit the spinal erectors very well but will also help work the glutes and hamstrings also.

To do this one, hold a plate weight in front of the body or alternatively, a barbell across your shoulders behind you.

Now, in an upright position, lean forward until your body is at a 90-degree angle with your hips. Pause here, and then lift back up to the full standing position again. Keep the knees straight but not locked at all times.

Be sure while doing this that you never let the back round, but rather, keep that flat-back position.

If you start including at least a couple of these exercises in your workout routine, you’ll be seeing excellent results in no time.

Shannon Clark holds a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Alberta, where she specialized in Sports Performance and Psychology. In addition to her degree, she is an AFLCA certified personal trainer and has been working in the field for over 12 years now. She is a regular contributor to and has also been named 'Writer Of The Year' two times running. She's also contributed well over 400 articles to a variety of different websites dedicated towards muscle building and athletic performance.

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