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7 Workout Tips for Grappling-Obsessed Wrestling Fans

Wrestling is a highly demanding sport, one that involves strength, speed, endurance, and solid cardiovascular conditioning. If you want to get in wrestling shape, CrossFit is one of the best workout methods to help!

CrossFit focuses on strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and muscular endurance. It combines weightlifting movements with aerobic exercise, gymnastics, and even some Yoga moves. The workouts include high-intensity exercise that will increase your functional strength--the type of strength that will come in handy on the wrestling mat.

Here is a simple workout that uses CrossFit movements to help you get in wrestling shape:

Push-Ups -- Push-ups are one of the staples of CrossFit workouts, and they'll help to develop the triceps, shoulders, and chest muscles that will give you power on the mat. There are many variations to include in your workout (Clap Push-Ups, Dive Bombers, Military Push-Ups, etc.), all of which will change the angle of the workout and develop better strength overall. Do: 3 to 6 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Pull-Ups -- Pull-ups are another common CrossFit exercise, and it's one of the best to develop functional "pulling" strength. Once you can perform multiple sets with your own bodyweight, you can either add weight (hanging from a belt or ankle weights) or change up the style of Pull-Ups to increase the difficulty (wait until you try One-Arm Pullups, Towel Pull-Ups, Wide Grip Pull-ups, etc.). Do: 3 to 6 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Deadlift -- For lower back, glute, and hamstring strength, this is one of the best exercises to do! It's a classic CrossFit movement that hits all the muscles along the back of your body, and it helps you to have stronger spinal muscles. Do: 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Overhead Squat --­ This movement works your core, your shoulders, your arms, and your lower body. The focus of the squat is on your quads, hamstrings, and glutes, but adding the weight high overhead will help to improve your posture and form. Do: 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Kettlebell Swings -- This movement focuses on your hamstrings, but it also hits your calves, glutes, shoulders, core, and lower back. It's a brilliant core workout that will give you the power you need to control your opponent on the mat. Do: 2 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Box Jumps -­- This exercise does two things: 1) It helps you to develop explosive strength, and 2) it strengthens your legs. It's also a brilliant cardio workout and deserves a place in your wrestling training. You don't have to stack the boxes too high (like many CrossFitters do) but just focus on speed and explosive power. Do: 2 sets of 15 to 20 reps.

Burpees -- This is the mother of all total body movements. You hit just about every muscle in your body as you squat, jump to plank, do a push-up, come back to a squat, and stand. It's not just excellent for developing functional strength, but it's also VERY useful for improving your cardio conditioning. The movement of the Burpees will help you be faster as you clinch and grapple. Do: 2 sets of 20 to 30 reps.

Some people get lucky and are born with fit, toned bodies. Andy Peloquin is not one of those people... Fitness has come hard for him, and he's had to work for it. His trials have led him to become a martial artist, an NFPT-certified fitness trainer, and a man passionate about exercise, diet and healthy living. He loves to exercise -- he does so six days a week -- and loves to share his passion for fitness and health with others.

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