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Reduce Your Sunburn Suffering With These Essential Aftercare Tips

Need some aloe for that burn? No, really, you should probably get some aloe.

After enjoying a great day outdoors, there is nothing worse than discovering you have a nasty sunburn, and, as everyone who has ever suffered from a sunburn knows, it can be incredibly painful (not to mention dangerous). However, there are some remedies which can help soothe the pain, aid the regeneration of your skin, and protect it from further damage.

According to Nivea, if you've been swimming in the sea it's important to have a cool shower and ensure that all the salt water is off your body. When sunburnt it's also important to cool the skin down, which is another reason for the shower, but you can also place ice (covered in a towel) onto your skin. And avoid fragranced soaps when showering!

After your shower, it's advisable to apply a body moisturizer, as well as a face one when your skin is still damp. This will help your skin hydrate and lock in moisture. Repeat this process over the following days.

If you want to soothe the burn, a cooling gel could do the trick. One of the best products is an Aloe Vera gel, as it takes the sting and redness out of the burn. Shea butter is another great product that can help with the moisturizing. And it's not just your skin that has been affected by too much sun, but also your hair aloeand your lips, so give them some TLC with a hydrating treatment and a balm.

Take something for the inflammation, such as ibuprofen, and do this within the first few hours of the sunburn. This will help reduce the redness and swelling, making your sunburn a little easier to manage.

Aside from the remedies that you can use to soothe your burnt skin, you also need to drink water to rehydrate. And be sure to avoid the sun completely until your sunburn has subsided. Another thing you should not be doing is wearing tight clothing: You don't want to irritate the skin further so it's best to wear cool, loose fitting clothing.

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