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It Turns out That "Beauty Sleep" Is Realer Than You Think

Is there such a thing as beauty sleep? Fact or fiction: sleep can help you look younger? Learn the answer to this question here.

As you go about your daily life, chances are good you are doing all that you can to look your best. You always want to put your best face forward and that means looking young, vibrant, and wide awake.

It only stands to reason then that sleep can have an influence on how you look. If you aren’t sleeping enough at night, you’re definitely not going to be looking wide awake.

Is there such a thing as beauty sleep? Let’s look at the ways sleep can influence your physical appearance.

Sleep And Body Weight

The first connection between sleep and "beauty" is in terms of your body weight. Now when most people think of "beauty" they tend to think of facial appearance, but remember, your weight does impact how your face looks. Many people who gain weight start noticing it in their face in particular, not liking the reflexion they are seeing staring back at them from the mirror.

When you aren’t sleeping enough, your insulin sensitivity can be hampered, meaning you are more prone to turning carbohydrates you eat into body fat. On top of that, you may also be more likely to experience a greater appetite, thus consume more calories when your body doesn’t really need them.

Both of these can translate to weight gain over time.

Sleep And Skin Complexion

Next, speaking of your skin complexion, this is yet another way that sleep can influence you. When you sleep, your body is essentially rejuvenating all the cells and tissues in your body. Think of it like taking your car into a repair shop each night. During the day, you drive your body around, encountering wear and tear along the way. At night, you take it to the repair shop and everything is revitalized and renewed.

If you aren’t getting adequate time in the repair shop, you aren’t going to see things looking as bright and ‘new’ as they should be. The result? A lackluster complexion and quite possibly, dark under eye circles. Both of which are clearly not attractive in any way shape or form. Getting enough sleep at night can help prevent this.

Sleep And Stress

Finally, the last way that sleep will impact your looks is through the stress that you are experiencing on a day to day basis. When you are not sleeping enough, the stress hormone in your body called cortisol is going to go up. This will also take a toll on your physical appearance and can make you appear tired and less renewed.

Just take a look at the average person who is highly stressed out all the time. Do they look young? Vibrant? Full of life? Chances are, they don’t. This clearly illustrates how stress can impact you and if you aren’t sleeping enough, stress impacts you even more.

So keep these points in mind and start getting serious about your bedtime. If you want to look your best and defy aging, sleep can do far more for you than any of the popular anti-aging serums can.

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