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Is The P90X Right For You?


The P90X is the most saturated get-fit quick workout regimen broadcast on cable television, but is the pain worth it? Tony Horton, developer and spokesman for the P90X system, claims his rigorous DVD exercise program can get you ripped in just 90 days. His sales pitch is on point, considering the public demand for workout regimens that work to burn fat and build muscle mass. Not everybody has what it takes, though, raising the question of whether the P90X is worth your time and money.

Introducing the P90X

The P90X isn't the type of program that a sedentary individual can suddenly adopt as part of his or her daily routine. Do not take that disclaimer lightly. If you are not moderately advanced in your ability to perform complex exercises at maximum exertion, you should not consider the P90X as a resource for enhanced fitness.

The high-intensity exercise that you need to perform in order to satisfy the P90X requirements is both mentally and physically grueling. So, do you think you have what it takes to handle the 60 minutes of intense "muscle confusion" six times per week?

Workout Science

The concept of the P90X system is to shock your body by using periodization techniques. The program includes 13 weeks of exercise that utilize altering workout regimens of different intensities. Scientific studies have shown that frequent variation increases the body's ability to respond to high-impact exercise.

Skeptics beware: This formulated workout strategy does in fact work, but proper execution requires discipline and desire. The P90X workout program includes a strict diet plan that involves three phases of nutrition that complement the various phases of exercise.

The "Fat Shredder" Diet

The famed P90X infomercials don't rave about the "fat shredder" diet, but it's an important component of successfully completing Horton's workout program. Much like your current exercise regimen, eating a healthy diet is a priority, or at least it should be.

The "fat shredder" diet is the first phase of a three-step P90X diet process. This diet includes consumption of high-protein, low-calorie foods, and it aims to achieve exactly what it advertises: Shred fat. The next two phases of the program's nutrition plan (Energy Booster and Endurance Maximizer) have been formulated to increase your body's ability to produce energy.

If you don't have the mental fortitude needed to maintain a strict diet, the P90X is not for you. "Cheat" days are not permitted.

The Fitness Journey

The brutal 13-week P90X schedule serves as a mere guideline for how to help you get ripped in a specified amount of time, but your ability to both properly execute each workout while also eating a strict diet will determine whether you're able to achieve your fitness goal.

The P90X fitness journey has the potential to be life-changing. It's possible that you've seen week-to-week transformation pictures of dedicated workout enthusiasts who have shared their conquering of the P90X system via social media. Those selfies are proof that you can completely alter your physical appearance in a relatively short amount of time, but you can't do it without enduring a sizable amount of mental and physical pain.

You cannot tip-toe your way through 90 days of alternating workouts that include core synergistic exercise, full-body workouts, plyometric training and yoga. So, is the P90X worth it? You have to answer that question for yourself.


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