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How to Wash That "Yoga Aroma" out of Your Workout Clothes

Won't you take me to Funkytown?

You know that Tide commercial about "yoga aroma?" Yeah, it's a real thing. The fabrics that are used for workout clothes, yoga leggings, and other athletic gear aren't very forgiving when it comes to odor. It's not yet known why you can't eliminate the smell of your sweaty crotch from your workout gear, but there are some theories. And there are a few tricks to try if you don't feel like throwing your stuff out after your daily sweat session.

The theory goes that the polyester and synthetic fabrics that are used for moisture wicking don't absorb moisture or odors like basic cotton, so the fibers never release your stench when you wash them. That said, cotton tends to hold on to odors in a humid environment — which could be similar to a crotch. And why those cotton crotches on your yoga pants don't come clean. Other than avoiding rayon, polyester, and other synthetics and switching to natural fibers, like cotton or merion wool, try using a gentle antibacterial before you toss it in the washing machine.

Some people swear by spritzing workout gear with vodka, but vinegar or tea tree oil can also work. You can also try an enzyme cleaner, which is designed to remove sweat from clothing.

Instead of spraying your clothes, you might find it works to add an extra something to the wash, like vinegar, baking soda or Borax, all known for their odor-eliminating potential.

When you do wash, go easy on the detergent. Skip fabric softener and use a low heat setting to keep your workout feeling fresh for longer. It also helps to wash your workout wear as soon as you can after a workout, especially if you work out daily. New models of washing machines have sensors that can detect a small load so that you won't waste water. The longer you let your clothes sit around get funky, the harder it will be to remove that funk. So get washing!

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