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How to Choose Your Next Workout

Picking your next workout can be a daunting task, but knowing where to look will get you headed in the right direction.

If you’re an exercise novice, choosing the right workouts can be challenging. The goal is to pick a routine you enjoy, something that fits into your busy schedule, and gets you real results. That’s why knowing where to find phenomenal workouts is a must.

1. Check the Weather

Trying to decide whether or not to exercise outside? Check the weather forecast to pick your next workout routine. Is it going to be steamy hot? Consider swimming laps outdoors or kayaking. Will it be cool and windy? If so, try jogging or biking outside. If you’re an outdoorsy person, choosing outdoor exercise may be just what you need to keep you going strong day after day.

2. Change it Up Daily

Did you bike, jog, or do the elliptical machine yesterday? Or did you weight train your legs? Choose something entirely different the next day to change things up. This prevents boredom and staleness (muscle fatigue from working out the same muscle groups day after day). You’ll get better results when you vary the muscle groups you work — avoid doing the same routine two days in a row.

3. Workout Indoors with No Equipment

Are you traveling or do you have young children with you and need a quick workout you can do from the comfort of home (or a hotel room)? You don’t have to skimp on exercise just because you can’t make it to the gym or work out outside. Simply do jumping jacks, rope jumps, plank holds, burpees, box jumps, pushups, sit-ups, alternating jumping lunges, squat jumps, squat kicks, and high-knees (jogging in place).

4. Go for Group Classes

Tired of working out alone and need a way to socialize during the day, meet new people, and let off steam? Group fitness classes might be right up your ally. Head to your local gym to try yoga, Pilates, cycling, Zumba or other group classes. Or, look for local boot camps or cross fit gyms in your area.

5. Join a Sports League

Let’s be real, working out can get boring — especially when you’re doing it every day. To keep things fun, join a community (through the city you live in or a local gym) adult sports league. This is an excellent way to change up your workout routine, socialize, have fun with friends, and fulfill that competitive urge. Look for golf, basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, or other adult sports leagues in your area.

6. Get Free Online Workout Videos

Need reliable workouts that offer real variety, change day to day, and are free? Browse online sites that allow you to do just that (get free workouts led by experienced fitness instructors) from the comfort of your home. Examples of sites to try include, free 30-day trial, 14-day free trial, and — just to name a few.

7. Browse Online for Weight Training Programs

The opportunities are endless when it comes to finding weight training workout routines on the internet. Simply do a search for the muscle group you want to work (leg workout, back workout, shoulder workout, ab workout, etc.) and be amazed at what you'll find on fitness websites such as and

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