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How a Botched Nose Job Can Leave You With a Permanent Erection

You wouldn’t think that having surgery on your face could affect the space below your waist, but apparently, it can. 45-year old Croatian stylist and reality star Neven Ciganovic is a plastic surgery addict that says a nose job has left him with a permanent erection.

Ciganovic flew to Iran from his home in Belgrade in order to undergo the procedure to straighten a crooked nose. Upon returning home, he found that he had a permanent erection.

He reports that a film crew doing a documentary on him covered his consultations with the doctor, but not the procedure itself and that he had a reaction to the anesthesia.

According to Ciganovic, during the procedure, his plastic surgery doctors diagnosed him with priapism, a rare medical condition in which an erection lasts for longer than four hours and is painful. It may or may not be related to sexual excitement and remains even after orgasming.

Priapism occurs when blood flows to the penis but is unable to leave and is related to issues in the nervous system when too much blood flows in as the nerves don’t trigger an erection normally. Often certain medications, not always related to erectile dysfunction, can trigger the condition, as can recreational illicit drugs.

Permanent damage can occur if the condition isn’t treated immediately, including an inability to get an erection in the future.

Ciganovic recovered in a hospital, where he was also treated for the permanent erection, which won’t fully heal for months. The reality star has had a dozen operations, three on his nose, plus procedures to enhance his lips, stomach, and chin. His most recent procedure was to correct an issue with his septum.

It seems that his misadventures in plastic surgery are set to launch him to international stardom and he is looking forward to a film about his life as he contemplates a further facelift procedure in the future.

The addict acknowledges comments that he looked better before his repeat visits under the knife but says that was so long ago, who didn’t look better when they were 20 years younger?

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