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Here's Everything You Need to Know About Cold Pressed Juice and Its Health Benefits

Cold-pressed juice has become one of the latest health crazes, and they can be found everywhere from specialized juice bars to the local supermarket, but what is cold-pressed juice and does it actually offer any health benefits?

First, what are cold-pressed juices? Cold-pressed juice is different to freshly squeezed because they are extracted differently, and for cold-pressed juice (via Pure Green) this is done using a juicer with a hydraulic press and slow pulverizer to juice either the vegetables or fruits, ensuring the maximum amount of liquid is extracted. There is no heat added in the process so no nutrients are lost (the traditional juice extraction uses blades, which create heat when they spin).

There is no denying that these juices are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and drinking one of these will help you reach your daily quota of fruits and vegetables. These juices also tend to be free of preservatives and added sugars, making them “healthy,” and this is one of the reasons why there is such a hype surrounding them. That said, some warn that a juice diet does not provide our bodies with the nutrients we need as they provide little to no protein and fat, and the juicing process removes much of the fiber that would be naturally found in fruit and vegetables. According to Huffington Post, this lack of fiber will also result in your feeling less full than if you were to eat a whole fruit.

These juices have been marketed as a way to “detox” or “cleanse” the body, but FoodInsight notes that the body naturally detoxifies itself and that it’s unclear whether going on a “detox” actually has sustainable benefits.

Another con to these juices is they don’t come cheap and drinking them multiple times a day or a week could add a significant cost to your grocery bill. So, to summarize; although these juices are great to grab every once in a while, you probably shouldn’t be living off them, and if you are adding juices to your diet, be mindful of the added calories.

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