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No Gym? No Problem! How to Get a Great Workout Without Leaving Home

Here are 10 ways you can help achieve your fitness goals by using household items to get in shape!

1. Walking

Walking is the easiest activity for most people to do safely wherever they are! Schedule to walk with your partner or a friend to get you going around your neighborhood. Take some light weights - more mass through space is more energy used!

2. Car Wash

Pick up that bucket and that sponge! Washing the car for an hour can burn ~215 calories (for a 30-year-old woman, who is 5’6 and 150lbs). Throw in a vigorous wax and you could be burning even more calories!

3. Stairs

Do you live in an apartment complex? In addition to attempting to take the stairs regularly to your apartment, you can use them for a quick heart raising 10-minute exercise. If you are working from home or feeling a bit sluggish try 10 minutes of moving quickly up and down the stairs to burn ~71 calories! Just getting moving a little bit will make you more alert, energized and help your weight loss goals.

4. TV Time

Make the most of your TV time by mopping, washing windows, doing the dishes, or even try doing squats during all the commercials. If you don’t already have some, get some light weights that you can use while sitting for arm curls, triceps, and overhead presses.

5. Burst Exercises

The Journal of Obesity published an article on Nov. 24th, 2010 about the effects of High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise and Fat Loss. What this study found was that regular aerobic exercise on body fat is small. High-Intensity intermittent exercise (like 30-60 seconds of high intensity jumping jacks) can be more effective at reducing abdominal fat and subcutaneous fat when compared to other types of exercise. Over time, these frequent burst exercises can help improve your anaerobic and aerobic fitness in addition to lowering insulin resistance, improving glucose tolerance, and better fat oxidation from skeletal muscle.

So try to add some short 30-60 second high-intensity exercises to your day! Squats, jumping jacks, running in place, high jumps, jump rope and other similar activities can be a good choice.

6. Kitchen Tables and Chairs

These can be used for many different home exercises. Try a few sets of inclined pushups off the kitchen table while you prepare dinner. Chairs can be used to do triceps dips or if sturdy and safe you can use them to step up and work on your quads!

7. Make the Most of Your Exercise Equipment

You spent money on it, now you should use it! When talking on the phone or watching an episode of your favorite series, jump on that treadmill and put it at a high incline to get your heart rate up quickly!

8. Weight Lifts

Although people often suggest using soup cans for multiple reps of weight lifting, for many people these will not be enough weight. Look for heavier items in your home or consider filling milk jugs or water jugs with water or sand. Weight lift with these, use when squatting or use as a substitute in your favorite kettle ball exercises.

9. Your Computer

Watch exercise videos online! Lay out a towel or your yoga mat and make the most of some free time by watching some yoga videos, ab videos or even more high-intensity cardio options. The best part is that you can choose a video that fits into the amount of time you have to spend!

10. Towel Exercises

Just like other household objects, there are so many exercises you can do with a towel. Try holding it tight between your hands while doing ab twists, or lying it on the ground and doing quick ski jumps back and forth over it. There are many more ideas online - so get creative!

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