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6 Ways to Work Your Abs Standing Up

Believe it or not, working your abdominal muscles standing up can be just as effective as floor ab exercises.

If you’re working toward a six pack, you’ve probably done countless hours of floor abdominal exercises — like sit ups, plank exercises, and crunches. But, you don’t have to hit the floor to slim down your midsection. Knowing ways to work your abs standing up is beneficial when you want to change up your routine and tone your abs fast.

1. Standing Crunches

While it may sound surprising, you don’t have to be on the floor to complete crunches. Standing crunches are the perfect exercise for any time of day — evening during lunch and bathroom breaks at work. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, your hands behind your head, and your elbows bend. Tighten your abdominal muscles and slowly move the upper half of your body forward and down in a crunch motion. Repeat this exercise continuously while keeping your abdominal muscles flexed the entire time.

2. Standing Bicycle

Begin this exercise by standing with your feet shoulder width apart, your hands behind your head, and your elbows bent. Slowly bring your left knee to your right elbow in front of your body. Then, bring your right knee to your left elbow in front of your body and repeat the exercise until you feel fatigued.

3. Side Elbow-to-Knee Touches/Jumps

This exercise works your entire abdominal area, especially your oblique muscles. Begin in a standing position and touch your right knee to your right elbow on the right side of your body. Then, touch your left knee to your left elbow on the left side of your body and repeat. To make this exercise more challenging, jump while performing side-to-side, elbow-to-knee touches.

4. Side-to-Side Waist Twists

Believe it or not, simply twisting your waist from side to side helps tighten and tone your midsection. With your arms close to your body and your elbows bent, rapidly twist to the right as far as your body will go; then immediately twist to the left and repeat continuously until your abdominal muscles fatigue.

5. Jumping High-Knee Waist Twists

In addition to slimming your waist, this exercise also gets your heart pumping. Begin with your arms close to your body and elbows bent. While jumping and performing high knee exercises, move your waist and elbows from side to side while keeping your arms close to your body. When your right knee is up, move your waist and arms toward that right knee — and when your left knee is up move your arms and waist to the left. Alternate right and left with continuous high-knee jumps until you feel fatigued.

You can also complete this exercise without the waist twist by simply doing high knees in place with your arms up and out to each side, parallel with the floor.

6. Front Leg Kicks

This exercise is similar to jumping high-knee waist twists, but instead of doing high knees kick your legs straight out in front of your body. Start by kicking out with your right leg, then your left continuously in a jumping motion. Complete as many alternating kicks as you can until you fatigue.

Completing these standing abdominal exercises regularly will get your heart pumping and your waist slim and trim in no time.

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