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Everything You Need to Know About the Mom Who Worked out at Target

Most of us live very busy lives, so we have to take the opportunity to workout whenever we can, and it would be extremely beneficial if one of those places was in the aisles of supermarkets; think of how much wasted time you spend looking for your groceries when you could be working out at the same time? But for some reason, when a mom and fitness blogger decided to work out in Target, she was shamed for it.

Sia Cooper is a personal trainer and Diary of a Fit Mom blogger from Florida who works out whenever she can, including airports and the snack aisle of Target (because as she puts it, who needs a gym?). However, in 2017 she made headlines for her workout video and the negative reaction that people had to it.

She shared a video of her workout on Instagram, which included toe taps, squats, and lunges while pushing the shopping cart containing her toddler (her mission is to balance her fitness journey and motherhood, so this makes perfect sense). She thought this would be a great workout for a busy mom who may find herself in an empty store, but a lot of people disagreed with her on this point. But why was her workout video such a big deal? Is it really so offensive to see someone working out in the grocery store? For many people, the reason they got annoyed was that they felt she was looking for attention, or possibly even guilting them while working out in an aisle where they want to buy snacks.

Comments on the video included, “This is the workout you do when you're desperate for attention from strangers,” and “Seriously as if any woman would actually do that.”

But fast forward a few months, and what is Cooper getting up to now? She’s not a mom who is desperate for attention, she is a mom who is efficiently using her time and it seems she’s forgotten about all the backlash she received. I say this because she is confidently posting more workout videos in her local stores, which she claims could also boost your confidence.

She points out that if you can workout at your local Walmart or Target it could improve your confidence inside the gym. On a recent workout video, she wrote “ ... You’ll feel ridiculous working out in a supermarket, but I bet you next time you step foot inside of a gym, you won’t feel so silly!” She makes a good point, if you don't care who sees you in the store, you definitely won't care about who sees you in the gym!

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