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Do Fake Lashes Damage Your Eyes? Here's What You Need to Know

Eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular, and there is no denying that if you want to achieve longer, darker, and fuller lashes, then this is the best way to do it. They are incredibly transformative, but is it really worth the risk? Apart from being pricey and time-consuming, could eyelash extensions also be harming your natural lashes?

The answer is yes.

If you pick at your eyelashes, rub your eyes often, or if they have been applied incorrectly, then yes, it can leave your real lashes looking sparse. Also, it’s worth noting that according to InStyle, if you notice your lashes looking thinner, the eyelash extensions could be the cause as they can interrupt the lashes natural growth cycle.

Over time, some women may notice that their eyelashes are shorter and finer. And others, especially those with sensitive skin, can be affected by the glue that’s used as an adhesive.

A licensed cosmetologist, Talin Haghnazarian, spoke with Insider about eyelash extensions. She said, "I refuse to put on a lash extension that is too heavy or too long for a natural lash. You can cause permanent damage to your follicle or cause the lash to prematurely fall out."

This may be enough to swear you off eyelash extensions for good, but some women still feel this is the best option for them. And if that’s the case, then according to Leaf.TV, the key to reducing damage is all in the application process and the correct application can protect natural lashes.

If you do intend to get eyelash extensions, then according to InStyle, it’s best to do them in intervals, taking a month-long break in between. It is also important to use an eyelash conditioner, post-removal, and to ensure that only one lash extension is applied to each real lash — more will add weight to the lash, and cause it to shed faster.

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