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Celebs Celebrated for Their Amazing Legs and How They Get Them to Look so Great

Get a leg up on your workout.

Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, and Gisele Bundchen all have something in common; there is no denying that one of their most standout features are their legs. Glamour magazine notes Stone was voted The Sexiest Leg Moment On Film Ever in a 2004 survey by Veet, Julia Roberts’ role in Pretty Woman really put her legs on the map, and Gisele, well, she’s a supermodel.

Take Notes From Celebrity Trainers For Super Toned Legs

But how do you get amazing, super toned legs like the A-listers? Well, who better to ask for help than a celebrity trainer?! According to fitness trainers and stars of Bravo’s Toned Up, Karena Dawn, and Katrina Hodgson, if you want slimmed toned legs, you can achieve this with single leg lunges, plie, and squat jumps, E! News reports.

Jennifer Lopez reportedly keeps her legs in shape by doing an hour of exercise each day, and according to Hollywood Life, this consists of 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of muscular structure.

For Gwyneth Paltrow, it’s dance routines, and according to Shape, she has admitted to doing 45-minute dance cardio sessions with the trainer to the stars, Tracy Anderson. This workout is designed for toned legs.

Bundchen does yoga, Kung fun, and according to Shape, she also keeps fit with aquatic exercises.

Perfection Isn't Always Reality

But it’s also important to note that everything is not always as it seems, and not to get hung up on perfection. Even celebrities who have been praised for their legs have imperfections, and their secret weapon is body makeup. Actually, Refinery29 states, “body concealers might be Hollywood's best-kept secret.”

WWD spoke to some of the top stylists in the business about what it takes to get great legs, and it turns out you can help make your legs look even better with a few tips and tricks. These include high heels, tone-on-tone looks to elongate the legs, and avoiding shoes that cut off at the ankle.

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