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Can You Exercise in a Hot Tub?


There's nothing quite as wonderful as a hot soak in a beautiful Jacuzzi or hot tub. The hot water helps to improve your circulation and relax your tired muscles at the end of a long day. You can just sit back for awhile and afterwards you'll feel a whole lot better.

But what if there was a way to get exercise while sitting in your hot tub?

The Fit Wet Jet Bike

Introducing the Fit Wet Jet Bike--the only hot tub that allows you to get exercise while soaking.

The concept of the machine is simple: it's a hot tub that has an exercise bicycle built into it. You sit in the hot tub, and you simply pedal away. It's a design that is flawlessly easy, and yet it's an amazing concept due to the presence of the water.

How Does the Water Help?

The water helps in a number of ways:

1. It increases the resistance of the exercise. Have you ever tried to run or walk in knee-deep water? You'll find that it's pretty tough, as the water slows your movement and forces your muscles to work harder. With this unique exercise bike, your entire lower half is submerged underwater. Your knees are pumping away under water, making it much harder for you to keep pedaling. You'll find that the exercise is much harder, increasing the resistance on your muscles and making cycling just that much better of a workout.

2. It burns more calories. The fact that you're having to work harder to pedal means that you're going to be burning a lot more calories. You'll find that just 30 minutes at a fairly moderate speed on this hot tub bike will help you burn 500 calories--about as many as you burn in over an hour of vigorous cycling.

3. It is easier on your body. Thanks to the water, you're going to be moving a lot slower. That means there's a much lower risk of repetitive strain injuries on your knees--common among cyclists. You'll suffer from less wear and tear on your body thanks to the addition of water to your exercise, which is why water exercise like swimming and water aerobics are so popular.

4. It provides many additional benefits. The bicycle/hot tub is unique in its design, but also in its benefits. The fact that you're underwater helps to prevent the pooling of blood in your lower legs and feet that is so common with cycling. The bike will also help to burn more cellulite, and the jets in the hot tub will give your muscles a massage as you ride. You'll get off the bike after a short ride feeling exhausted, but without soreness in your knees and muscles.

Sadly, the bike isn't yet available around the country--it's only sold in Las Vegas and soon in Texas. However, the fact that it has become so popular means that it will hopefully soon be available in more gyms across the United States. The price tag of $18,000 makes it a bit too costly to install in your home, so here's hoping that it comes to a gym near you.


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