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Can Supplements Boost Your Performance Fitness-Wise?

Many of you may wonder what a supplement can do for your fitness performance. Will they help? Or are they a waste of money? Let’s get to the bottom of this concept.

When one thinks about supplements, we tend to think about things like multi-vitamins or minerals. Things that can help improve your health. Or we tend to think of the other end of the spectrum and consider fat burners or testosterone boosters. Things that will help us utilize fatty acids better or pack on the lean muscle mass.

But what about fitness performance enhancing supplements? Is there such a thing? Can we really increase our fitness level by popping a pill or mixing a powder?

As it turns out, you can definitely boost your fitness performance by using the right mix of supplements. Let’s look at how this is possible and which supplements you should consider.

Improved Energy

First, note that you can dramatically change your energy level going into each workout session by taking something as simple as caffeine. Caffeine will definitely give your energy a boost and this can then lead to you pushing harder during the workout itself, thus increasing your fitness level.

It is quite obvious that if you are giving 70 percent of your energy and effort to a session, you’re probably only going to get mediocre results. If you give 100 percent of your effort though, you’re going to come out further ahead.

Caffeine can assist you in this manner. Generally, 100-200 mg of caffeine prior to your workout is enough to have this effect unless you are a heavy coffee drinker, in which case you may need to go up to 250-300 mg. Avoid going up any higher than this though without consulting your doctor.

Enhanced Endurance

Another way that supplements can enhance your fitness performance is by boosting your endurance. This is similar in nature to the energy improvement noted above but slightly different. Certain supplements can actually help your body better handle the lactic acid that’s produced in the muscle cell, delaying that burning sensation that you would otherwise get and that would cause you to stop the exercise entirely. This, in turn, reduces the total amount of fatigue that you feel.

Whether you’re doing endurance cardio training and looking for a way to improve your performance or just want to squeeze out 12 reps instead of 10, supplements can help you do that. Beta Alanine is the primary ingredient here you want to focus on for this purpose.

Increased Focus and Concentration

The next way that supplements improve your fitness performance? By improving your focus and concentration. If you go into the gym focused on what you need to do, you’re eliminating the distractions that can take away from you giving full effort. You’ll also be more aware of your body, which in turn can lead to better performance.

Don’t underestimate how much of a difference your mental state can have on your progression. Too many people make this error and it costs them largely in their results.

Here again, caffeine is the primary supplement to turn to however green tea extract as well as tyrosine can also have this effect.

So there you have three different ways in which supplements can help you go to the next level in your physical performance. Fitness requires a lot of hard work, motivation, and patience to see results. The odd supplement may help compliment. Don’t be afraid to consider your options.

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