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8 Foods You Should Get From Amazon

When you're trying to save time and pinch pennies, check out the following foods on Amazon.

Amazon has become more than just a place to order electronics and video games. Believe it or not, grocery food items are now cost-effective options for Amazon shoppers. Knowing which foods you should get from Amazon when you're trying to pinch pennies is a must.

1. Health-Food Supplements

Supplements (such as protein powder, protein bars, fish oil, energy drinks, energy bars and green tea extract) can get to be expensive, which is a good reason to order these items online. Amazon is the perfect place to shop when you need to stock up on supplements because with a variety of sellers competing for top prices you’re almost guaranteed to find a great deal.

2. Snack Foods

Packaged snack foods are another top pick when it comes to Amazon food items you should buy online. That’s because you’re likely to find great deals, and these foods won’t spoil without refrigeration. You can stock up on snack items without carrying large groceries bags, and you won't go broke paying for gas from supermarket trips. Examples of snack foods to look for include popcorn, peanuts, crackers, chips, packaged baked goods, fruit snacks, granola bars and other sweet treats.

3. Whole Foods Items

If you’re a fan of Whole Foods (which was bought out by Amazon), you’re in luck. Whole Foods prices are much lower now than they were before the buy-out happened, and Amazon Prime members can get additional discount perks. So if Whole Foods prices were once out of reach, consider Whole Foods through Amazon instead.

4. Pasta

You could save up to 50 percent when buying pasta from, says Consumer Reports. That’s because pasta manufacturers now allow Amazon to unbundle large bulk boxes of food items like pasta. And with such a long shelf life, it’s unlikely pasta will go bad before using it up — so it's time to stock up!

5. Canned meats

Canned food items are always a great choice when it comes to saving money and stocking up using Amazon. You may even pay less than you would buying canned meats (such as tuna) from bulk stores like Costco. So why spend money on gas or lifting heavy grocery boxes in bulk when you have the luxury of having canned meats shipped right to your doorstep — without the risk of spoiling as fresh meat does.

6. Coffee

Buying coffee online means you’ll likely find better deals than getting coffee from brick-and-mortar stores or at Starbucks. This is mainly due to increases in coffee manufacturer competition, and the fact that you can buy off-brand coffee from Amazon that you won't find on store shelves.

7. Condiments

Getting condiments, especially those that aren’t so common, from Amazon is a great way to stock up and get great deals. Plus, condiments don’t have the risk of spoiling during shipping like fresh foods do. Not all grocery store chains carry not-so-common condiments like blue cheese powder, which is why turning to Amazon for these items can save you from several shopping trips.

8. Baby Food

It can be a brutal outing when grocery shopping with little ones, which is why buying baby food through Amazon comes in handy and just makes sense. You could save up to 15 percent when buying baby foods using Amazon, says Consumer Reports. That’s because Amazon thrives by enticing new parents to become loyal customers.

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