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7 Things That Should Always Be in Your Gym Bag

Not all gyms are created equal, so you'd better be prepared!

Hang out in the gym long enough and you see it all. The guy that walks in with his keys and phone to get his workout in, all the way to the woman with a roller suitcase that carries everything she needs to get ready for the workday. It doesn't matter where you fall on the spectrum — you're all there to put in the work and get better! But, it's always best to be prepared. So, here are a few things you should always keep in your gym bag.

A Towel ... or Two

All gyms do not carry towels for member use. In fact, if your membership is on the lower end, you can be pretty sure they don't have that service. So, you'd better always have one. What happens at the gym? People sweat, and sometimes they leave it on the equipment. Put that layer down between you and someone else's sweat so you can focus on your workout ... and not the cooties.

Water Bottle

Most gyms do have fountains throughout their facilities. But sometimes those fountains are not that clean. Carry your own water bottle at all times. Not only will this help aid in preventing illness, but you can also make sure you're getting your fluids in.

Post-Workout Snack

If you're serious about your workouts, the time to get in a post-workout meal is a pretty small window — no more than 30 minutes. Why waste time? Have that snack ready to go so that you can get the most from your workouts with proper recovery.

Clean Clothes

Whether it's another pair of workout clothes, or clothes to go out in, it's always wise to have some extra. Especially if you sweat a lot. Sometimes it's nice to put on a fresh shirt after you've sweated through your first with cardio. Or maybe you have to run somewhere after the gym. It makes you — and the rest of the world — feel better.

And on That Note

Keep the deodorant handy. Again, we all sweat. It's why we're there. But there's no need to stink yourself or anyone else out.

Motivating Music

Or a podcast, book, whatever gets you through that workout. Having music can help you stay focused on your workout, and even pump you up.

A Plan

Sometimes it's okay to fly by the seat of your pants in the gym. All the treadmills taken, hope on the Step Mill for some HIIT instead. Class full, go hit the weights on your own. But if you want to see true changes to your physique, have a plan in place. Be flexible a bit, especially if you workout at busier times, but know what you want to accomplish before you go. This can also help you break through a plateau if you look back at your plan and keep track of workouts.

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