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7 Bedroom Positions That Double as a Great Workout


It's one of the most enjoyable parts of life, and no matter what position you prefer, it's something you want to do as many times per day/week as possible. Plus, it can be a pretty amazing workout if you add a bit of variety to your routines.

1. No Hands

This spin on missionary doesn't involve supporting yourself on your hands, but instead reaching around beneath her and grabbing her rear. You'll use the muscles of your core to hold yourself up, while your neck and shoulders will be engaged to prevent your weight from collapsing on top of her. After a few minutes of this, you'll be breathing hard and feeling the burn.

2. Bed Corner

Bring her to the end of the bed (if you have no footboard), and turn her diagonally so that her bottom is on the corner of the bed. You'll need to squat a bit to get a good angle, and you'll find that your calves, thighs, hamstrings and core will be on fire by the time you're done.

3. Plank

It may sound silly, but the strain can actually make this position more enjoyable for you. Instead of allowing your upper body to rest on hers, only allow your happy parts to make contact. You'll feel the burn in your shoulders, triceps, and core if you hold yourself up in as much of a "plank" position as possible.

4. Cowboy on a Bridge

With the woman sitting atop you, place your feet on the bed and lift your hips into the air. You'll feel your stomach and back muscles shaking from the position. With her added weight, it's guaranteed to be an amazing workout.

5. Snuff the Candle

This is a workout for the women and it's going to set your legs ablaze. Squat over him and use your legs to lower yourself onto him. With the up and down motion being controlled by your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves, you're going to feel it in no time.

6. The Arch

This is another twist on the missionary position, where the man lifts the woman's lower half up to him while her shoulders are on the bed. The woman will get a great core workout, while the man will work those glamor muscles (arms and shoulders) holding her up.

7. Stand and Deliver

A standing position is a surprisingly good workout for both the man and woman alike. The woman has to clasp her legs around his back, but use her core and hips to keep up with the motion. The man's arms will burn from holding her up, and his legs will get a nice workout from the mild squat he'll use to support her weight with his legs.

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