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7 Celeb Swimwear Lines for Your Last Minute Beach Vacay

When it heats up by a few degrees most people get really excited because it’s finally time to hit the beach, and everyone wants to look their best when lounging on the golden sand and soaking up the sun. Each year we update our bikinis and one-pieces with the best that money can buy, so there is no denying that there is a market for stylish swimwear, and this is something that celebrities have tapped into. From fashion bloggers to A-list celebs, there have been many fashionable women who have teamed up with brands to create stylish and comfortable swimsuits.

One of the fashion bloggers to impress with her swimwear collaboration was Pandora Sykes, who paired up with clothing brand Hunza G to create super frilly, retro pieces. It's also a collection that celebrates friendship because Sykes and Hunza G creative director Georgiana Huddart have been friends for 15 years.

There are few women who look as good as Emily Ratajkowski in a swimsuit because let’s be honest, she’s flawless. But she also knows what looks good on her body, and on women in general, which is why, in 2017, she created her own swimwear line, Inamorata Swim. But she’s not the only supermodel to tap into this market, and Puerto Rican beauty Joan Smalls teamed up with Smart & Sexy in 2018 for her very own swimwear line. According to Fashion Network, one of the appealing things for Smalls about working with this brand was how accessible they are in both price and sizing.

Speaking of sizing, the body positive movement that has happened in recent years has been great for fashion, and it’s seen people like model Ashley Graham become a household name. In addition to being an advocate for curvy women, Graham is also the creator of some great swimsuits that are designed to look good on more than one body shape, hence the name of the brand, Swimsuits For All. Even better, the photos for the campaign were reportedly not retouched, so what you see is exactly what Graham looks like!

Kate Hudson made her mark in the fashion world when she took her love of yoga and fitness and turned it into a clothing line called Fabletics, and three years later, the brand branched out to create sexy, functional swimwear. Speaking of her collection, Hudson told People magazine, “This is swimwear for the girl who loves adventure. She’s spontaneous, loves to move and doesn’t take life too seriously.”

Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the younger siblings of the Kardashian clan, have created many collections together for Topshop, including a swimwear range aptly titled Kendall + Kylie Swim. This collection is youthful, simple, and great for a day out on a California beach — they were raised there after all. The line comprises of a 37-piece capsule collection.

You may know Jessica Simpson for her voice or her stint on reality television, but what she should be known for is her fashion empire. In 2007, she created a swimwear line titled Jessica Simpson Swim, and seven years later she added a plus size range, People reports.

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