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6 Great Foods to Eat Post-Workout

You've had a great workout and you can really feel those muscles burning, but what is the best way to recover post-workout? And what foods can aid the recovery of your muscles and replenish the nutrients you've burnt up?

Firstly, according to Shape, research indicates that whether you eat or not before a workout your body still burns the same amount of fat. However, it's important to eat before you hit the gym because regularly training on an empty stomach results in muscle loss—apart from this, you're also not getting the right amount of energy you need to work out properly.

What should you be eating?

Before you work out you should at least eat or drink something small, like a smoothie (the combination of fruit and yogurt makes for a great protein boost) or oatmeal with berries. After a workout, it's important to replenish the glycogen that has been lost, and you can do this by eating or drinking something that combines proteins and carbohydrates. Some great combinations of this are:

Eggs on multi-grain toast: Eggs are a fantastic source of protein as well as Vitamin D, while the multi grain toast gives you the carbs you need and makes it easy to digest.

Bananas: Bananas will help rebuild your body's glycogen storage, restore damaged muscles, and give you lots of potassium—your potassium levels drop after you've been sweating a lot.

Fruit and nuts: The perfect combination of carbs and proteins, dried fruit, and nuts are easy to eat on the go. The sugars from the dried fruit help bring up your energy levels, while the nuts are high in fat. If you want to make this an even more balanced meal, add some Greek yogurt into the mix.

Blueberries: They may be small, but blueberries pack a punch and are a fantastic source of Vitamin K and Vitamin C. They also have antioxidant properties and support digestion—and even weight loss.

Cherry juice: According to GQ a great post-workout drink is tart cherry juice because it's packed with antioxidants which will help to fight off muscle damage. Be sure to pick brands that are not made from concentrate and rather choose fresh juices which contain the anthocyanins and flavonoids naturally found in cherries.

Salmon and sweet potato: Salmon is packed with goodness including omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and Vitamins B12 and B6, while sweet potato will provide you with the complex carbs that you need to restore your glycogen levels.

And be sure to hydrate with a lot of water—it might seem obvious, but it's perhaps one of the most important steps post-workout.

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