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6 Exercises to Get You into Miley Cyrus Twerking Shape


People definitely don't agree with the way that Miley Cyrus has chosen to get attention in her post-Hannah Montana phase--"scandalous" has been a commonly used adjective, as was "outrageous."

If there is one thing that most people can agree on, it's that the starlet is in pretty phenomenal shape. Not only did she dance her way around the VMA stage twerking on Robin Thicke during his performance of "Blurred Lines", but she stripped down to nothing but boots in her latest video, "Wrecking Ball".

It may be scandalous, but it's pretty impressive in terms of fitness. Have you ever tried to twerk for more than a few seconds? It's actually pretty hard. It takes some amazing leg power to twerk for as long as she did. So if you want to twerk like Miley, here's what you need to do.

Leg Presses

To give you the power that you need to shake that booty, get on the leg press machine and get pressing. This exercise focuses primarily on your quads--the muscles at the front of your thighs. It will hit your glutes as well, giving you a lot more "shaking" power. With a few sets of 20 to 25 reps (low weight), you'll increase your legs' endurance, which is ideal for more booty-shaking action.

3-Position Calf Raises

Miley Cyrus may have been wearing a pair of tennis shoes at the VMAs, but most twerking goes on in nightclubs--where you're all dressed up in a pair of heels and an LBD. Doing this exercise will focus on your calves--the muscles that do a lot of the work while twerking. You'll make it easier to move comfortably in your heels.

Plie Squats

This type of squat is done by dancers around the world and it focuses on burning the muscles towards the inside of the thighs. These muscles control your hips, and help you to shimmy like a superstar. Do a few sets of these and you'll be amazed at how well you can shake your hips like Shakira.

Downward Dog Pushups

You don't just want to have strong legs, you want to make sure that your core can handle them. This form of pushup targets your arms and upper body, but it forces your core and glute muscles to hold the contraction for a long time. Do a few sets of these pushups and you'll be ready to bend over and shake that booty!

Rear Leg Extensions

The back of your thighs and your butt are the body parts where fat and cellulite tend to accumulate, but they're also the muscles that need to be strong if you're going to get twerking like Miley. This exercise is a straight-leg one that shreds up the muscles on the back of your thighs, slimming down your rear and making it stronger for those times when you can't resist the urge to twerk.

Reverse Lunges

This exercise will definitely give your legs the power you need to shake, and will help to increase your muscle's stamina as well. It's a bit awkward to do these lunges in reverse, but it will change up the exercise and help it to focus on the back of your legs--the muscles that do a lot of the hard "twerk."


Andy Peloquin had battled with weight loss issues his whole life. To overcome this, he began studying fitness and is now in the process of becoming a certified professional fitness trainer. He exercise seven days a week and is excited to share his down-to-earth knowledge of exercise and fitness.

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