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6 Destinations for a Fitness-Friendly Getaway

Traveling is a notorious diet breaker, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re fitness-minded, pack your own bag of snacks and then to one of these fitness-friendly travel destinations.

Aspen may be famous for its snow, but there’s plenty of activity to be had year round. If you enjoy winter sports, definitely take advantage of the snowboarding skiing season, but if you prefer to spend time in the mountains without the snow, Aspen also has great summers. During the summer months, Aspen is filled with hiking trails and horseback riding. Take advantage of the luxurious pools at the resorts and you’ll be sure to get a workout trying a new activity every day.

The Italian Coast may be known for its great food, but you’ll be able to indulge after spending a day wandering up and down the hills that encircle the coastline or exploring the villages built into the hills.

Hawaii is a great vacation for fitness fans. Many of the resorts offer memorable and unique fitness classes, like yoga on the beach. Off the resort, discover trails that go through the tropical region, either on foot or on bike. Cool off by swimming in the clear blue ocean or try snorkeling, kayaking or any other number of watersports, like surfing.

Cruise ships don’t have to mean just overindulging at the buffet. Take advantage of many cruise line’s health conscious meals and spend time in the gym or the pool or even running laps on deck. Cruising can be a healthy and easy way to vacation without giving up on your diet and fitness goals.

Canyon Ranch Resort in the Arizona desert is all about health and wellness. Enjoy the resort’s many fitness fueled activities, enjoy a healthy meal and try a spa treatment to soak away any remaining stress and muscle soreness.

Las Vegas may not seem like an epicenter for healthy living, but the quick weekend getaway offers state of the art gym equipment in many of the hotels. Wandering through the supersized casinos and out on the strip is also a good way to get in a workout.

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