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5 Workout-Ready Hairstyles for Your Next Gym Session

The gyms have become not only a place to train but also a place to be seen. And while we're not encouraging you to wear makeup or work out in barely-there clothing, how you wear your hair to the gym can be important — and not just for style.

You want to ensure you wear your hair pulled away from your face to avoid it getting into your eyes and distracting you, but at the same time, you want a look that is fuss-free and cute, right? Of the top hairstyles to try, a must is a sleek low ponytail — be sure to secure the front with gel or bobby pins to avoid any loose pieces getting into your eyes. Or if you want a little extra help at keeping those flyaway bits of hair in place, wear a thin headband.

If the low ponytail isn't high-fashion enough for your liking, then take cues from Ariana Grande and try out a high ponytail — not only does this look great, but it's also incredibly practical.

Another hairstyle to try is a messy bun, which is fuss-free and also beneficial if you are planning on doing a lot of running because you don't want a ponytail beating down against your back — not to mention it's the perfect combination of messy and chic. But if the messy bun is a little too relaxed for your tastes, opt for something a bit sleeker like a topknot — this is elegant and sophisticated, but it's also going to keep the hair away from your neck and your face (which is exactly what you want for a workout).

Not one for buns or ponytails? Then keep your hair in place with a braid. Don't go overboard with the complexity of the braid — so no fishtails or milk braids — and instead opt for a straightforward, easy-to-create chunky braid. You can also go one step further with this braid and create a braided bun — simply wrap your braid around the base of your ponytail and secure it.

You have to be honest, even though your workouts are focusing on your fitness, you still want to look good too, and these hairstyles are definitely going to help you achieve that goal!

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