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5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sports Bra

The clothes you work out in are important, we know this, so why should your undergarments be any less important? The simple answer is they shouldn't be. If anything they are even more important. So, here are 5 top tips to help you choose the perfect sports bra—and potentially improve your comfort and focus during your gym sessions.

Low impact or high impact? Decide what kind of workout you're going to be doing and the level of impact, and then purchase a sports bra based on this decision. Low impact is perfect for yoga and stretches (compression sports bras are fine for low to medium impact), while high impact is optimal for intense cardio workouts (encapsulation sports bras are best for this).

Moisture wicking fabrics: Choose bras in moisture wicking fabrics which help to reduce the amount of sweat, and therefore the possibility of chafing. Also, it helps to pick ones that are seamless or have covered seams to avoid any skin irritations.

Don't sacrifice on support: If you have a bigger bust, opt for something that offers more support in the form of your bra straps—the wider the better—and choose a bra that has more cushioning for added support. In fact, regardless of your breast size some of the best sports bras are those that have been designed with side panels and added layers as they offer far more support, and therefore comfort.

Test it out: If your bust spills out over the top of the bra, if your breasts escape to the bottom of your bra when you lift, or if the back of the bra is pulling up higher than the front of the bra, then you have the wrong size. Don't be afraid to try on multiple bras before you buy them, and be sure to wave your arms and jump about to make sure that the fit is correct.

Encapsulation sports bras are fantastic: According to Women's Health, it's also beneficial to find a sports bra that has a separate compartment for each breast (encapsulation sports bras) as this reduces the bounce and offers better support than regular sports bras. In addition to this, sports bras that come in cup and band sizes (rather than the standard S, M and L) tend to offer a better fit for your body.

I cannot stress the importance of a good sports bra enough for two reasons: The ligaments and tissues in your chest need to be protected, and you don't want to feel self-conscious because you're worried about your bosoms wobbling about. So, here's hoping that these five tips help make your sports bra shopping a breeze.

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