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5 Lady Celebs Who've Shaved Their Heads and Why

Long hair can be hard to maintain, which is why some people opt for shorter cuts, but sporting a shaved hairstyle is not one that is often favored. That’s why when women decide to shave off their hair, we take note, and we listen to their reasons; whether it’s because they wanted to shift the standards of beauty, make a statement, or simply feel more confident and free. Below are five celebs who did just that!

Milly Bobby Brown required a shaved head for her role in Stranger Things, and instead of opting for a wig, she decided to embrace the style. She spoke to People about her decision, saying, “I hope I inspire people… it’s really cool to have short hair.”

Joey King is a stunning woman, and her decision to chop off her locks left her feeling empowered. According to Entertainment Tonight Canada, she had this to say of her decision: “Shaving my head gave me the confidence I had been searching for. It gave me that extra push that I needed to feel truly good about myself.”

Amber Rose’s decision to shave her head (she is known for her short, blonde cut) was inspired by singer, Sinead O’Connor. She’s kept the look for years, but her comments to Oxygen on how people begged her not to shave her hair because she would “look crazy,” highlight the stigma attached to women who want to shave their hair.

Speaking of Sinead O’Connor, her decision to shave her hair was made because she wanted to rebel against society’s ideas of what makes a woman beautiful. She said in an interview with Oprah: Where Are They Now? (via Huffington Post), that she made the decision after she was told by industry execs to grow her hair “really long” and “wear miniskirts” because they felt she would "look much prettier.”

We have seen many actors and actresses completely transform for roles, and Cate Blanchett had to shave her head for a role in 2002. But it was more than just a change of hairstyle for her, it was a decision she felt was “liberating.”

"Shaving off my hair is so liberating. I had to do it once for a film role, but I've done it periodically too,” she said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

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