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4 of the Best Exercises to Boost Your Mood

Looking to boost your mood? Feeling down and need relief? Turn to exercise as a solution. Here are the four best mood-boosting exercises to consider using.

Want to improve your mood? One of the best ways to combat depression or simply just feeling down from time to time is a good exercise session. This doesn’t have to take place in the gym, however. In fact, some of the best mood-boosting exercise types will happen outside of the gym atmosphere.

Wondering which exercise varieties offer the best mood-boosting payoffs? Let’s take a look at a few of the key varieties to consider.

Weight Training

Few types of exercise boost your mood like weight lifting does. If you’re in a bad mood because of anger, frustration, or agitation, it’s time to take it out on the weights. Most people will find that heavy lifting helps them release this pent-up anger or frustration, thus allowing them to feel better.

There’s nothing like a good weight lifting workout to help you feel more calm and collected. As an added benefit, the intense focus you’ll need to lift those heavy weights will do a great job at taking your mind off whatever is bothering you.


Next up you have running. This is another great mood-boosting exercise because if you run long enough and with a moderate or high level of intensity, your body will release feel-good endorphins. These endorphins cause the release of serotonin in the body, which will then help you feel more calm and positive.

Ever heard of the phrase "runner's high"? This is what they are referring to.

As an added benefit, running is a great way to clear your head. Escape for a long run through a local trail with your favorite music and you’ll definitely find that you feel less mentally cloudy with all your worries when you return.


Yoga is another terrific mood booster. The reason yoga works is two-fold. First, it’s great for easing stress. All the deep breathing you’ll be using during this exercise variety can help you feel more in control over your life.

Second, it helps relax you. Most of us are carrying a high level of tension in our body on a daily basis and when we hold this tension, it can eventually impact our mood.

Yoga done on a regular basis is a great way to not only prevent tension related injuries and headaches but boost your mood.

Team Sports

Finally, if you’re someone who finds getting together with other people helps you feel happier and more positive, there will be nothing like team sports to put you in that feel-good place you want to be.

Sign up for a recreational team—be it soccer, basketball, football, hockey, or otherwise. Play a couple times per week and see if that doesn’t bring on great mood-boosting results.

So keep these exercises in mind. If you want to feel better, make sure that you’re getting them in on a day to day basis.

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