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4 Fat-Burning Tips That Are Actually Total Myths

Let's be honest, losing weight is tough and if there is a miracle fat burner on the market, of course, it's tempting to try it out. The thing is, there are a lot of myths about fat burning which not only waste your time but can be really bad for your health.

Carbs make you fat.

While this is not entirely a myth, there needs to be clarification on the subject. Most people believe that there needs to be a blanket ban on carbs in order to lose weight, however, in moderation, whole foods that are high in carbs can actually be healthy. What is not healthy is refined carbs (sugars and refined grains).

Diet foods can aid weight loss.

One of the biggest things that aid weight loss is portion control, not foods that are labeled as "fat-free" or "diet." In fact, some of the highest sugar levels are found in flavored fat-free products. And another thing to remember, eating fat does not make you fat, eating too many calories makes you fat.

Don't eat carbs after 2 p.m.

According to MuscleandStrength, as long as you are not eating too many carbs there is no limit for what time of day you can eat them. The site goes on to note that there is no magic "off button" when it comes to eating carbs and that the assumption that your metabolic rate slows when sleeping is not entirely true because it is reportedly no slower than your resting metabolic rate during the day.

There's also a myth that you can lose weight by not eating at all after 6 p.m. — but food contains the same amount of calories, regardless of what time you eat it.

Cut out all dairy.

Another myth about fat is that it is linked to the consumption of dairy, but unless you have an allergic reaction to dairy there is no need to cut it out of your diet. The reason being that a lot of dairies, like greek yogurt, is actually filled with nutrients.

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