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11 Tiny Apartment Home Workouts

It's wonderful to be able to work out from home, especially if you're too busy (or broke) to hit the gym every day. But what do you do if your home is the size of a shoebox? Just because your apartment or house is tiny, you can still get in a pretty great workout. Here are a few tiny apartment home exercises you can do:

Yoga – Yoga doesn't take up a lot more space than the dimensions of your Yoga mat. You should be able to clear a space beside your bed or in the dining room to set the Yoga mat, and you can get in a full body workout without needing a lot of space. You may not be able to do all the Yoga movements (some require more space), but you'll have no problem running through the basics.

Squats – Squats require very little space, and they're by far the best lower body exercise around!

Static Lunges – Instead of moving forward when you lunge, simply perform these Lunges in place. You don't need a lot of space for these.

Push-Ups – Anyone has space for push-ups, no matter how small the apartment or home.

Burpees – If you have space for a push-up, you have space for Burpees! You may not be able to jump to your full height if the ceilings are low, but you can do the rest of the movement no problem.

Mountain Climbers – This is another exercise that requires only as much space as you'd use for Push-Ups. It's a killer abs and upper body movement that works like a charm even in cramped homes or apartments.

Deadlifts – This one requires a bit more space, but not much. You just need room enough to bend forward (stiff-legged or classic deadlifts work beautifully) holding something heavy.

Wall Squats – All you need for this exercise is a bit of clear wall space and you're ready to go! The movement uses very little room, and it's a static exercise that will do wonders for your legs.

Jumping Rope – Sadly, this exercise does require a bit more room than you'd expect, but thankfully you can do it on the balcony, in the hallway, or outside the apartment building or home. All you need is a $4 jump rope and you're ready to rock!

Stair Climbing – One of the great things about living in an apartment building is that you can use the stairs to challenge yourself. The more flights of stairs, the better the workout! (No one said you had to work out inside your apartment …)

Resistance Band Training – Resistance band exercises use up less space than proper gym equipment, and they can be anchored anywhere: from a door, around a pillar or post, under your foot, around your back, etc. Great for classic resistance training without needing a weight set!

Try these exercises to get in a killer workout no matter how small your home or apartment is.

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