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Been a few days since I posted and yeah... Shame on me. As I have said you guys are the ones that keep inspiring me.. and I need a daily dose.

I lost my will power for a little less then a week and I'm scared to get on the scale right now. But tomorrow I will because I NEED to know where I am at so I can kick myself into gear harder and faster then I have been this week. :-(

After I clean the house tonight I am going to go work out until Johnny calls me to come pick him up from work later. (Probably a good 45 minute workout... Hopefully.)
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I definitely went over my calories at the weekend but champagne is soooo worth it. Back to reality this morning, and hopefully by the time Friday's weigh in comes around I will have made up for it! Have a great week everyone!
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Hey everyone! If you have gone off the bandwagon for the weekend, I think it is important to remember Cassie's philosophy about dropping an egg! Sometimes a little shake up is needed and it comes upon all of us! I haven't hit mine yet but that is because I only began in January but I feel it coming - love Fish and Chips and in fact we use to have our own fish and chips business and the craving lately is getting near the breaking point. We try to eat lots of fish but sometimes it feels like something is missing in the recipe - BATTER! and of course the homemade fries
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Hi everyone, We always have to keep getting back on the wagon no matter what. That is a success in itself. Guilt, self-sabotage, negativity - be gone!! Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and on-track week!
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Weighed in this morning at 158.5. Yay! Finally broke back into the 150's. Been a long time. Then I decided to have take-out tonight. I didn't go for a burger, but for Chinese food. I've been on 10 different websites trying to calorie count it, and they are all wayyy different (fitday being the lowest, oddly enough)!! We had a pint of sweet and sour chicken w/ white rice and a pint of beef chop suey w/ white rice. And we shared them half a pint for each of us. Anyone have a clue as to how much that cost me... let me know, I'd appreciate the help. This is when it gets hard!!
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Yeah....with valentine's day and my daughter's birthday, above 2000 calories 3 days in a row....ouch. Time to get back on the wagon and have a salad for lunch tomorrow. If I keep starting over, eventually it will stick, right?
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Hi! Today is massive "spring" cleaning day for me. I feel like the apartment is getting really scuzzy, and I don't like it. The good news is, I've aproximated four hours of heavy cleaning, and if it does indeed take that long, that's a little over 1000 calories burned! If I've got enough time, I think I'm even going to shampoo the carpet! Yea for being productive! I wish it was just a little warmer so I could open all the windows. I'm itiching for open window weather. This place needs a good airing out. I love fresh air.

I'm thinking about upping my calories some. I haven't really been losing weight, even when I was exercising everyday. I was trying to stick between 1200-1300, and I think right now its just not enough. I was always hungry and it was really leaving me more vunerable to sabotaging myself. So I think I'm going to give 1600-1800 a try for a week or two and see if that gets things moving again. Otherwise I see myself failing. I think that's why the past two weeks have been such a struggle. On top of feeling unfulfilled constantly, and not finding a good at home exercise routine, add in zero weight loss and I was getting disgruntled. So, if one way isn't working, that means its time to tweak it and see if that helps!

Have a good day, everyone!
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Sorry I haven't been here in awhile. I have been busy working on new products for my website and trying to learn how to run the machine. My nerves have just about had it with that! Diane- good going on the cleaning. I have been trying to get motivated to get stuff out of here. I have been taking a closet or drawer at a time and cleaning the place out. I cannot stand clutter even if it is out of sight. If we EVER get warm weather I think it would motivate me immensely.

I just wanted to encourage everyone to keep with it. I had 4 dinners I had to attend the past week and boy all the food was REALLY tempting, but I didn't give in I did have one small piece (if you could even call it a piece- more like 2 bites) of cake on Sunday for my sons Confirmation party. It was the first piece- lol bite of cake I have had since my birthday in November. I enjoyed every damned minute of it too!

This is my latest picture. It was from a Boy Scout District dinner I went to on Saturday. I was so surprised to be awarded the Silent Service Award for my volunteer work. I have NEVER had to get up in front of 600 people before. I thought I was going to throw up

Only 17 pounds left to go!

Have a great day-

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That is awesome, Deanna...thanks for posting and motivating! Huge congrats to you on both the diligence in the weight loss and the award.

Diana, would you like to come stay with me for a week...are you one of those compulsive cleaners? Just think how great it will be when you log all those cleaning calories in!
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Deanna- nice photo. Only 17 lbs to go sounds great to me. Congrats on all your hard work. Housework?? My dustbunnies are consorting with lost socks under the bed Oh No!

Jan 30 185 lbs
Feb 11 180 lbs (only 40 more to go!!)
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