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Jan, I'm also a zig zagger (that's how Cassie and I met actually ). I agree with her. The benefits of zig zagging is the tricking of your body so your body's metabolism doesn't slow to accomodate fewer calories. Also, you can have those days where you can have a little extra food or maybe a treat. It makes it sustainable for me big time!! When I have things that are less healthy, I don't feel defeated because I can have extra calories sometimes. I love it and wouldn't do it any other way.

Someone on another thread posted a website with a walking video. I walked a mile today in 14 minutes. Easy Breezy!! I did more of a workout than I would have otherwise and I got to do it with my 11 year old daughter. I call that a Two-Fer! Ok Cassie, tomorrow I'm going to get back on my step!! Maybe I'll turn down the buds a little and listen better to the cues this time and look less ridiculous. Ha! Happy Friday Weigh In Everybody!!

By the way, does anyone know...Do you usually pack on the pounds During your period OR During PMS? Started my period today and the scale hasn't moved all week.
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Default Do you see that?

You just did 2 days in a row!!

A mile in 14 minutes is more than 4 miles an hour! Woot!

I like to watch sporting events while I'm on the treadmill. It motivates me to see all those healthy, active, fit people. I had the Australian Open for a couple weeks, now I guess the Olympics coming up will get me through

And, um, yes, the week before AND the week of, my weight is up by 2, 2.5 pounds. I think it's pretty common. Wahoo.
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Hello! I have an equipment question. I'm looking into my low to no impact options, since apparently I just have to come to terms with the fact that the gimpy leg keeps rejecting jogging and aerobics. Anyway, I was looking at bikes, and was wondering, as long as you don't have back/hip issues, is there any difference in the level of workout that you get between an upright and a recumbant exercise bike. Just from looking at pictures of the two, it seems like you'd get a better workout on the upright, because I can see where you'd have to stabilize yourself. Not to mention they're a lot cheaper! So I was just curious if anyone had heard anything about that. I'm feeling rather pulled to the upright for a number of reasons, but if it is a more effective workout, then I'm done with the internal debate.
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Diane, I really don't know which gives you a better work out... but I will share with you that I have very bad kness and I can't do the upright without aggravating them. However, I can do the recumbant without any aggravation of the knees. I don't know if it has to do with the positions of them or not but I'm guessing that is what it is. Good luck on your quest!

Sooo..... this morning was an early start, had to be at my daughters school at 7am for an awards ceremony. Ran out the door without grabbing anything to eat, figured I'd just eat when I got back. We get there and it's a breakfast award ceremony! UGH!!! I decided I'd pass on the buffet! However, my husband eats 2 pancakes LOADED with syrup and some bacon (drool). My daughter comes in and goes to the buffet but makes me go with her..... aahhh!!!! they have fresh blueberries.... so I had some, then came home and had a good breakfast. PHEW!!! temptations are everywhere!!!!

I really wanted to walk today... the weather here is cold and drizzly... I debated..... decided to go for a walk anyhow, but had to cut it to 1 mile due to the rain. Better than nothin.

Have a great weekend all..... todays weigh in down 2 pounds, YAY!!!
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I injured my back somehow, I have NO idea how! I could barely move yesterday I was in such pain, today the pain is less, but not gone. This getting older sucks! I have never injured my lower back before in my LIFE!!!

No weight loss this week, but no gain either, which shocked me, as I was showing a gain earlier in the week! Go figure.

Sounds like everybody is doing well! Good job everyone. I am feeling pretty down from all this pain. I am not accustom to pain at all...yeah, I am a wuss! LOL!
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Good news this week, I am down 2 lb this week, and pumped to see a loss after staying the same last week! Food planning to get me through the weekend.

Dianne, IMO, I think if your knees are bad you should use the recumbant. Then once you lose some weight, and also improve the condition of the muscles in your legs, you may be ok on the upright. Don't want to injure your knees!

Kathie, Sorry you hurt your back!! Take good care of yourself and wishing you a speedy recovery.

Jessie, Congrats on the loss, and for resisting the buffet!

Cassie, You are gaining muscle with all your exercise, I am sure, that is super!

Scnd, I agree with zig zagging! I was zig zagging..without even knowing what it was, and beating myself up for it. Now I am just going with it. It feels natural to me. What I eat depends on the day, how I feel, and what I want to eat. If I want a little extra, I will have it (but not!). Seems to be working. I absolutely cannot follow a strict meal plan, I have tried. I definitely watch what I eat, make wise choices, but am not being to restrictive this time around. I am at that time of the month as well..and am somehow showing a loss this week! I feel bloated, crampy etc etc. And I know water retention during that time can add a few pounds easy. Just depends.

Wishing everyone a successful 'on track' weekend!
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I have not been posting as much as I usually do and I need to. It inspires me first of all... and second of all it keeps me on track!

I am 204.2 which means I dropped 1.8 pounds since last week... which isn't THAT amazing but hey... It's a drop... right? I have not been working hard on it like I should be tho... so I need to kick my butt into high gear again.
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Hey there - Thanks for all the feedback on Zig Zagging. I think I may try it as I do find I am restricting myself on the foods I eat too much. If it doesn't work for me then I will go back.
Kathie - I also had a sore back this week. I fell a couple of weeks ago and think I may have done something as a couple of weeks ago, I could hardly move for a couple of days - then all was fine again. This week I wasn't as bad but still not use to having back problems. I was at Costco and they had the Kirkland brand of a back and muscle relief pill (equivalent of Robaxacet? maybe) I took one and went to get back up after 1/2 an hour and could not believe the difference. I have taken them a couple of times since - just before I go to the gym - they are inexpensive and work great for me.

For those with knee problems - have you tried Vitamin D. I take the tablets after reading a Mayo Clinic article a month ago. They seem to help! I don't find either bikes comfortable to ride so I only ride in the summer when I can be on the real thing.
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Hey Jessie- congrats on the 2lbs- way to go! Shell 2 lbs- you go girl. Jen 1.8 lbs- that's great. I'm so proud of eveyone- even those who are up a little or staying the same- you can feel good cause you know you're working at it and it will pay off.

Diane- I've heard that if an upright x bike causes your knees to hurt your seat is probably set too high causing you to overextend your knees.

Kathie- sorry to hear about your back. Try heat and then cold packs. My friends with back pain use that regime to good effect.

Had a phone conversation with my ex at lunch that made my blood start to boil - instead of reaching for chocolate I walked it off. Even though I was feeling I missed him (Valentines Day alone is looming) this reminded me why we are no longer together.
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I have an upright bike here at home and I use a recumbent one at my sister's when we visit. The recumbent is definitely easier on the knees and some of the workouts programmed into it are killers. You could always add in some shoulder raises with weights while pedaling if you want a more total body workout on the recumbent.

Dang! Everyone is doing so well resisting temptation! Now I have to slink off and estimate my calories from lunch...went out for a friend's birthday...Mexican...oh's hard for me to estimate those foods. I had a chicken quesadilla but held the cheese, about a half cup of rice, and about six of the ubiquitous chips. Lots of lettuce and salsa.

Hopefully I can get out and play in the snow and burn some of it NEVER snows here in Georgia, so bring it on!!!
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