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I got a new cookbook that is called Just 100 Calories and tried something out of it last night. It has some really simple things that you just wouldn't think of normally. The one I tried was asparagus wrapped in bacon. It was 3 or 4 spears of asparagus wrapped in a slice of turkey bacon and then broiled. Fast, easy,very good and looked pretty too . They also included a tomato sliced in half, sprinkled with pepper and broiled but I was out of tomatoes. Next time I will throw it on the grill but I didn't have time last night.

There was also another one for asparagus wrapped in filo dough and baked. It has a dip that goes with it too. I will have to give it a try. Asparagus is on sale now at the store .

I tried spaghetti squash the other night. I had never had it before and had all kinds of people tell me how great it was. Well, it was one of the most disgusting things I have ever eaten! It turned out ok and was easy to get all the strands out- it just didn't have any taste at all. I put spray butter and parmesean cheese on it and YUK! I have half of it left and am going to try to put something different on it today and see if that is any better.

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Good morning, my dears. How is everyone?

Even though I know its bad, I have been hopping on the scale in the mornings, and it does seem that increasing my calories is helping, I've seen a downward shift in the numbers from where I had gotten up a few. That makes me feel better. Not to mention I don't feel quite as obsessed about food. I just plan out the day the night before or that morning, eat what I need to, and then go about my business.

My friend put up some pictures from her son's birthday party back in January, and I don't know if its just because I have on better fitting clothes, or if this is really working, but compared to a picture of myself that I absolutly abhor from September, I really do look a lot better. Maybe I'll see if I can't figure out how to get them in a post and I'll let you guys tell me if its just me. Part of me wants to believe it, and part of me just gives my clothes the credit.

But all in all regardless of what happens with my physical appearance, I *feel* better and that's the most important thing. People in my family have a habit of dying young, and even if I can't get my weight down, if I can just be healthy, hopefully I can break that nasty little trend.
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Hello Healthy Gang,

Hope everyone is doing well today! I had a small, and long-time-coming-victory today. I have mainly been walking for exercise, but today I worked out and worked up a major sweat. I need to push myself to do this daily, it is worth it, because I feel great now! What a great way to start the day!

Deanna, Thanks for sharing the recipe ideas; sounds like a very interesting cookbook, I am going to look for it! lol I love spaghetti squash! I usually have it with curry, or a dish that is saucy. Great to try new things, I can't tell you what a difference this has made in the way I eat.

Kathie, I am going to try the mock mashed potatoes, I really like cauliflower, we eat alot of it. I don't really love grapefruit either, but I add them to fruit salad and I seem to be able to eat them then.

Diane, Hang in there, it takes awhile for our bodies to adjust. Although I have not lost very much weight (yet), I feel better too, and notice I look better than I did. Maybe it is just because of eating healthier, and actually getting enough water, nutrients, etc. Or that I am feeling happier now with more energy. Health fears are a factor and a major motivator for me as well. Eating healthy WILL result in weight will. Believe!!
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So I stepped on the scale this morning, a day early I know...and I am back down to that stupid 164.6!! I was up a couple of pounds during the week AGAIN!! I just don't get it! Up and down the same 2.5 pounds over and over again!! This will be the THIRD week in a row I weigh the SAME!! Talk about frustration!

My food intake continues to be healthy, my caloric intake this week has ranged between 1700 and 800!! That has to be confusing the body, doesn't it?? My one indulgence this week was a breakfast with hashbrowns and bacon, but I still kept my calories inline. Oh and I ate 2 hotdogs and had hot chocolate on Sunday, but kept calories inline then too. Actually this past weekend was the worst eating I have done since Dec of 09! I was suffering from the "I don't really care" syndrome. That has passed, thank goodness.

So I guess I will carry on like the rest of you, continue to eat healthy knowing I am doing my body good....and hope that eventually the weight will start coming off!
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Hey y'all,

Thursday is my weigh in day, I'm doing weight watchers. I've lost 2 more lbs! Which puts me at 178. I'm finally getting my calories down, to around 1500/day. Still a long way to go, but I'm psyched.

Kathie, I know it must be soo frustrating to be at a plateau. Have you thought about changing your food or your exercise routine? Sometimes our bodies get in a rut. Maybe if you're eating mostly chicken, try more fish like salmon (good because it has the omega 3's). I don't know if you would consider tofu, some people really hate it. I make a mean stir fry with broccoli cut in very small pieces, and tofu cut in wedges fried quickly with Pam until a little crispy, then doused with soy sauce and a 1 tsp of chili oil. This is satisfying and it has fiber, protein, and vegetableness. (I skip the rice).

I've just changed up my workout routine by renting vidoes on power yoga and aerobics. The main thing is to keep moving and try something slightly more challenging. You can do this!
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Default Do i need more calories? Follow up/good news

Kathie, Shell, Jan, Patti, & to anyone I missed that offered advice to this question.
Thank you all. Results from my blood test were good. Since I increased my calories I've not been dizzy, or as tired as I was, but one thing I found odd since my calorie increase. I'm really HUNGRY !! I wasn't before. The last 2 nights I went to bed early so I wouldn't eat.

Now for the really good news. I lost 4 lbs. this week, that's the most I've lost in 1 week, even my first week I never lost that much. So I pray that I'm on the right track by increasing my calories, & that this isn't a fluke.
So thanks to all. I find this forum to be such an inspiration.
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I bet you are hungry now because your metabolism has sped up, and you are actually burning your calories instead of storing them!! YAY!!!

I am so frustrated and PO'd!! 3 weeks of this and not even a half a pound of weight loss. I really need to exercise more. My food intake really has been good. I have indulged a couple of times, but always within the calorie allowance.

I am going to continue with the healthy eating, as it has to do a body good....

I almost feel like I should stop posting on this forum because I am not inspiring to anyone. I eat healthy and maintain my overweightness.....great. I am awesome. Just shoot me now!

Today my goal is going to be get at least 6 glasses of water down, I have been seriously lacking water...maybe that is the problem....ya right, sure it is....
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Default OK Kathie...

So this is the second virtual smack I will have to dole out today.

You are amazingly inspiring on this forum. I challenge anyone to disagree with that. You do NOT need to lose weight every week to be an inspiration and a wonderful source of advice.

Trial and error, baby. You will find what works.

But you won't know if you give up.

You will wear your skinny clothes much better than you are wearing that sarcasm, darling

Hang in there...I'm pulling for you!
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Kathie- You are not here to inspire anyone- you are here to help yourself! And just in doing that- you are inspiring more people than you know. You come in faithfully every week and post your weight good or bad. Do you realize what it takes to do that publically? I have deleted so many people off my list because they came in one week and never showed up again. I am assuming they didn't lose or even gained and didn't want to be accountable for that. You on the other hand have stuck with it and that says a lot about you.

Look at it this way- you haven't GAINED anything so that is a good thing right? To me that says you are just kinda "stuck" for lack of a better word. It tells me that you haven't said screw it and just started eating everything in sight. Had you done that you would have gained by now and we ALL would have known it

I know you are frustrated but as I type this I have a huge smile on my face because I know you can do it- YOU just don't know it.

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*joins the line to give kathie a virtual kick up the arse*

Don't you dare stop posting here mrs, you were one of the first to post a response to me, and I really appreciated it. And might I point out that at your weight you are positively sylph-like compared to some of the rest of us, it seems the more you have to lose the easier it is in the beginning! I am losing right now, but come the day I get down to 160 I am going to need you here to tell me how to get past that brick wall I am up against! Seriously kathie, we are all going to go through this at some point, and we are all in it together. Don't despair. Look at what you have achieved so far, and believe that this is a blip, you will see the pounds come off again. And get that tape measure out, I bet you will see a difference there. And this goes for everyone who is feeling 'stuck' at the moment. Don't give in!

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