Any weight loss experiences or tips?

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Originally Posted by oonh
I have lost 50lbs so far (after the birth of my daughter)and still would like to lose another 50. It seems that when I constantly think and obsess over the weight I gain, but if I dont I lose easier. I lost the first 50 by not sitting on my butt as much and not eating so much crap. Simple as that. Now I feel overwhelmed that I still need to lose so much more. I look better and get compliments, but still am big. Any experiences with weight loss would be great. It seems overwhelming at time, but I am tired of being fat I want to wear cute clothes again. thanks
Make your weight loss goal a reality through healthy diet and exercise. Reduce your calorie intake, but don't starve yourself. Eat more plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Get active. Exercise can help burn off the excess calories, while providing a lot of other health benefits.
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I was in my junior years when I started gaining weight. I was teased by my classmates and friends. I was so depressed that makes me fatter because I can't control myself anymore to eat more. My English teacher talks to me and encourage me to loss weight. She created a diet plan and a daily exercise for me. Since then I do it regularly.
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Meal replacement shakes (less calories and more filling)
Drink 8 cups of water a day
take time to drink water WHILE eating your meals, this fills you up faster
Drink green tea to boost your metabolism (like 2 cups a day)
keep an exercise and calorie intake booklet (this may keep you motivated)
Make yummy dishes with vegetables! Green is Good.

Broccoli, tomato, onion: saute these like a stir fry till their brownish (use olive oil)
make a big bowl of it and it will fill you up! add hot sauce to boost your metabolism and clean out your system
eat lots of fish! lots of protein and little fat

hope this helped. :]
when eating meat, only eat the size of your fist
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Default weight loss tips

from my experience if you can eat 2000 calories or around that mark, no processed foods, sugar and limited grains e.g only rice, oats. eat a high protein meals with plenty of veg for dinner, try and not eat much for at least a 12 hour window, e.g 6pm -10am the next morning (16hours) except for water, or maybe a coffee or tea. in that 8 hour period, focus on foods that contain good fats and protein and fruits , snack on nuts and if you get hungry,or have a whey protein shake. once your body adjusts to eliminating as much sugar as possible you wont be as hungry.
the other part of the equation is to exercise three times a week, whatever you can handle, walking or bike riding and some weights. once a week eat a cheat meal you enjoy e.g ice cream or chocolate, or even eat your favourite hamburger, dont totally deprive yourself.
they're my tips its worked for me and it doesnt have to be hard work.
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I have jus joined here today becuse y weight is a little out of control due to lifestyle changes since my husband was diagnosed with a deteriorating condition and I care for him fulltime. Now, I have lost weigh successfully in the past, and what has helped me personally is a high protein low carb diet and keeping a food diary! This is exactly what I will do this time, albeit with a bit more weigh to lose than any other time before. Sharing for support is as important, as well as finding WHICH REGIME works for you, no everyone is the same. If you a previous experience which was successful, use the same resources again. I am already more motivated for having filled in the food diary today...
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Sorry that your husband is ill. When I 'stress ate' while caring for a relative, the problem was compounded by lack of exercise. It's good to just get up and move around - even if it's indoors.
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