The July 4th 7-Day Motivational Thread 07/02/12-07/08/12

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Oooh, I am so frustrated!

I had the week all planned out so that I would have things wrapped up before going on vacation Sunday. And then I got the monkey wrench at 11 this morning.

I am thinking about frozen yogurt and a lot of it (our store brand just came out with my all. time. favorite. flavor, btw!!). I have GOT to figure out a way to get things done and not compromise what I need to do to be healthy, both physically and mentally.

I guess we can just consider this an accountability/vent post!

I had lunch out and my lunch companion had delicious looking fries, but I stuck with a, one battle down.

Better get to it, but wanted to jump in quickly to remind me of what's important. Glad to see all youse guys!

nobe, so sorry. Hang in there, lady.
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Nobe ...Sorry for my unwarranted advice. Sometimes I just spout off and wish I could take it back. I am sure you have done what I suggested. I am really also sure that their bio-mom must be an idiot by your further description. It is very hard to undo years of negativity.
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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
I'm back after a few weeks of really horrible uncontrolled eating. Will post goals in the morning.
Was that supposed to be THIS morning?
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Thanks to all for the sweet welcome back.

Cassie, kudos on that salad instead of fries. There are chocolate covered yeast doughnuts on my kitchen table that the grandkids brought this morning. I'm holding onto the wagon as tight as I can, too!

Cassie, Ama, and Torre, I can also definitely feel the decline in my energy level and mental state since being off the wagon for a few weeks. It's just so self-defeating--feels good only when stuffing cheat food into my mouth. I haven't eaten much today only because I was busy with the grandkids and catching up on emails with my brother and sister. But what I ate was nutritious. I must concentrate on not skipping meals when I'm busy.

Hope, so sorry your eating bad is making your fibro worse. The arthritis in my shoulder is acting up--for sure from total lack of exercise for the past couple weeks and probably also a lot from poor diet. My goals are almost exactly the same as always, but "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." I'll post them tomorrow with my Monday report. My goals only fail to get me where I want to go ONLY if I don't reach those goals. LOL on being kind to your DH "this week." I often use fresh spinach in place of lettuce on our wraps. I grabbed a ziplock bag of spearmint leaves by mistake today thinking it was spinach leaves but then thought, "Heck, why not?" Just added 7 or 8 leaves to my normal amount of spinach and found it nicely refreshing. My meat today was low sodium turkey. Tomorrow I'll try the mint and spinach with a chicken or ham wrap.

April, personally, I thought your advice to Nobe was spot on. And if talking it out didn't work the first time, I don't see anything wrong with trying that again. And if it doesn't work the second time, then the third time it could be more in the line of laying out consequences. I know it's not just a matter of not hearing, but when our daughter (now 35) was a teenager she said she seldom answered me because she didn't hear me with her bedroom door closed. So we told her to leave it open enough to hear. When that failed, we took the door off the hinges for a month. It shot the heck out of that excuse. LOL I try to not be a dictator, but there is a limit as to how much disrespect I can take. When my grandkids don't listen because of the TV or computer, I turn them off to say what I need to say to be sure they heard me. I didn't catch that about me being the next poster that Mike might push. Guess I'd better be as good as possible. That ham pot pie sounds delicious. For the 4th of July, I might do some grilled chicken and a low carb macaroni salad with Dreamfield's macaroni, egg substitute in place of the hard boiled eggs, celery, onion, and Ranch dressing that tastes like full carb to DH. And I can make the most delicious black soybean baked beans that also taste like full carb, especially if I make them a day ahead.

Nobe, I hope you get to a peaceful place of communication with the kids disrespecting you. Been where you are with my two stepsons and it's neither fun or easy. But now that they're adults, we get along just fine.

P.S....Hi, Quinn!!

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Yeah, Mike, that was supposed to be THIS morning that I posted my goals.

Gotta take my grandkids home then do dinner, then exercise.

If I don't get back online to post them tonight, I PROMISE I'll post my goals tomorrow with my Monday report.
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Ok... I have a few minutes to myself so I better get some goals "on paper".

Health and Fitness:

1. Calories between 1000-1200.
2. Minimum 80-90 oz. fluids daily.
3. Minimum 3 fruits and veggies a day.
4. Take all vitamins and supplements.
5. No breads for breakfast or lunch.
6. Walk daily.

Personal Stuff:

1. Start article for paper.
2. Draw daughter a map indicating what floor of the house the washing machine is located. (Baby steps..)
3. Remain calm, supportive and "unsnarky" when sibling calls in meltdown mode. Take extra time to calmly and thoughtfully word email messages. Once you hit "send", there's no getting them back!
4. Compliment someone new every day. You never know what their struggles are.
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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
Nobe ...Sorry for my unwarranted advice. Sometimes I just spout off and wish I could take it back. I am sure you have done what I suggested. I am really also sure that their bio-mom must be an idiot by your further description. It is very hard to undo years of negativity.
Oh, no worries I didn't mean to imply I didn't want your advice. These kids are just a-holes and their parents are no help. Hubby's being better than he has in the past, but their mom has called me (and their half-brother...and their dad) every name in the book and it's hard to undo that.

Plus they both seem to be in the throes of puberty, so that's fun. Any advice on giving a kid who won't talk to you Clearasil would be helpful, haha.

I'm a bit worried about the kiddo. They won't answer him when he talks to them either, and he's getting really sad (or I'm projecting...I don't know how much two and a half year olds understand). Today in the car he asked hubby's daughter (the younger one) the same question about 5 times and then turned to the window and said "nevermind." Hubby told her twice at that point that she had to answer him when he talked to her, and she just kept staring out the window and didn't acknowledge him. Kiddo really wants them to be his friend and they're having none of it. Hopefully they just need some time to warm up. I think they're jealous because he lives in a clean pleasant house and his mom doesn't scream at him or hit him, but that's not going to change.

Aaah...he's taken all three kids out for a bit. Peace and quiet!

Tori - that's great that things are going so well with WHN! When does he come back? And why are you feeding his sister? Sorry if you explained i already.

Mike - good to see you back on board! Now don't fall off the wagon in two days and you'll be fine

Mern - good to see you back, too! We missed you around here, lady! Oh, and when I said they're not answering me, I wish I meant because they were in their room with the door closed. I'm talking, like, sitting at the dinner table and they look at me and roll their eyes when I ask them something. Or I'll say "here, I bought you such and such thing that I thought you'd like," and they just look at it and walk away.

Cassie - I like your goal #9! It's good to see everyone working towards more positive thinking...It's something I have a real problem with.

Hope - I don't think I've ever asked...what kind of writing do you do?

Ama - I find that eating bad food is way harder on me now than when I used to eat badly all the time. Or maybe I just felt bad all the time before and didn't realize it.

April - ham pot pie sounds delicious! I've never had it before.

Sorry if I missed anyone, I'm trying to post fast so I can go lay down and bask in the silence
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Hi everyone- heres to a new week!
My weigh in this morning and i stayed the same this week which ive got to say im a little dissapointed with because this morning i thought i did ok. Then when i came home i looked over this weeks food diary i seen where i knew i could have done better. I under-estimated my portion size and plus i was under alot of stress and i think that had a negative effect on me this week.
Basically my little girl is going through tests for learning dissabilities and that past 5 years have been getting tougher and tougher. Well this week i just cracked- 2 episodes out and about the shops i ended up in floods of tears- rather than losing my temper which i usually do! I went into school and asked for some help in speeding up her referrals and just to admit that id been finding it hard to deal with the tantrums- shes 7 years old but at times i feel im dealing with a 2 year old. I know that its frustrating for her just as much as me.
The kids were at their dads this weekend and i spoke to them about it too and i have them on board with my parenting then they were. Doesnt help when they are being 'parented' in different ways everywhere they go. As a mother i had to put my foot down with people but in an understanding way.
Anyway since getting back my little girl has been much better- for now! I sat with her and made 2 reward charts which she helped to put together and she is very proud of them. We even had cuddles too which i have to say havent happened as much as id like cos im so irritated all the time.

Sorry for going on for a bit too much but i think that all this through the week has had an impact on my diet which might have taken a step back. But im back in control now and determined to make this week a better one.
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Hey, Mike!

It's been 90-95* for a week at the small lake where the tournament will be held... I bet the kind of Bass I caught last year is probably growing extra big this year, right?? (...and smellin' mighty fine! lol) There's not enough booze in the world to do that again!

p.s. ...please send Purell
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Nobe, honey, I take that back. I had NOT been where you are with my stepsons. I haven't got a clue as to how to handle that. Huge hug and best wishes to ya. So sad about their rejecting kiddo as well--I hope they warm up to him. I certainly do also hope you get time to bask in the silence for a while.

Tracey, kudos on analyzing your food diary. That's what it's all about--a learning experience. You certainly do have your parenting challenges. I so admire the way you marched into that school asking them for help with speeding up the referrals and trying new ways of dealing with issues. That reward chart sounds wonderful--so do the cuddles. Best wishes.

OK, Mike, here are my goals:

Calorie limit 1500
Sat fat limit average 11% of total calories
Cholesterol limit average 250mg
Protein average 120g
Carbs less fiber limit 25g
Fiber minimum 25g
Water 64 oz.
Exercise 5 days

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