Motivational starting 4/30/12: Get Ready

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First of all, Mimi has officially destroyed my yoga mat. It was propped up against the wall and I guess she thought it was a scratching post and it looks like its gone through a shredder. I'll be heading to the exercise store soon. It's annoying but she's far to cute to stay mad at for long. The only problem is; what am I going to use for Pilates this evening???

Im happy so many of you have found my soup in a blender thing useful! I thought it was a normal thing, but I guess not.

Cassie No, I don't have kids (my cats are already a handful) but I remember being a kid myself. I agree with you, your son shouldn't be forced to make that decision because it would seem like he preferred one over the other. The coach and the director really should talk to one another and work it out, especially if he's going to be spending the next 3 years with them. And if they can't work something out, and he has to choose one, at least he can choose the other the next time something like this happens.

Mern It happens to the best of us. Mistakes ARE contagious. For instance, a coworker of mine ripped his pants today. Mike! The disease is spreading!
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Skipped Pilates. I've done my exercise all week and today I just wasn't feeling it. I'll make up for it tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by HardcaorKittyGirl View Post
Mike! The disease is spreading!
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Foiled by hubby today Had a healthy lunch painting at my friend's (well, not painting today - still scraping layers and layers of stupid, stupid wallpaper), and would have been well under in calories if I'd had a healthy dinner, but hubby made fish sticks and fries, and I had two portions of fish (what can I say, I was tired and hungry and not about to look on the box before eating to see what a portion was). In his defense, he thought it was the relatively healthy kind I got last time, even though it was a completely different brand and even in the picture on the box they're glistening with grease. 290 calories per portion. Yikes.

But I got lots of exercise working today (in addition to the scraping I was up and down two flights of stairs about 30 billion times) so my deficit is in check at least. Tomorrow my friend is leaving town for a week and a half so I'm painting on my own (and yes, back to painting). I'll probably get more work done without the chatting and the long lunch breaks and the coffee time when I get there, although it won't be as much fun. I'm bringing a radio so I can listen to some nerdy talk shows, and I'm planning on making use of the stairs whenever I take a break to try to cancel out some of the fish sticks. I'm actually feeling a little bit nauseous right now from all the grease. Not used to it anymore. Lazy night tonight and hopefully early to bed.

1) 1,600 calories max/day (allow myself 1 guilt free day over 1,600) - 1554, 1596, 1529, 1738
2) do 2 exercises on days I don't work (walking/weights/Richard Simmons/stationary bike) - walking (don't know how long all together - at different paces and some standing, almost 5 hrs)/weights, stationary bike 40 mins/weights, walked 55 mins/stationary bike 20 mins/weights, painted 7 hrs
3) 20% protein minimum - 27%, 21%, 22%, 17%
4) 64oz water minimum - trying for 48oz by the end of the evening, 64oz+, 64oz, 48oz
5) calorie deficit 700+ - 898, 790, 793, 976
6) take vitamins - yes, yes, yes, yes
7) lights out by 11 the night before (except Sunday night because apparently I'm hooked on Celebrity Apprentice) - no, no, no, yes
8) log all spending daily - yes, yes, yes, yes - didn't spend anything
9) clean one room of the house each non-work day - no, no, no (but kept the house relatively tidy, just no proper cleaning), worked
10) get out at least one day to work in the garden - no, no, no, no
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Urgh, I missed the thread again this week. Worked everyday this week and this is my last before a 3 day weekend, thank you Bank Holiday!
I've only been to the gym once since Saturday as work is physically draining the life from me. So it's been straight home, eat and bed before 10pm. I've also been having the odd naughty snack, but it doesn't seem to have done much harm as I've still dropped a couple of lbs. Just about back in the 260's, here's hoping to cement that next week!
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Thursday Report

Calorie limit 1500 1214, probably 1500-1600, 1118. 1426
Net Carb limit (carbs less fiber) 25g 23.8g, probably 25-30g, 29.3g, 23.3g
Fiber average 25g 30g, 25g or more, 25g. 41g
Saturated fat average limit 12% of total calories 12%, 12% or less, 12%. 10%
Cholesterol average limit 250mg 145mg, I'm sure it was under 250mg, 260mg. 199mg
Protein average 100g 117g, at least 100g, 124g, 140g
Exercise 5 times YES, NO, YES, YES
48 oz. plain water in addition to other beverages about 32 oz., ditto, YES, YES
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Cassie, before I got to the part where you said you felt the coach and director should resolve the time conflict between the tennis match and concert, that's exactly what I thought they should do. My advice would be to email both the band director and tennis coach and tactfully tell them just as you told us:
--that the coach said your son should talk to the band director about playing
-- that you feel the appropriate way to handle this is for them to (or that you need for them to) directly communicate with each other to resolve the issue
--and to notify you of their resolution by a certain date by email or in a written note.

Be sure to save a copy of the reply/replies in case the loser forgets the agreement. (Well, things like that do happen, even with the best intentions.)

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Cassie, I hope your DH's procedure goes smoothly and he has minimum discomfort. Kudos on your food, logging, and exercise in your busy week. Sorry 'bout your lack of sleep. Mike gave me a tip about using a pill box for vitamins/supplements and I keep it by the computer so I rarely forget.

HKG, kinda cute to me, but I'm sure annoying to you, about your cat destroying your yoga mat. Once when my neighbor went on vacation and I was visiting her cats a couple times a day to feed and play with them for a bit, I didn't know that when I wasn't there, they were destroying her ottomans in the family room. Pants ripping in public amuses me--unless it's MY pants. And I'm glad you agree with me that my logging error and your coworker's pants ripping was Mike's fault. LOL I'd never thought of putting the soup in the blender to make a smaller batch instead of a big pot, and so it could cook more quickly in the microwave. I really appreciate that great idea. : ) Kudos on your exercise all this week except for yesterday. I'd get burned out exercising every day of the week. I exercise five days a week with Thursdays and Sundays my scheduled days off.

Boo, I'm glad you have a long weekend after such a busy work week and being so tired. Glad your odd naughty snack didn't do much harm. Congrats on dropping a couple pounds.

Nobe, "In his defense, he thought it was the relatively healthy kind I got last time, even though it was a completely different brand and even in the picture on the box they're glistening with grease. 290 calories per portion. Yikes." I couldn't help but giggle, not because of your unintended over-indulgence, but because my hubby rolls the same way as yours. No doubt that all your painting and stair climbing will drain the grease from your body. I almost cheated with a Friday's deep fried green bean my granddaughter had but it was so greasy I spit it out into a tissue. Wow, 1738 with a 1600 calorie goal isn't bad at all. You're averaging just a wee bit over 1600 for the week so far, so you're actually doing quite well. Give yourself credit for each and every bit of green in your report.
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Too busy of a week for me to keep up with everyone's posts and stay on top of logging my activities, etc. I will catch up on all tomorrow.

Here's my progress for the week. Down side is I went to dinner with friends on Wed and that kind of screwed things up - but recovered and back on track.

Health & Wellness
1. Walk everyday - M:Y, T:N, W:N, T:N
2. Bed by 11pm - M:Y, T:N, W:N (midnite), T: N
3. Log activities daily to get true lifestyle calories burned - M:Y (2,133 cal burned, 1,501 cal in, 632 deficit), T:Y (2110 cal burn, 937 cal in, 1173 deficit), W:Y (2,221 cal burn, 2,764 cal in, 543 excess), TH: (2,368 cal burn, 772 cal in, -1596 deficit)
4. Water / Tea 120 oz daily - M:112, T: 128, W:120, T: 72
5. Lose 3 pounds this week - M to T:-.4, T to W: -1.6 (wtd -2.0), W to TH: +2.4 (over calories and way too much salt!), Th to F: -2.4 (wtd -2.0)

Life Goals
1. Set up fabric shelf (old to do)
2. Old project out
3. Signature blocks out and mailed by May 1 - Late but done May 4!
4. Put in 5 hours towards 2010 taxes
5. Get lumber from storage (prep work to build shelves in garage)

Cassie - why don't you and your son meet with the coach and the band director or even pull in the principal to find an equitable solution. It's one thing for band, but a state tournament is for the school. The principal may have a more unbiased point of view and resolution for all of this. Good luck!

Off to an install now. Have a great Friday everyone!
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Default I'm late but enjoy reading the motivation

Hey everyone! I'm really late, and really new to this women's only thread, but I've enjoyed reading everyone's goal! I wish everyone the best of luck!

My goal this week-
1) Stay under 1600 cal a day
2) Workout 3x for 30-45 min session, plus Zumba and Cardio Kickboxing
3) read more sucess stories and motivation!
4) Drink at least 3 bottles of water a day
5) Walk at school instead of elevators

Goal for this week weight loss-
Lose 2 lbs by next Thursday (May 10)

Start weight- 263 (February 13, 2012)
Current weight- 238.6 (May 4, 2012)
Total lost- 24.4

Mini Goal- 215 by July 16, 2012
Long Term goal- 160 by December 20, 2012
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