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April – Dogs and carpet just are not meant to be! My Aussie puked pink tinted food (why do they add food coloring to dog food anyway?) all over my oatmeal colored carpet. We threw everything at it to get the stain out. I’ll try to find Nature’s Miracle and give it a try. Lemon meringue pie is irresistible… good job for still showing a deficit!

Terri – Yes, I did have a great day, thank you! It was a fun little birthday with just DS, DH and I. Sorry to hear about the muscle pull, smart lady for knowing when to give it a rest! When I was in my teens I pulled a muscle in my upper back – I knew it was time to stop but kept on pulling (a very heavy suitcase up and down stairs in an old hotel when on vacation). 20 yrs later and that darn muscle still hurts! If if’s and but’s were fruits and nuts…

Jho –Sorry to hear you’re all sick - I hope that the flu is very short-lived. Moving boxes with a fever?... I think you would need a broken leg to ever stop being active, and even then you would probably find a work-around! You are one tough cookie when it comes to staying moving!

Nobe - Way to go on the weight loss! So sorry about your DS, so glad that he kept his teeth through it all! I spaz too when it comes to my kid getting hurt. My DS fell out of the truck one time (he was holding the handle on the inside and DH opened the door really fast and the kid did not let go of the handle). Big goose egg on his head and a little cut under his eye. I did not want to go out of the house either for a week!

Mary – Good catch on the 6lbs – they will melt off before you know it! Welcome back! I am a notorious yoyo’er (but I usually don’t catch-it until 10+lbs gained). Love your snow picture!

Mike – Way to go on the 6 miles! Was that outside or in? I used to walk/run when I lived in LA – was like moving underwater some of the time it was so humid in the afternoons.

Mern – Good call on the fish, thanks for sharing! I usually try to defrost fillets in room temp water on the counter, but takes time when the fillets are thick. I hope you enjoyed your workout! I am much less stressed today, thanks. I have a plan and it is working well. I think I’ll sleep good tonight! Your poor mother – I couldn’t imagine being called whitey. Though when I was in my 20’s and really skinny my friend’s Hubby called me Twiggy (in fact he still does for some strange reason). Those were the days!

Tracey – Congrats on the 1lb loss! I have never heard of dyspraxia, I hope everything works out fine with your DD.

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Thanks, Mern and Ama. I made it out for a walk and to the bank and two stores, and nobody seemed to notice - maybe if you don't know what he normally looks like you don't realize how swollen he is? To me he looks like there was an accident while getting his wisdom teeth pulled, haha. He doesn't seem bothered by it, although he hasn't eaten much today.

This happened once before (teeth going through his lip) when he was about a year old and pulled a chair over on himself, but it never swelled up like this. It was just as scary, though, having blood pouring out of his mouth and down his chin and I can't see where it's coming from. And when he was about 6 months old my dad was babysitting and left him on the couch to go get a towel and he fell off and got a black eye - that was fun to explain the next day to the snobby moms at the baby group I was going to! (and my dad, being a dad, said "so I put him back on the couch and went back to the kitchen and the stupid kid fell off again!" Uh...who's the stupid one? Haha).

My mom's babysitting tomorrow while I paint, so I should expect a hysterical phone call by about 10 AM.
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Mern - even your red isn't really really red, just kinda red, so good job! Although, like me, you need more water!
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Well, I feel human again after showering and washing my hair!

April, I hope the scale is nice to you tomorrow. Lemon meringue pie is my very favorite dessert in the whole world.

Ama, my microwave is 1400 watts and the 10 minutes at 20% power was just perfect--thawed the fish but did not begin cooking it on the edges as happens sometimes in my microwave on the turbo defrost cycle which is 30% power. Honestly, I never like doing my exercise, but it's quite satisfying to have finished it each time I do it. Glad you're less stressed today. My Mom's family was of German heritage and her parents, although born in Ohio, had thick German accents as did their parents. Even the school teachers spoke with German accents. Her name was Alvina, which, in German, is pronounced Alweena. When her brothers didn't call her Whitey, they called her Weenie, which she hated even more. LOL Oh, to be called Twiggy would be so sweet to me nowdays!

Nobe, I'm glad you and DS got out for a walk and no one seemed to notice. I know that must have made you feel bad that he ate lightly today--but I'll bet tomorrow he'll be much more comfortable eating. We've had our share of childhood accidents to deal with, luckily none serious, except for when our granddaughter broke her arm in two places tripping over a storm door laying in the front yard. In our emergency rooms they question the children with the parents not in the room to find out what really happened. But they do it in such a way the kids don't know they're trying to rule out child abuse. We haven't been jailed yet. LOL I hope everything goes smoothly for you tomorrow. Thanks for your encouragement on the bit of red numbers in my Tuesday report. I did get in more water today. I have to deliberately concentrate on water intake to meet my goal on any given day. I hope you got yours in today.

Off to watch TV.
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Well over 64 oz. water today.

Wednesday Report

Calorie limit 1500 1214, probably 1500-1600, 1118
Net Carb limit (carbs less fiber) 25g 23.8g, probably 25-30g, 23.3g
Fiber average 25g 30g, 25g or more, 25g
Saturated fat average limit 12% of total calories 12%, 12% or less, 12%
Cholesterol average limit 250mg 145mg, I'm sure it was under 250mg, 260mg
Protein average 100g 117g, at least 100g, 124g
Exercise 5 times YES, NO, YES
48 oz. plain water in addition to other beverages about 32 oz., ditto, YES
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Default What's worse than a pissy shoe??

Those of y'all that heard about my pissy shoe incident probably got a good laugh at my expense. Today was no better. I go to the gym and start of with squats. When I do squats, I go deep, no sissy squats here. Well on my 3rd set, I approach the bar, I have my music jamming in my ears and I'm ready to go. I duck under the bar, placing it behind my neck, stand up to release it on the pins and step back. I've got my music jamming, I'm feeling good, I find my focal point on the wall, catch my breath and begin my descent. I'm just about to my stopping point when I hear the sound of fabric ripping. Yes, it was loud enough that I heard it over my music. I raise back up. My workout partner heard it too and even though he's behind me I can see the "oh sh!t!!" look on his face in the mirror. Fearing the worse, I return the bar to the rack and turn my ass to the mirror. Luckily my shorts are in one piece. I split my boxers. Well time to get back to work. I get back to the bar and finish my squats, each time I go down, you can hear them rip even more. After about 8 or so I figured I better not push my luck any more.

Health and Fitness

1) 1 gallon of water per day yes, nope, no
2) drop 2 pounds
FAIL 3) 3 servings of bread for the week 1, 4 (what was I thinking, 2 slices = 2 servings. )
4) 4 servings of fruits/ veggies daily no, no, yes
DONE 5) walk 5 miles 0, 6
6) 6 days of activity (gym, walk, tennis, etc) yes, yes, yes
7) log foods for 7 days yes, no

Non Health and Fitness
DONE 1) 1 RAK yes
2) Write 2 auto policies 0, 0, 0

I'm having a hard time writing policies. The past couple weeks have been rough. Tomorrow I have to go to NOLA to my other office then out to the Westbank to deliver 2 life policies. I'll probably be out the office 1/2 the day. I need to buckle down then and Friday to pull this off!

April, nice lilacs.
Ama, thanks. My 6 miles were outside. I can't do the dreadmill, I've tried but I prefer being on real ground. It was pretty hot and muggy. I had just shaved my head so I had nothing to adsorb the sweat. I may have to get me a 1980's sweat band.
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My stress was a bit higher today seeing as I had an ortho appt. and I KNEW I hadnt been doing well, and that I have been neglecting my floss, so I was worried about what my orthodontist would say. He said nothing. Just goes to show that worrying will get you nowhere. Oh, AND I got into a bit of an argument with a coworker of mine. Have any of you seen pb+j already combined in a jar? Like, a jar of premade pb+j?

Calorie deficit 600+ N, N, Y
Stick to meal plan N, Y, Y
stick to exercise plan Y, Y, Y
No cereal Y, Y, Y
8 glasses of water Y, Y, Y

Write daily (who cares how much) N, Y, Y
Do 1 thing on my chores list, daily Y, Y, Y
Don't stress Y, Y, N
Be positive Y, Y, Y
Train kitty 2-3 times a week N, Y, Y

April I was struck by the same lemon merangue pie monster a few days ago. Soooo yummy. But the merangue Has surprisingly low calories. It's mostly air.

Mike I laughed out loud when I read your post. First the shoes, then this. What's next?

Mern Microwaves are the staple of my life. I microwave my omelet in the morning, then sometimes I even make soup from scatch in the microwave by putting it all in a blender before heating it up. Never tried fish though. And good job on the green today!
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1) 1,600 calories max/day (allow myself 1 guilt free day over 1,600) - 1554, 1596, 1529
2) do 2 exercises on days I don't work (walking/weights/Richard Simmons/stationary bike) - walking (don't know how long all together - at different paces and some standing, almost 5 hrs)/weights, stationary bike 40 mins/weights, walked 55 mins/stationary bike 20 mins/weights
3) 20% protein minimum - 27%, 21%, 22%
4) 64oz water minimum - trying for 48oz by the end of the evening, 64oz+, 64oz
5) calorie deficit 700+ - 898, 790, 793
6) take vitamins - yes, yes, yes
7) lights out by 11 the night before (except Sunday night because apparently I'm hooked on Celebrity Apprentice) - no, no, no
8) log all spending daily - yes, yes, yes
9) clean one room of the house each non-work day - no, no, no (but kept the house relatively tidy, just no proper cleaning)
10) get out at least one day to work in the garden - no, no, no
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Mike, thanks for starting my morning off with a giggle over your split boxer story. Man, that must have felt weird during and after. I've made mistakes like you did on the bread--understandable mistake when one normally eats two slices of bread at a time. Best wishes on your policy writing.

HKG, sorry 'bout your stress at the ortho and with the coworker. I'm sure you're glad both are behind you. I've bought pb&j already combined in a jar, but it wasn't well-received at my house because the pb wasn't smooth enough for my family's liking. I haven't looked for it in the stores for many years, so don't know if it's still available here. Did you already find and try it or are you trying to find it? Wow, look at ALL THE GREEN in your Wednesday report! FABULOUS job! I've never made soup in my microwave, but thanks for the great tip. Yum! I usually make a big pot of soup on the stove, but it never occured to me that I could make MYSELF some really quick soup in the microwave by first putting it in the blender. I might try that for lunch today--I've got plenty of soup ingredients on hand.

Nobe, congrats for ALL GREEN in YOUR Wednesday report on food and fitness! FANTASTIC!

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Hello all! I'm alive and well. I haven't completely fallen off the wagon, but I'm hanging on by my fingertips. I'll try and update everything later this evening when I'm on the computer and not my phone. Hope all are having a good day.
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