Motivational starting 4/30/12: Get Ready

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Week of April 30th

Drink like a fish – 70oz H2O or more. Y, Y, Y, Y, Y
Log daily. N, Y, Y, Y, Y
1500 cals max. ?, Y, N, Y, Y
Figure out a way to make it to the gym!!! Thursday Y, otherwise N
Lose 1lb this week. So far N...
Plan/execute/clean-up DS birthday party on Saturday. Venue, menu, shopping, baking, cake decorated, so far so good!

Happy Weekend! Ama
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Thinking of all the weekend warriors and am rooting for you. I didn't read all the posts.

I've been in bed all day--nothing serious--just several small things adding up to a giant PITA of discomfort and less than two hours of broken sleep last night due to rain and five hours straight of loud rolling thunder, tulip poplar tree pollen, someone burning brush or something else that's causing my "wood smoke allergy" to flare up, an upset stomach (doesn't seem like a virus or flu) and arthritis in my neck and shoulder. Aw, I know there are tons of people with serious illnesses and way more pain. This will pass. I took allergy and pain meds my doc said are OK together and am using a muscle/joint rub cream that's rather soothing. It's not helping enough to allow me to sleep at all, but I should feel a lot better tomorrow. I should be tired enough to sleep tonight.

Jho, OMG, I'm so sorry to read about that stomach flu that hit your house. Sounds awful! Glad you're feeling better today. Just caught your comment in quickly skimming: I didn't find anything you said to me that was "too hard" on me at all. You're always so encouraging and I truly appreciate that you have faith in me when I mess up that I can do better. Don't feel bad--accept my thanks!

Wishing everyone a successful day on food, water, exercise, and life goals.
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1. 1300 calorie limit. Nope, it was homemade pizza night and Otto and I rocked the crust
2. Exercise 3 times. Nope, crashed out early, so have to double up
3. Get some annuals in the front flower beds and deck pots. Going to get things this evening
4. Quiz the boy with AP exam flashcards. Hubby is doing this; he loves history and geography
5. Catch up administrivia in home office (send letters, log AR, do billing). Did about half
6. Clean out emails. Did work on this
7. Sleep well. Yes, and it was amazing
8. Drink water. Fair
9. Log everything and post often. Nope
10. Don't rip my boxers. No ripping

Well, mixed report so far; it's been a good day. I've gotten a good bit accomplished but in a relaxed kind of way, hubby recouping well, and hopefully have found a resolution to this two-places-at-once business.

Mern, eek! Hope you are past that mess soon. I hope you can get some good sleep; that helps speed the healing along. I'll send some virtual soup to you, although you are the queen of healthy soup, so perhaps just best wishes for feeling better would be in order.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and that you all get some beautiful weather!
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Mern, I do hope you feel better. It sound so uncomfortable and I do hope you get some good uninterrupted sleep.

Jho I hope you are better; I hear these tummy bugs are going around.

Cassie, I'm interested to hear how things resolve with DS. Never feel you can't share; think of how much you have supported us.

I have fallen off. This has been a weird week. The high point was DH's birthday, which went well. DD got him a balloon almost too big to get in the door, so funny and cute.

DH went to Fla to help his Dad who is losing his vision and is so depressed.

And I went to two funerals and got into a car accident after one of them. Luckily no one was badly hurt that I can tell though I am having headaches (stress I think but I will get it checked); it was so intense. My car turned totally around and I am still freaking out.

So know I am thinking of you, trying to drink water but stress eating like crazy...

Couldn't read most of the posts but I am with you guys in spirit...
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Still trying to catch up to the wagon and hop back on. The day's still salvageable, but I had a bit of a carb attack. I had a sudden paranoia that I didn't lock my friend's door when I left yesterday, so I made hubby bring me down there (it was locked - of course it was). She lives in a nice neighbourhood, and the sun came out, so we went for a walk and ended up at an outdoor market. I was buying anything that looked tasty; it's kind of a hippie market so I knew everything was made with good ingredients, but it was still a bunch of baked goods. I had half a scone, a giant cookie, and an empanada for lunch. I'm currently sitting at 10% protein for the day.

I'm all swollen from the salt in last night's dinner; the ring that I wore yesterday and was kind of loose was too tight to wear today. Didn't even check the scale because I knew I would have some sodium pounds. I have a pretty upset tummy too - I think I'm more sensitive to foods now. I'd better guzzle some water and try to flush out my bad decisions.

Why do we do these things when we know they feel bad?!?!?
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Kept within my calories today, though a few other things faltered. Had delicious organic free-range chicken from my step-aunt (is that a word?)'s farm for dinner with salad. Drank tons of water.

Where is everyone? I hope you're all well.

1) 1,600 calories max/day (allow myself 1 guilt free day over 1,600) - 1554, 1596, 1529, 1738, 2613 (guilt free!), 1539
2) do 2 exercises on days I don't work (walking/weights/Richard Simmons/stationary bike) - walking (don't know how long all together - at different paces and some standing, almost 5 hrs)/weights, stationary bike 40 mins/weights, walked 55 mins/stationary bike 20 mins/weights, painted 7 hrs, painted 7 hrs, walking 1 hr+/stationary bike 20 mins
3) 20% protein minimum - 27%, 21%, 22%, 17%, 21%, 17%
4) 64oz water minimum - trying for 48oz by the end of the evening, 64oz+, 64oz, 48oz, 40oz, 88oz!
5) calorie deficit 700+ - 898, 790, 793, 976, 180, 785
6) take vitamins - yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
7) lights out by 11 the night before (except Sunday night because apparently I'm hooked on Celebrity Apprentice) - no, no, no, yes, yes, no
8) log all spending daily - yes, yes, yes, yes - didn't spend anything, no, yes
9) clean one room of the house each non-work day - no, no, no (but kept the house relatively tidy, just no proper cleaning), worked, worked, no
10) get out at least one day to work in the garden - no, no, no, no, no, no
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Have just been racing through the last couple of days posts

MERN. You poor thing, I truly hope you will be back on top form soon. Take care of yourself and let your family spoil you a little for a change.

HOPE. that accident sounds scary, thank goodness you weren't badly hurt. Hope the headaches subside soon.

I'll be back tomorrow to start a new week.
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Thank you, Lizzie. Motly I am angry at myself, bad judgment. Hopefully it will be resolved but it definitely woke me up. I could see it ending much worse than it did. I swear, someone must ahve been watching over me.

Just trying to get back on track in more ways than one and like you am looking forward to starting a new (and better) week.

Mern. Jho, everyone, you OK? Couldn't keep up with the posts; we are quite the chatsters!!!
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Hope - sorry to hear about your bad week. Sometimes everything seems to be bad all at once. How is your head? Here's to a better week coming up.

Mern and Jho - how are you both feeling? Hope things are getting better for you.

Tori, Mike - where are you? You'll never beat each other to 170 at this rate.

HKG - I know how you feel. It rains six months of the year where I live and by spring I've just about had it. We've had a couple of nice days so far, but mostly it's still cold and windy and damp.
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Here's my goals through Saturday. Overall for a busy week I am somewhat satisfied with my results. Two days of unwise choices - Wed spontaneous dinner out with friends and Saturday - too tired and ended the day with a pepsi and cheese curds. I pulled an all nighter Friday nite to finish up a job for Saturday. Did well until about 8:30 pm.

My goal 3 for the week proved to be a good exercise. I think I will do a couple more weeks of it. Even though I had a calorie deficit on Saturday, I know that my food choices were bad and most likely detrimental to losing weight yesterday. My pie chart for Saturday was all out of whack - Fat 46% / 116 g, Carb - 36% / 204 g, Protein - 18% / 97 g. Good protein day, bad for fat and carbs. My bad - lesson learned. But one thing I did notice is that my sodium very low and I am not really feeling the bloating with as many carbs So maybe the scale is good today - but I doubt it. No scales for me this morning - too scared to see what the ultimate outcome of yesterday's choices were. Back on track today.

I'm going to grade myself this week on how well I did on my goals
A - 100%, met the goal every day
B - 1 day missed goal
C - 2 days missed goal
D - 3 days missed goal
F - 4+ days missed goal

In reality to me, 1 day of missed goal is a failure, but to set a "reasonable effort" grade I came up with the above. To me it refects how hard I am trying and what effort I put in towards making that goal.

Health & Wellness
1. Walk everyday - M:Y, T:N (exercised), W:N (exercised), T:N, F:Y, S:N
Grade: C
2. Bed by 11pm - M:Y, T:N, W:N (midnite), T: N, F:N (worked all nite), S:Y
Grade: F
3. Log activities daily to get true lifestyle calories burned - M:Y (2,133 cal burned, 1,501 cal in, 632 deficit), T:Y (2110 cal burn, 937 cal in, 1173 deficit), W:Y (2,221 cal burn, 2,764 cal in, 543 excess), TH: (2,368 cal burn, 772 cal in, -1596 deficit), F: (2,555 cal in, 1160 cal burn, -1395 deficit), S: (2,953 cal burn, 2190 cal in, -763 deficit) - Total wtd -5,016 deficit
Grade: A+ 100%
4. Water / Tea 120 oz daily - M:112, T: 128, W:120, T: 72. F: ?? lots, S: 60
Grade: D
5. Lose 3 pounds this week - M to T:-.4, T to W: -1.6 (wtd -2.0), W to TH: +2.4 (over calories and way too much salt!), Th to F: -2.4 (wtd -2.0), F to Sat: -.6 (wtd -2.6), Sat to Sun - no weigh in
Grade: F (I know I would have met my goal if I did not blow two days of 6 in food choices)
Life Goals
1. Set up fabric shelf (old to do) - NO
2. Old project out - NO
3. Signature blocks out and mailed by May 1 - Late but done May 4!
4. Put in 5 hours towards 2010 taxes - NO
5. Get lumber from storage (prep work to build shelves in garage) - NO

Just no time this week to put towards other goals that I would have liked to accomplish. Next week will not be any better so I am just not going to make any Life Goals next week.
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