7 Day Motivational Thread Starting 03/26/12

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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Oh is sarcasm a language?

This would also could add
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Originally Posted by Jho82 View Post
Tunn - glad your feeling better - I used to work crazy hours and they really do mess you up!
I know what you're talking about!
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) Walk 3 x -No
2) gym 3 x - Yes
3) 1650 per day (plus one cheat) No (over 2000)
4) 6 glasses of water -8
5) meditate- NO
6) write one hour per day -YES broke my block!!!
7) return books to library ( surely I can do that? My name is not Shirley - remember from the movie Airplane?)- YES
9) 3 servings of veg minimum- YES
10) be a stretchy mama -YES

I did a tiny little workout and my fibro kicked in BIGTIME. I can barely move today; it's gonna be tough driving the hour each way to and from class when I can barely even walk a short distance. Feel a bit discouraged. Keep gaining and losing and gaining the same weight, would love to be active but have to figure out how.

On the positive side, my DD did bring the drama kids home and was actually grateful that DH and I cleaned up after them (it wasn't bad.) And I did some meaningful writing yesterday. And had a good book club meeting.

Just feel a bit sad about how yucky I feel is all. Hope eveyone else is well; did not get time to read posts but I will try later on.
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Hope, I'm so glad you're past your block. It's good to see that you are able to focus on some positives even in light of your fibro flare; you did well with most goals yesterday. Has your DD settled on a college yet?

@April, "tornado on a leash" lolz! Quite the mental picture.

Much as I am reluctant to, I have to go start the day. I hope you all have a good one.
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1. Drink min 64oz of WATER!! Y:90oz!!!
2. Wake up early before my monsters wake up! ****** N,
3. PM workout Mon/Wed/Fri!! Y,
4. Min 50 crunches/day! Y
5. Log ALL food - no cheating or snacking on junk! Y
6. Calories below 1300/day! N:1411 Doh!
7. Don't crash and burn on the weekend! *******

A couple red but whatevs - its was Monday! Maybe I'll throw in an extra workout today!

Hope -- yay for getting past your block!!! Booo for your fibro!

Mike - I didn't mean yesterday - I mean you still have all week minus one day!! I wouldn't necessarily call you a "grumpy old bastard" but then again I don't know you all that well! haha

Mern - Sent hubby out with a grocery list full of complex carbs! And I smuggled some pureed veggies in Braydons oatmeal yesterday woot woot!!
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Thank you for all the welcoming!

Originally Posted by Jho82 View Post
Tori - whats wrong with ponytail city?? I usually don't even make it that far and its this half bun thing thats falling out...its awful. !
I too, wear this half bun with hair sticking out sort of mess. I wear it every day. Maybe we need to turn this into the new trend!

1) Keep under 1300 calories, but stay above 1000 - 967 Almost, there...
2) Cardio at least 3 days, calisthenics at least 2 - Cardio yesterday and hopefully this morning!
3) Begin logging ALL foods again (no skipping shameful binges!)
4) Park farther away and take longer routes across campus - Not quite. But I was late for class...

1) Clean bedroom/organize desk - After work tonight. It will be done!
2) Finish at least half of online math homework and at least 2 lectures
3) Keep calm while introducing boyfriend to parents - OHGODOHGODOHGOD
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So for monday :
1) Calories 1600 M-1540
2) 2-3 hours cardio M-30 minutes elliptical
3) lift 3-4 x week M-chest/hamstrings
4) Water lots and lots of water 80oz+ M-82oz
5) Meditation...at least once. This is new for me but hoping it will help settle some nerves. M-N but did do some research into iPhone apps for guided meditation

There are some new faces in here Welcome everyone.

Fit-lots of green there !

Mike Congrats on the PR! It's always such great feeling when you push a new best.

Tori-Hope you day is better. Personally crying is like hitting the reset button. I hole everything in until I can't any more then i break down and cry and some how it all feels ok again. Hope you are doing better.

Hope- Your a tough lady dealing with the fibro on a daily basis. Hugs

Jho- doing great on your goals there

Cassie-a weekend wit no plans sounds heavenly, hope you enjoy it

Nobe-tomorrow is a new day. And even though you had some red you still made some goals in green. Hang in there

Crazigirl-there is so much information out there sometimes I get overloaded. Nice simple goals. Stick with it.


Tunrinda-Welcome !

I know i missed a few, my apologies.

Alright girls...it's new week and with new goals lets stay motivated
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Originally Posted by kimbur96 View Post

Alright girls...it's new week and with new goals lets stay motivated

I second the motion!!!
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Cassie: Prospects are good, but I'd like an offer!!! I keep telling myself that everything always takes way, way too long in academics. As long as I get an offer I feel good about I'll be happy.

kimbur: I too often feel like I'm just taking lots of good vibes from this group and hoarding them greedily! You're not alone there. Really happy to see you back, I've been wondering how your progression towards the big dive was going! It's totally understandable that talking about things makes them real, both for good and for bad. You know you're a rock star though, you have a plan and it will be awesome. 410 feet already, wahoo!

Tunnrida: Tea works wonders. I'm trying to make myself drink a cup every day. I love it when I'm sick, but I tend to be a ditz and forget about it when I'm not. I think I'm actually going to add it to goals right now, thanks for the idea!

Jho and Ama: Romance novels are a completely guilty pleasure for me too, and I LOVE the long series ones that follow a family or something like that. I know they're ridiculous and silly but they're completely perfect for distracting the mind.

Mern: My family keeping me out of the loop has been a battle all of my life. For some reason they all believe that I can't handle bad news, or that I'm going to get extra-upset, or something like that. Perhaps when I was a child I was very sensitive? I do get sensitive once in awhile, but for the most part I'm pretty level-headed now, but still this problem happens. I get told things days late, or only after I prod because something is obviously wrong. I have told them that I'd rather know so that I can help, or provide support, etc. but it seems like it never changes. Not sure what else to try without snapping. I know they're always coming from a good place, so it's hard to be mad, but rather I'm just frustrated. If anyone has any advice on that, I am an open book, write on me!!!

Mike: Awesome job on the policies! I think sarcasm is a dialect to be mastered for sure, so it half-counts Also, you BEAST! Good job on the PR!!!

Freshman: Welcome to the thread! Your goals look great. Don't worry too much about parents and boyfriends, it usually goes more smoothly than you'd think unless one or the other party is crazy

mh: I think you should make a big sign with >:[ face and stick it on roomie's door or wall so they know you mean business. Super-annoying when they don't carry their weight!

mydaywillcome: Welcome to the thread, your goals look great. Can I ask why your cal goal is at least 600? 600 is an awful small number, but if you're having trouble eating for some reason, that's fine. I just worry about hunger and such!

Hope: I'm sending you good, soothing vibes today and hope that your fibro flare is brief and that you get done all you need to! Glad your writing is coming along!

Sorry if I missed anyone!!!

Weekly Goals

Health, Exercise and Lifestyle Goals
1) Calories under 1500 every day. Log and post average. M: 1,408 (Average: 1,408)
2) Exercise M, W, F, Sat for at least 45 minutes per session. Extra is awesome M: 52 minutes, Zumba
3) Calorie deficit of at least 3,500 M: -1,094 (Total: -1,094)
4) 80+ oz. of water per day M: 80
5) Multivitamin Daily M: forgot
6) In bed by 11:30 every night. There are no excuses!!!! M: Nope
7) Protein average 25-30% M: 24% (Average: 24%)
8) One cup of green tea a day M: forgot
9) Weigh in M, W, F and report here. M: 159.1

Other Goals
1) Make an effort on my appearance every day M: no makeup
2) Call grandmother M: no
3) Check up on sister M: yes, will do again

Daily Other Goals:
1) Get in application to MM M: no; stalled (will do later this week, need clarification)
2) 1/3-1/2 of lecture DONE M: 1/3 done
3) E-mail DCC/AT about Friday visit M: yes
4) Clean kitchen M: halfway

2) At least 3 hours on HPLC
3) Clean living room and kitchen

1) Review lecture
2) Laundry night/clothes to goodwill

1) Clean bedroom

1) Make sure all follow-ups completed
2) Check plant/refill if necessary

Beasted my workout yesterday. Had a couple of near-misses with the ankle (rolling and snap-crackle-popping), so I may need to wear a brace for a couple of days as it's feeling weak. Every day I thank the doctor that put me back together again, but I wish I'd never injured it in the first place. Did halfway decent on my other goals. Need to hit the kitchen and living room hard today. It's a workout off-day, and BF doesn't get home until 8:30, so I have absolutely no excuse not to do it. I might even tackle more if I'm feeling up to it. I feel productive today.

Wish I got to bed earlier last night, but it was worth it. A couple of very dear, close friends had an unexpectedly quick marriage -- the groom's mother found out she has a spinal problem that needs corrective surgery and she'll be flat on her back for 6 months. Their wedding had been scheduled for August, but they pushed it up to this past weekend and had a small family-only ceremony so that his Mom could be an active participant. When they told us we completely understood, but we caught up with them last night about the wedding (it went swimmingly) etc. and the phone call was late in the evening, so I stayed up past bedtime. I'd do it again, though! Miss them bunches, they deserve all the happiness in the world.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Question nobe ~ Hope ~ Amy ~

I easily miss things. Are you three still in for this week? Remember, the deal is from Sunday Midnight to Saturday Midnight. If we fall off, we just hop right back on the wagon. We help each other climb back on, so to speak.

*Jho82, Mern, Ama, nobe, Hope, Amy, & Luv*

*STARTS anew weekly thru 4/28. Sun MN thru Sat MN.*
"You can set your own clean eating terms--it may mean different things for different people Just be honest with yourselves--there are no food police here." ~ Mern
Please let me know if you want to opt in or out.

I read through posts and very much enjoyed doing so. I'd love to answer now, but I have some things (children) to attend to. I'm going to have to do this in bits and pieces on our "breaks". I got a good outside walk in.

I decided to drop my 10 mile listed goal, because that's now part of my life! I'll add it later if I need to. Same with my supplements.

Here's hoping I can respond more in full later today.
My focus for this week -> Choose Well -Being: That is, what is the next best choice?

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