7 Day Motivational Thread Starting 03/26/12

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Roommate still hasn't paid the cable bill. I am quite displeased. >:[

1. 3L:
2. Vitamins:
3. C25K:
4. Lift 3 times:
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Originally Posted by rubypeanut View Post
Oh, I'm late posting my goals this week! Spring break this week so everyone is home, hard to keep on my eating plan with eating with everyone else and going to restaurants for our staycation. Also, because we're having family time I don't have a change to exercise on my own.

GOALS (6th week postpartum)

- log or estimate calories - already I've missed a day, it's hard to log calories for homemade recipes but I kind of estimate.

- stick to under 1700 calories with 2 days around 2000, pretty sure Y

- walk 5 days 30 min - N

- chores with DH - like bank-related, taxes, etc. Y made some progress today
Tomorrow is a new day. 6 weeks postpartum shows your dedication!

Originally Posted by mydaywillcome View Post
Here's to a new week chock full of opportunity.
You've got that right. Take advantage of the new week and start it strong.

Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post
1--no more than 1400 calories--1785 and counting
2--workout or walk 4 times.--no
3--drink water--minimum of 64 oz a day--36.9
4--log EVERYTHING!!!!--I haven't logged a damn thing since Tuesday evening--Yes, unfortunately
5--post weight daily--193.4

1--wash and vacuum car on next day off--Saturday is the next day off
2--make an effort on appearance--which means no Longhorns cap, makeup optional, don't live in Ponytail City (even though it's nice there)--nope, but went with the Gamecocks hat instead
3--breathe don't cry--there were tears
4--breathe don't cry--and snot
5--BREATHE DON'T CRY--lots of tears and snot
Snot is never good. No more snot for the week. Like I just told Ruby, tomorrow is a new day.

Originally Posted by Freshman30 View Post
I've used Fitday for over a year and I've never posted in here! Maybe because I'm worried I won't meet my goals? I'm a little bit late but here we go!

1) Keep under 1300 calories, but stay above 1000
2) Cardio at least 3 days, calisthenics at least 2
3) Begin logging ALL foods again (no skipping shameful binges!)
4) Park farther away and take longer routes across campus

1) Clean bedroom/organize desk
2) Finish at least half of online math homework and at least 2 lectures
3) Keep calm while introducing boyfriend to parents (OHGODOHGODOHGOD)
Welcome aboard, nice set of goals there.

Originally Posted by Jho82 View Post
I FEEL GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I slept in and went over on my calories today but just had a wicked workout so I think they should cancel each other out!!!!

Weight trained for 30 min/ Elliptical for 30 min!!!! AND just added up my water intake 90 oz Yoozers!! How many times am I going to be up tonight LOL I really do need to start the day with a workout so I can be pumped like this - maybe one day...

Mike - You got time!! I have faith!
Nope, I'm done for the day... no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Originally Posted by mhibdon View Post
Roommate still hasn't paid the cable bill. I am quite displeased. >:[

1. 3L:
2. Vitamins:
3. C25K:
4. Lift 3 times:
mh is in the hizzouse!!!

I hit a new PR on bench press of 265pounds. I totally beasted it. I also did 225 eight times before that.
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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
I hit a new PR on bench press of 265pounds. I totally beasted it. I also did 225 eight times before that.
I guess that makes you BBBad to the Bone????
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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
I guess that makes you BBBad to the Bone????
Not until I hit 300. I must admit though I did have my chest poked out like a rooster though... It could have been the pump of my chest.
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1) 1,650 calories max/day (allow myself 1 guilt free day over 1,650) - 1780
2) walk for 1 hour, lift weights for 1/2 hour at least 5 days per week - no
3) 20% protein minimum - 19%
4) 72oz water minimum - 72oz
5) calorie deficit at least 600 - 725

6) finish my resume - no
7) get a definite plan for the house painting job I'm doing for my friend no (probably tomorrow)
8) keep my spending log up to date - no

Lots of red today! But I was seeing red at work, so I guess it's fitting.
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Default Check in

1. Calories no more than 1300. 1249, and 150 of that is cough drops, vitamin C, and cough syrup
2. Follow my pie chart rules. Yes
3. Sleep 7 hours a night, melatonin if I have to. Yes
4. Exercise 6 days (hope I can get this; I'm sick right now).
5. Fluids all day long. Yes
6. No white sugar/flour (note to self: this means frozen yogurt). Totally forgot; had half a fortune cookie

7. Deal with insurance company provider issues. Not yet, and another one just came up
8. Reorganize/file in home office. Not yet
9. Clean basement (weekend goal). Not yet
10. Take the boy shopping (weekend goal). Not yet

Today I realized that next weekend is the first time in nine weekends that we don't have any plans. I believe the following weekend is the same; they bracket our spring break. I am beside myself trying to decide what to do...family hike, home projects, nothing at all...

I'm sorry to those who've had a rough day. I know you can pick up and move on. Those days happen and no matter how much we wish, we can't change them; we can only go forward. Just being here means you're strong enough to do that. For those who knocked it out of the park today, good job .
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Well I'll set goals but the fact is I'm cheating on you. I am spending hours learning all I can about nutrition and the effect of nutrients on the body. As well I'm looking into different studies on the effect of different types of exercise on the body. Watching movies on the Food Giant corps. OMG. So much information out there. However, one thing about Fitday is that all of you are real life people, with emotions, stress and all life has to throw at us. So I am actually learning just as much by being here.
I realized that I was concentrating on some negative talk in my head, had to address that and am back on track. I do have to adjust my calories down as I think that I'm losing the battle with the 1 pound a week I set for myself and probably because I am down from where I started I need to adjust.
So here goes.
1. No more than 1450 calories for the average
2. 4 days of at least 1 hour of activity
3. 64 oz. of pure H2O
4. No complaining in spinning class.
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Arrow MON Report - Will respond later & Re-Post "EAT CLEAN" Pact later.

Temptation sure came my way today. Let's just say we have a wonderful neighbor lady with great cooking & baking skills who loves to share. I did not eat of it, although my family did. My dh helped out with hiding the remainder of the evidence & will take the rest with him to work tomorrow. AND I barely met my Caloric goal today. This is truly challenging, this eating thing.

_________________My Goals______________
Check-in: MON-
Sun = Cushion Day -> Respite with Reason . . . Daily = x6/wk

"It's easy to say 'no!' when there's a deeper 'yes!' burning inside." -Stephen R. Covey

..........FOCUS (1) Mind & Heart.........
1. Thankfulness Journal Entry x6 *~* YES {M_ }
..............INTAKE (3) Nutrition...........
---FOOD .'. {5 Grain/Meat/Veg/Oils} & {3 Dairy~1Ĺ Fruit} & {1-2 Extra}
2. Eat Clean (Avoid Junk) -> YES {M_ }
3.1600 Calorie Max. -> YES {M_ }
4. Water (100 oz) ->YES {M_ }
.....................TRAIN (2) Movement........
5. Focused Exercise daily *~*YES {M_ }
*** Aerobic (150"): 30"
*** Muscular (Circuit x3 and Pilates x1): Circuit x1
*** Distance - Feet (10 mi): 2 mile

6. Lifestyle Activity (Min. 1 hr daily) *~* YES {M_ }

Stamp "Met" or "Incomplete" @ end of week.
..........DAZZLE (3) Inside Stuff........
1. Kitchen (4 hrs) *~* 1 hr
2. Cleaning (2 hrs) *~*
3. Clothing (x5) *~* x1
..............ADMINISTRATE (1) Think Tank...........
4. Deskwork (30") *~* 5"
....................YOMP (1) Outside Care.........
5. Straighten up Garden Shed *~*

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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Tunnrida, I'm glad you were feeling better after tea and that you are still eating normally. I speak only American English, so I really am in awe of people who speak more than one language! By "what do you do there" I meant to ask whether you are employed outside of your home and if so, what is your occupation or what kind of work do you do?
At our school, English is required subject.
I learned Italian as an optional, but as I never used it after that I completely forgot about it.
Still I understand when someone talk me something, but everything else nothing!
I am sorry for that, because this fall I have made friends from Italy and said I have good resources to talk Italian, so I think that the entry course and the return of my knowledge!

My profession is an economist, but I never really dealt with it.
I completed a course in graphic design
I always kinda holding the music even though I totally talentless with regard performance it.
I worked in two concert agency, alternative cd shop, the shop with instruments, at concerts, in nightclubs!
Currently I work in a nightclub, and over day I help a friend who organize concerts if he need something about organization.
I am currently looking for some more constant over the daily work!

Otherwise, I am 24 years living with my boyfriend last three years, and 3 cats
we are vegetarians.
I like "aggressive" sports, I used to be dealt with karate, kikbox.

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Today my stomach hurts, and I discovered why ...!
women's stuff

I do JM30DS but I'm not sure for the stationary bike, since I increased the volume and do not think it reduced.
Rather I would go into a long walk
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