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Old 03-19-2012, 10:05 PM   #41
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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
This frosting sounds kind of irresistable (chocolate AND Irish cream?) and frosting isn't even one of my particular vices. You are so funny tho; love the line about the hunger striker.
I've been called a lot of things, but "hunger striker" isn't one of them...

I'm not normally one for frosting either, DH loves it though. Anyway the night we got back from NOLA we split a bottle of wine (or two) and the next thing you know we're both jonsing for sweets and rummaging through the cupboards. He was looking for the last can of chocolate frosting (which I knew was gone) so I took pity on him and whipped up a batch of chocolate sin. God did not intend for me to be skinny, holy moly even drunk I'm a confectionery genius. At room temperature it was spreadable and smooth, we dipped animal crackers (and spoons and fingers) into it. Cold from the fridge it was firmer like fudge, so I cut it into cubes and tossed it down by the square inch. I could feel my love handles getting bigger by the second. That combination holds serious promise for a future batch of fudge though... Sorry for the food porn.
Starting weight: 244.6 lbs. 10/01/09
Pounds lost: 80.6 lbs
Current weight: 164 lbs
Goal weight: 120 lbs
Weight to go: 44 lbs
Goal Date: 1/1/13
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Old 03-20-2012, 12:54 AM   #42
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WeightlossBoo, welcome! Nice goals! I can see you already are off to a great start with losing 12 lbs. since Feb. 7. I hope you will be able to lay off your diet enough to enjoy a nice dinner and some birthday cake on your birthday. There are no food police here and most of us allow ourselves a "controlled cheat" for special occasions. Great Monday report! I hope you sleep well tonight.

Mary, best wishes on your journaling. Enjoy the retreat--and wine. Kudos on taking some healthful foods.

Nobe, it just plain sucks that you are sick on your birthday and even worse that you have to work on your birthday feeling sick. Big gentle hug to ya!

Luv, do we have Ama in the pact list? Thanks for doing that.

Ama, getting in a lot of exercise on your free day from dieting is really admirable! Way to go on managing your weekend so well that your scale numbers didn't go up! Oh, how fun to be able to use the smaller notch on your belt! That has to feel great! Aw, don't be scared of me. LOL But Mike has pointy steel-toed boots. Thanks so much for your support of my green week. I messed up today when coleslaw happened. It was allowed food so didn't count against the clean eating pact, but it did give me a red number for my carbs. I'll just do better the rest of the week. So glad you find our group motivates you--it does me, too. Without this group I'd still be at my highest weight.

Deborah, welcome back! Congrats on having your act together again and for your cravings to be more in control. Major kudos on not being up on the scale.

Terri, sorry your week started out sucky with a broken machine. Doesn't sound like much fun! I hope you had a lovely grill-out.

Mai, it certainly is wonderful to have a fresh start every Monday. How did your muffin omelets turn out and what did you put in them? Sorry, my memory is bad sometimes and I'm too lazy to go back through the posts to find it. Was that you who was going to do spinach and cheese? Did you rewarm them in the microwave and if so, how long did it take for yours to warm? Mine take about 45 seconds for two of them on a glass plate.

Rubypeanut, I'm glad to know that you find encouragement here.

Jho, I used to get up at 6AM to have two hours time to myself when my kids (now in their 30s) were pre-schoolers. Really does help one get through the day. When you convince Braydon that veggies are good, could you please come to Ohio to teach my almost 8 year old grandson that? LOL I may have to hand you my whip to threaten ME with! I didn't slack on water or exercise, but ate some coleslaw that will start me off with red right off the bat for my carbohydrate target. But it's not the end of the world, so I will just try harder tomorrow. I was a fan of both JFK and Marilyn Monroe, so your happy birthday song gave me a big chuckle.

Hope, "You Can Do IT" is a great title--maybe we can use that next week. Well, kudos on your 2 lb. net loss! Beats the heck out of a plateau or regaining, doesn't it? Great goals. Hey--you and Jho are right--you can do it. Best wishes on your dental work and bills. I've heard that fibro is a real cross to bear and it makes it rough to diagnose symptoms as part of fibro or something else, so it's wonderful that we have the technology to give you peace of mind on the health of your heart. And here's hoping you get confirmation of that ASAP. Great that you like your doctor--helps a lot.

Quinn, washing windows and screens is indeed exercise! Give yourself credit for that!

April, way to go on that 1.8 lb. loss! And major kudos on being at your lowest FitDay weight. I'm still 6.5 lbs. above my lowest FD weight, but plan on breaking my record soon. That is absolutely wonderful that your hard work on a more healthful lifestyle and weight loss was rewarded with all those nice compliments! Congrats on those size 20s. I know how good that feels--I used to wear a size 24-26.
Age 68, 5 feet tall
Highest weight ever in the fall of 2010 246 lbs.
FitDay starting weight 1/17/2011 240 lbs.
Weight 8/14/2014 lowest in a long time 224.2
Weight 9/23/2014 doctor visit 233
Easter Challenge Goal 220 Weight 1/26/15 236.8
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Old 03-20-2012, 01:54 AM   #43
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Quick check in. I worked until 7pm but wrote 1 today. I think I may get my 3 for the week
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Old 03-20-2012, 02:33 AM   #44
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Insanely busy day today! So busy that I had my first meal at 5:30! I won't go into details, but 3 different people pulled me in 100 different directions, all needing help with one thing or another. I'm beat. Spent the majority of my day driving and doing errands (besides washing windows ). Just when I thought I was done, I received a call from daughter asking me if I could return to town to look at "a dress" that she thought would be nice for upcoming Senior events... we bought 7! JCP had a sale, and the average price was between $7-$10! After 2 hours in a fitting room, I'm finally home with an 18 y/o daughter's room that looks like "29 Dresses". lol A quick check-in, then it's off to bed.


1. No more than 1200 calories; no excuses... none. 879
2. 80 oz. of water everyday. Yes
3. Hike 3 times, minimum. Not today.
4. 4 fruits and veggies a day; again, no excuses. 2 because I skipped 2 meals.
5. Lose 2 lbs. by Friday. Working on it.
6. Take all Vitamins and supplements, even the big, nasty ones. Yes

Reached 30 lb. Weight Loss Goal April, 2010
Fighting The Battle to Maintain

When something goes wrong in your life, simply yell "PLOT TWIST!" and move on!
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Old 03-20-2012, 03:03 AM   #45
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Just checking in.... that was a very long day!! Makenna has her molars coming thru - she was a freakin nightmare today! Poor thing....

1. Work towards drinking min 64oz of WATER!! Y
2. Wake up early before my monsters wake up! Y
3. PM workout Mon/Wed/Fri!! Y
4. Min 30 crunches/day (after The Voice)
5. Log ALL food - no cheating or snacking on junk! Y
6. Calories below 1300/day! Y

1. Sell it. N
2. Sell it. N
3. Clean it.... Y
4. Sell it. N

1. Take kids outside min 1 hr/day (especially with the amazing weather!!) Y
2. Convince Braydon that Veggies are good! Snuck some sweet potatoes in his smoothie haha
3. Work on Makenna's walking! N
4. Encourage hubby to workout! He will be doing 30 crunches with me after The Voice!

Well its been 3 min and I drank a lot of water today so I will catch up with everyone with tomorrow mornings coffee! LOVE THIS!!
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Old 03-20-2012, 03:56 AM   #46
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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
I've been called a lot of things, but "hunger striker" isn't one of them...
ocolate sin. God did not intend for me to be skinny, holy moly even drunk I'm a confectionery genius. At room temperature it was spreadable and smooth, we dipped animal crackers (and spoons and fingers) into it. Cold from the fridge it was firmer like fudge, so I cut it into cubes and tossed it down by the square inch. I could feel my love handles getting bigger by the second. That combination holds serious promise for a future batch of fudge though... Sorry for the food porn.
I am always craving crazy desserts like toffe/peanut/m and m brittle chocolate concoctions!!! I usually settle for homemade protein power type balls (some mix of PB, protein powder, honey, powdered milk, cocoa pow

I so want to buy these and eat them
10 Fabulous Recipes to Make With Halloween Candy | Halloween - Yahoo! Shine, coconut, whatever)
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Old 03-20-2012, 04:08 AM   #47
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Busy busy day.....just now getting to able to log on. Will post actal goals some time tomorrow. I will say that I ddi well today. Ate well, walked 3 miles. Actually ran the last 1/4 mile, just to test out the busted up knee. It did alright, not gonna be running any races any time soon, but at least I know that I can do it now. Anywho!!! Catch y'all on the flip side. NIGHT!

Mini Goal Weight-220--MET! 01/25/16
Ultimate Goal Weight-TBD

Current Weight-218.8 (January 25, 2016)
When life throws you curveballs, it's up to YOU to decide whether or not you swing away or go down looking. I'm choosing to swing away.
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Old 03-20-2012, 04:20 AM   #48
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Health and Fitness
1) -3000 calories for 6 days -536
2) No eating past 11pm none
3) 5 servings of fruit/veggies
4) Gallon of water no (not even close)
5) Workout 3 times nope
6) Walk 2 times nope
7) Daily:
a. Fish oil yes
b. Vitamin yes
c. Glucosamine yes
d. L-Arginine yes
8) Push 2 people, not counting Tori nope (the next person to post will be mine for the week)
9) Weigh in daily 181.4

1) Write 3 auto policies (b/c pimp daddy needs a new toy) 1 (like a boss)
2) 1 Random act of kindness (saving people money doesn't count) no
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Old 03-20-2012, 04:43 AM   #49
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Quinn ~ Thanks for starting us off.

ruby ~ Sounds like your dear little baby is growing well. That is challenging to figure out calories with breastfeeding. I'm sure lots of people have advice for you. So the following is thoughts only: Do you have a support group in your area such as Leche League? (I'm not promoting here -just thought of them.) With my one child I had a great group that met as part of the local hospital. If they didn't know an answer, they knew people locally that I could meet with to go to concerning personal needs. I believe that just logging in will give you more idea of where you are & where you may want to go eating wise. --- I'm really tired. Hope this makes sense & hope it comes across in the spirit it was meant to be.

Mern ~ I got Ama on the Clean Eat Pact. Thanks so much for bringing anything you see regarding that to my attention. Sometimes I read quickly over the posts and can easily miss something.

Amy ~ I'm curious - if you care to share. Do you have a regular morning routine with your Housework/Laundry? How do you fit in exercise into your day?

Jho82 ~ I have you on the Eat Clean Pact. You did great with your goals. How great is it that your dh will do crunches with you?! That's love. I'm also working on one of my kids about veggies. FINALLY, today she ate vegetable soup in my home, then at Grandma's she kept eating more and more. Progress will come, even as slow as it seems. Aha!!! You're one sneaky Mama getting the sweet potato into the smoothie. . . . I have to chuckle at your reference of "The Voice".

Hope ~ You lost 2 lbs! That really is GREAT news.

April ~ Wow! What a nice family with all those encouraging compliments. You must have felt a bit like an angel on wings. AND how exciting to be buying smaller clothing. You'll be disappearing into thin air if you don't watch out.

Your weight is lowest since starting FitDay?! Girl, that's cause for BIG Time Celebration!

nobe ~ Keep taking care of yourself. I really hope that you find the balance between rest & doing this week. I really mean it. Please give yourself great care.

WeightlossBoo ~Hello! I'm not sure if I ever met you before, but it's great to have you aboard the FitDay Fitness train. Congrats on your goals well met today. I'm curious, what are some fitness classes that you are taking - if you care to tell us?

Ama ~ I have you as part of the EAT CLEAN Pact.

Deborah ~ Ah . .. there you are. With a nice, yellow flower. I wondered how you are doing. Good to see you doing better & sounds like busy as ever by the looks of your goals.

Tori ~ I hope your knee keeps cooperating for you.
Best Wishes, Luv
We are what we repeatedly do. -Aristotle
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I honestly will not be able to keep up with you all. So I apologize in advance.
I had a decent day, calories for the day. Had fruit salad for supper then I log on and get food porn. Had to go have a shower as I was starving. I definitely didn't have enough protein but had enough fruits and veggies to open a grocer's. I had a cracker with jam on it and all is fine now.
A stressful day as my 13 year old border collie has started severe incontenence, if you know border collies you will understand that she is extremely embarrassed and I feel bad for her. She has crystals in her urine so change in diet and a hormone panel. Poor doggy, three vet visits in 2 days.
Highest weight October 1st, 2011 247.6
Starting weight January 3rd, 2012 227.8
January pounds lost 7.8 = 220
February pounds lost 4.4 = 215.6
March pounds lost 2.6 = 213 (do better in April)
Total 14.8
Goal weight 160.4
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