7 Day Motivational Thread Starting 3/19... Who's In? :)

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Hi Everyone!

Sorry to bail over the weekend... was out of town Friday, Saturday and Sunday making a final tour and decision on a college. Think we're all set. Had a wonderful time, but I also enjoyed some equally wonderful food... lots and lots of food! Anxious to start a new, food-focused week tomorrow. Off to bed for me. I'll catch up with you all tomorrow!
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1) 1,700 calories max/day - 2243, 1602, 1620, 1442, 2153, 1362, 1337
2) walk for 1 hour, lift weights for 1/2 hour every day except work days (I only work 2-3 days a week), but do it on work days too if I feel like it - no but worked, no but worked, walk 1hr/weights 1/2 hr, walk 1hr/weights 1/2 hr, walk 1/2 hr/worked, walk 1 hr 45 mins/weights 1 hr, walk 1 hr/no weights
3) eat more protein, get up from 17% - 23%, 22%, 23%, 25%, 24%, 20%, 18%
4) 64oz water minimum - 48oz, absolutely no idea, 64oz, 64oz, 72oz, 64oz, 64oz
5) calorie deficit at least 500 - 284, 795, 699, 993, 277, 1036, 1006

Feeling really tired and didn't have time during the day, so no weights today. Whatevs.

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Default Posting this - will go back & post full goals & read posts.

Weekend Warrior
#1. Browse thru my few Pilates DVDs & choose one to follow.
#2. Do one Pilates DVD. {Definitely beginner's section(s)}

DONE - think I'll do this on weekends. I have a Pilates DVD that includes "Full Modification" with a Pilates routine.

#3. Update my Weeks' goals Sat & Sun. Not on Sat, but today.

#4. Complete Laundry Loads (4 total)
#5. Do minimum 25 minute Deskwork. #4 & #5 DONE

#6. Collate paper. (We as a family do something called "The Bag". It's a weekend bag, related to the newspaper, that includes 1 little local paper & local business flyers/coupons). DONE

#7. Clean House (3 hrs)

#8. Drink 100 oz water Sat & Sun. DONE both days.

#9. Report actual Calorie intake for Sat/Sun.
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Luv, I was thinking that you bailed out this weekend.
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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Luv, I was thinking that you bailed out this weekend.
Nope - not entirely. I was trying to work goals. Then things like tonight keep happening -> I was looking for my original goals & had to turn the computer off because it got "stuck". My girls were laughing at me all weekend.

My knee- burns a little. Didn't feel it during exercise, but must have done something to it.
My foot - blister on the bottom, is about gone now.
My tongue - burnt it on hot food.

I bump into furniture - not all the time, but enough that my oldest keeps laughing at me. I think I'm tired. ... but so goes life. I just keep laughing at myself. At least my back is better.

I hope as I lose weight, there will be less physical problems. I sound like an old woman.
Oh yea -- You & Mern said something about peeing in the night. So far it's not too bad. Except the other night when a thunder storm woke me up & then I had to go.

Now if I can remember where I last posted my FitDay Challenge . . .
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Arrow Final Week Report

*Jho82, Mern, nobe, Hope, Ama, Amy, & Luv*

*STARTS anew weekly thru 4/28. Sun MN thru Sat MN.*

"You can set your own clean eating terms--it may mean different things for different people Just be honest with yourselves--there are no food police here." ~ Mern

Please let me know if you want to opt in or out.

I may be holding the honor of last post on this thread.
.....FITDAY Challenge *~* PERSIST
Champions keep playing until they get it right. -Billie Jean King
Check-in: MON - TUES - WED -THURS - FRI - SAT / SUN
Sun = Cushion Day -> Respite with Reason . . . Daily = x6/wk


FOCUS (2) Mind & Heart
1. Audio Bible &/or Hlth Group Bk Study *~* YES {M_T_W_R_F_S_ }
2. Thankfulness Journal Entry x6 *~* DONE

INTAKE (4) Nutrition
FOOD .'. {5 Grain/Meat/Veg/Oils} & {3 Dairy~1˝ Fruit} & {1-2 Extra}
3. Eat Clean (Avoid Junk) -> YES {M_T_W_R_F_S_ }
4. *1500* -1600 Calorie -> YES {M_T_R_ }::: ABOVE {W_F_} :::LOST TRACK {Sat/Sun}
5. Water (64 oz) -> YES {M_T_ }
:::WATER (80 oz) Wed thru Sun -> {W_R_}
::Pushed by Mike WATER (100 oz) THURS thru SUN -> YES {R_F_S_S_}
6. Supplements -> YES {M_T_W_R_S_S_}

TRAIN (2) Movement
7. Focused Exercise (5 times) *~* YES {M_T_W_R_F_ and Weekend Pilates x1 }
*** Aerobic (150"): MET!
*** Muscular (Circuit x3): MET!
*** Distance - Feet (10 mi): MET!

8. Lifestyle Activity (Min. 1 hr daily) *~* YES {M_W_R_ F_S_S_} ::: NO {T_ }

Stamp "Met" or "Incomplete" @ end of week.

1. Kitchen (4 hr)*~* MET!
2. Cleaning (3 hr) *~* ??? Lost Track. INCOMPLETE
3. Clothing (x5) *~* MET! plus more.
4. Deskwork (30") *~* MET

................................YOMP-Outside Work..........
5. Spring Clean-up (1 hr) *~*

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Thumbs up Bring it.

Good morning! 1:43am. Gotta love that insomnia!

Alright, now that my spell of bullheadedness is over, and my obsessive posting, and research is done. No more excuses. Action Time
Just quickly though. I've gotten a few questions in the past few days regarding, if I loved my weight before, what made me gain? I was a binger. Why? The death of my oldest brother when I was twelve, some abuse, my move to the states from Europe, and my struggle with ADD. I am not looking for sympathy, my friends. This is for starting over, not looking back! Erik (my brother) made the best of his life on Earth, and loved every second of it. I know he want's me to as well. Here's to a new week chock full of opportunity.

1. 1 hr of biking M/W/F
2. 30mins weights 30 mins biking T/Th/S
3. Attempting to consume 600-1200 calories daily
4. 64oz water daily

1. Do better at keeping a schedule, and sticking to it. Procrastination sucks.
2. Write down all my goals that I want achieved by June 1st
3. Do not compare myself to any other female. I am who I am.
4. Don't stress over minor things.
5. Make more time for my mother
6. Look in a mirror every day, do not point out any flaw, and smile.

Saving the World
1. Tomorrow morning I am speaking privately with my school's vice principal before school starts, about how the staff giving extreme lenience to the dress code policy, contributes to the school system's downfall across the USA, by causing more self consciousness, distraction, bullying, and students viewing the teacher's carelessness as being totally ok. This does not follow the goals of school systems here in the states seeing as though the goal is to create a learning environment.

I tend to get really passionate and into what I say, I'm a bit of a talker if you haven't noticed. d: Wish me luck. Here's hoping I don't get expelled for saying to much. Have a good week everyone!
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Default A new week!

Katy I can't sleep either. I'm currently residing under my covers typing this out on my iPad because I'm too lazy to hop over to the computer and the rest of the family are really light sleepers. Nice goals! Personally, I have trouble keeping up with more than four goals at a time but I guess that's ones own preference. Good luck on saving the world! I think what you're doing is great but its also the stores fault too. I went shopping yesterday and couldn't find anything but super short short shorts. Stores don't even make proper shorts anymore!

Everyone who replied to my weighing in question thanks! I used to weigh myself in the afternoons because I didn't have much time in the mornings, but after reading this I think I might try to fit in some time before I hop on the bus because at least that way I have an entire fresh day to fix any bad readings I got on the scale.

Mern thanks again! But I find that once I start being lenient with one goal, I end up being lenient with everything else and eventually fall off the wagon completely. So why don't we call it a yellow day? Lol. I too have days where I eat just because I want to and can't come up with a better excuse. But it never hurts me too much because I get angry with myself and force myself to do a double workout.

New goal alert! water. I usually drink a lot of water and don't bother to record it but since everyone's doing it, I'm going to do it to! Haha. Anyway, a goal of 60oz a day for me. I'm also shooting for an entire day without chocolate. I don't know if I can make it... But I'll try!

Oh, and by the way, good morning everyone! Hope today will be a successful one for all of you!
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