Is anyone else tired of not feeling sexy?

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Im the same, got a gorgeous bloke who ive always felt is out of my league. Sometimes i worry about people thinking how i managed to get him but he loved and fancied me when i was 5 stone heavier and he does just as much now. Its me with the body hang-ups but we should start believing what the men tell us and find the HOT SEXY MAMA in all of us!!!!!
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So I just read all 14 pages! *whew*

Anyway, just wanted to jump in here and say that I too am having this non-sexy issue! I feel like EVERYTHING about me is lacking in sexiness. It's like I look at pictures of myself from a few years ago, and I was smaller, healthier, and I just looked so happy! And now I look at pictures of myself, and I am squishy and pale, and I look sickly!

However, over the last week or so, I am feeling loads better about myself! The number on the scale hasn't gone down any, but I have noticed small changes (I'm not QUITE as squishy around my upper abdomen area, and my shirts aren't quite as tight). And other people are noticing too!

I did accidentally find a way to hold myself accountable for losing weight though: I inadvertently promised my boyfriend I'd buy a "sexy" outfit once I lose 10 pounds. So now I HAVE to lose weight, because he's going to keep pestering me until I get that outfit! lol
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Hi Jenny getting that new outfit could be just what you need to getting your ooh laa back. Ive been meaning to take a trip to the lingerie store and buy something sexy to flatter my body. Need to stop putting it off. It could be just what i need too!!!
Good luck from England on your weight loss
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hey ladies, don't you think it's time to get our sexy selves back yet?
was reviewing my subscriptions and saw this one and thougth it was time to bring this back up again!
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I've got it back in the caboose , need to refocus my efforts on the belly problem. I gotta get my groove back, and it's nice to see these motivational threads get a bump.
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I totally agree with the get "my sexy back" and that is why I put Valentines day as my goal day, what better day to want to hit your goal weight and don the sexy lingerie!!
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Default Want to join the Sexy Girls!

I love my husband of 3 years (this is my second marriage- first one dissolved after 21 years), but the lust stage is definitely over, and having married someone 10 years older, I'm now living with the older guy syndrome- it just doesn't seem quite fair that, after a 70 pound weight loss since late January, I'm starting to come back into my sexuality while his is declining. It's VERY hard not to personalize the issue, but nothing I have tried has worked so far.

I have to try to work some kind of compromise out, because I don't have the energy to go through yet another relationship change.

Thanks for listening-
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