Who's got just 10-15 Pounds?

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Default 10lbs for sure, but need to flatten and tighten.

I'm right there with you. I am 44 years old, currently weigh 128 and am 5'5", which going by all the charts and graphs, is perfectly fine. However, I have a mushy tummy and when I put on a bikini, I look like spongebob squarepants. The numbers are fine, but I just don't look good (or right, LOL)

I'm also extremely fair skinned. I think I might of had a tan once, when I was 20. So being so white makes me look even chunkier.

I think the one huge thing in my favor is that I don't really care for sweet stuff too often. About once every 2 months, I have a crazy craving for chocolate cake w/ chocolate frosting, but that's about it.

Anyway, without exercise or watching what I eat, I have stayed between 130 and 140 for the last 20 years. One week ago, I began eating healthier, lots of raw spinach, tomatoes and grilled chicken (the cravings just hit me like a brick)...
Sweet tea and Coca Cola is also a big weakness for me, so this past week, I had NO sodas, just 2 glasses of tea and the rest was water only!
and in this past week, I went from 132 to 128.... so I truly think this won't be TOO difficult for me as long as I don't go nuts and eat everything in site.

Oh yea, football season.... my husband and I have this thing where EVERY sunday, we sit down to watch the games with a huge batch of homemade buffalo wings and blue cheese. THIS is what I fear coming up.
I've tried the 'healthier versions' where they're baked and fat free dressings are used, yea... that doesn't cut it. If they are not fried and fattening, then they don't taste good enough to justify even having them and I'll just have a salad instead.

Wow, I didn't mean to type my life story... LOL

I did go to the library this weekend and rented a DVD called "Belly, Butt and Thighs". It gives a 10 minute workout for each of those 3 areas and I LOVE it. I just did the Belly one and although I started to feel dread in the first minute, I was shocked when the 10 minutes were up. I feel really good right now =)
I know, I know "only TEN minutes????"... But when you go from completely ZERO exercise, ten minutes is enough!! Besides, like I said, I'm 44, my bones and joints ache, so I should start slow anyway and work my way up.

On a personal note, I just became a first time grandma 2 months ago and I am so happy about that. She is a beautiful, wonderful little baby.
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I will say 15... if I lose another pound my fiance will kill me
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Welcome BrataNata Ė I hear you about football season being a minefield. Congratulations on become a grandma - I hear it is an amazing role!

Welcome Cubanita

Well, skipping beer and potatos didnít happen, and then there was a birthday dinner for a friend on Monday (actually, didnít do too badly there when I looked back).

My Wednesday weigh in is 153.2 Ė Iíll consider it maintenance Ė itís up 0.2 lbs, but that is within measurement error, Iíll record it because the cumulative effect should be monitored.

As I get smaller, things seem more predictable, I knew I wouldnít make progress this week because of Orthodox Easter , and I was right, when the numbers were bigger, the fluctuations were bigger too.
Looking forward to rooting with all of you!
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This week I'm a little discouraged with my weight still at 141.4 , and it was 140.4 last Friday. I've been really good, working out and eating lean, no more than 1200 cal.a day, and less than 180 carbs a day. Sorry didn't check in as I was away in Montreal last week so I didn't weigh myself.....well....actually I did on the hotel scale and it was obviously "OFF" because it said I was 135. If only!
Sounds like everyone has survived the "Holidays" and now there over, yeah!
Except I have my birthday coming up and there's no way I'm "not" going to have a piece of that day will be a right off.
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Default Question for everyone....

How many grams of Protein, Fat and Carbs do you have a day? I'm wondering if I need to lower these levels for being age 47? I'm getting about 45 g of fat, 150 grams of Carbs and 55 grams of Protein a day. Does this sound high to anyone? These are the Fit Day guidelines for me, but I'm thinking I need to reduce some amounts??? of fat? Carbs? Anyone to comment?
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Default Wednesday check-in

143.1# - saw lower numbers this week, but ended up at Red Robin last night (school fundraiser), and the healthiest option I could find was the tortilla chicken soup. Don't recommend it, and it was salty.

Thanks for the encouraging words - I needed them!

I will start keeping track this way:

April 11...143.7#
April 18...143.1#

and cut & paste each week to see the progress. Hopefully, it'll be a bit down each week!
I traditionally struggle more this time of year for some reason - the rest of the world is getting ready for their bikini's and I have a hard time keeping out of the kitchen!

Megan - your numbers look okay, but you may want to increase the protein a bit. I feel best when I have a bit more (and we're similar size/age). Start paying attention to the "pie" and get to know what suits you best. I know that very low carb does not work for me - I get very moody - and I "rebound" better after exercise with a good amount of carb's and protein.
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OMG, I am so happy I found this thread... I am in the same boat all most of you...33 years old 5'5 and at 141.2 as of this morning. I need your help with motivation, in a bad way. I stopped working out about 9 months ago and know I need to get back at it...I had a minor procedure done Tuesday and I've felt like crap since, but want to so badly get back on the horse as soon as the pains are gone. My goal is to unearth my treadmill this weekend and start there. I'm going on vacation in 7 weeks and would like to drop as much as I can by then (did I mention I am the only grown woman going) I will be on vacation with the love of my life and his best friend and 4 children. I want to feel and look confident.
Any help, guidance and or support would be greatly appreciated from this girl who is in desperate need of support.

Looking forward to the happier me
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She shoots, she scores... GOAL 129 on Tuesday. I actually saw 128 at the Mt. house, but that scale is always a little lower than the one at home.

Now I need to keep up the good work so that it sticks!

My plan was too keep protein at 90 to 100 grams, carbs less than 30% mostly from fruits and veggies, and let the fat fall where it may to keep the total calories between 1000 and 1200.

The maintenance plan is to much the same, but allow myself a bit more whole grains. I haven't had a sandwich for nearly 2 months (I love sandwiches!). On Tuesday I had a most wonderful roast beef sandwich with a bit of cheese, avocado & the usual veggies on and artisan whole wheat bread - heaven.
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Thank goodness I found this board! so I'm about 133 lbs and 5'4" which is healthy and all, but I always feel better when that second number is a 2. My goal is to be at 126 lbs by May. I guess I just need the support because whenever I try to set out to do something, I kinda tank out at the end. These last pounds are really hard!
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Welcome all the new ladies! So glad to have you join us!

Not that the first few pounds are all the easy, but the last few sure seem darned stubborn. I love reading about the tricks you have come up with over the years and the dedication we all seem to have to keep working on those nagging pounds (so close and yet so far away).

It seems one of the biggest problem is that no one seems to be able to stop time (BTW if you have figured out PLEASE LET ME KNOW). Just as you get your body figured out and how to manage diet, exercise, stress etc, everything changes. You have a baby, you stop being able to have babies (that'd be me), you change jobs, you move to a new climate (or the climate changes while you stay in 1 place), you suffer an injury, or finally recover, and a gazillion other stuff that happens as part of living, and suddenly you have to start all over again.

I guess it is like life itself, you never stop having to learn new stuff.
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