7 Day Motivational Thread Dec. 19-25

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Originally Posted by bojibridge View Post
Hey guys!

I jumped off the wagon with both feet last week - no falling for me! I'm not so concerned, truthfully, but I'm trying to get with the program again. I didn't gain any extra weight (at least within the error bars.) Actually, about half way through the week, I weighed in at my lowest weight, which is kind of ridiculous, frankly. I mean, it's all work work work and struggle to lose weight, and then I eat a bunch of crap (and I do mean crap - cheetos and M&Ms) and I lose 3 lbs? Kinda stupid. But anyway, I'm over it.

Finals were okay - I ended up with A's in all my classes, so that's cool. I actually wasn't expecting that for one of them because the final was awful, but I'm not asking too many questions. So, note to self - I can succeed in grad school! I have to tell myself these things periodically.

Anyway, lots to do! Off to Florida in a couple days, so gotta prep for that. And I'm taking shorts, and I'm wearing them, damnit! I don't care if it's too cold, it's still gonna happen, just on principle.

Alright, sayonara.
I'm thinking a lot of us fell off the wagon this past week. I know I ate a lot of crap too, but like you still managed to lose weight.

Congrats on your A's!! Don't ask questions, just take the A's

Have a blast in Florida. I'm super jealous, I have to stay home and work all week.
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Okay ladies, my goals are brought to you by the number 3 and the letter D, because I'm going to dominate this!

1) lose 3 pounds
2) 3 servings of veggies/fruit per day
3) no more that 3 servings of bread for the week
4) workout 3 times
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One, Two, Three...ah ah ah
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Default Joining the Warriors here . . .

I'm going to post goals here & then have to get off the computer. So I'll come back later to comment. Had a few chuckles while reading this thread.

I need simple & few goals right now. I remember better with acronyms & such. All goals are daily goals.

My FIT 3-week Challenge: FUN*FIBER*FEET
WEEK #1 #2 #3
Focus: FUN with the kids.
Intake: FIBER 20g (Ultimate goal=25 g daily)
Train: FEET (Ultimate goal=10,000 steps daily or 70,000 wkly) Wear & Record Pedometer usage.

Best wishes to all, Luv

Last edited by fit4luv; 12-19-2011 at 09:08 PM. Reason: I'm changing my Fiber goal - To include all fiber (Legumes/Veg/Fruit . . .)
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Joanna! Congrats on the straight A's! We can all restart after Christmas. I'm not planning on binge-eating, but I know I'll be falling off the wagon a lot. Enjoy Florida!

My blood sugar test on the Dec. 27 will probably wind up in the low pre-diabetic range again due to carb cheats, but my cholesterol and triglycerides should still show another marked improvement over my last test, which showed a bit high, but not enough for my doc to recommend medication. She's convinced as I am I can control all three issues with diet alone at this point in my life.

Mike, LOL--was that sign on Ohio Pike about 3 1/2 miles from my house? We ate at a Chinese buffet Friday night. Mine was not rice or salt, but other carbs: noodles and I hit the dessert table hard.

Tori, I didn't forget you. Will be back later--got a bunch of laundry going and need to get it done before going to pick up my high school grandkids.
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I'm in. I have a long list of things to do before I leave for the mountains. I got lots of stuff this weekend, mostly because hubby and the kitties left on Friday. I actually enjoy housework - at least when I don't have to work around someone else's schedule or activities , and this weekend was perfect for that. But I still haven't gotten the dang patio windows washed.

I was trying to figure out how specific to make my goals this week. I am leaving on Wed AM. Once at the mountain house, my time is mostly my own, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. There usually isn't much of a schedule and, of course, the next 2.5 weeks will be all about great dinners. DH and I love to cook together (I am talking about the kitchen, y'all), so I have a lot of control over what goes on the plate - I just have to exercise control over how much of that goes in my mouth.


1. Keep calories under 1800 - roughly my maintenance level
2. Keep white foods to a minimum and avoid sweets.
3. Run 2 times - one long run, one hill training run
4. Work on "double unders" (jump rope where the rope goes under you feet 2 times for every hop)
5. Work on chataranga (yoga push ups. I have been doing them wrong which is tearing up my shoulders. When done correctly one uses a lot of back muscles rather than relying on arm strength alone.)
6. Log all food - good, bad, or indifferent

Home and Heart
7. Finish wrapping
8. Tune up skis
9. Make holiday calls to 4 friends
10. Get performance evaluations done
11. Tidy up garage before leaving

I'm glad to see so many folks checking in. Keep it up! I is so inspiring to read all of your posts
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Hey Ladies (and Mike/other male lurkers),
This is my first week doing this, so hopefully there's no initiation/hazing that I'm supposed to go through first and I can just jump right in!

This week actually shouldn't be too bad for me--I'm vegan, you see, whereas my family/friends are not, so as long as I stay away from excessive amounts of crackers/pretzels/chips at all of the gatherings and parties, I'm pretty much in the clear. That's kind of a big "if" for me, though--I always feel like, because everyone around me is eating, I should be, too, so I end up overloading on simple starches and salty foods and, well, it's just not good. But I will be strong this year!

All right, then. Goals:
1. 72 oz of water (or tea. I'll give myself a break on this one.)
2. Gym and/or run 6 days. (I love to imagine that, on Christmas morning, I'll get up early and go for a run before presents and giant breakfasts occur. We'll see if that happens.)
3. BOTH gym and run at least two days.
4. Daily calories under 1200.
5. Total calorie deficit of 7000 (I need to keep reminding myself that that's just 2 lbs worth, and not some insane, unreachable number).
6. Weigh in daily, but don't get discouraged! (I dunno if I was particularly bloated my first day and dehydrated this morning, or what, but the scale is claiming that I lost 3.5 lbs in two days. That's rather ridiculous, so I'm expecting an increase--I just need to remember that it's not because I'm doing something wrong, numbers just like to fluctuate.)

Best of luck to everyone else with their goals and emerging from the holidays unscathed!

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I'm in. Still fighting off this respiratory bug. It has all settled into my sinuses and I feel like my eyes are swelling shut... **sniff**. Ugh. I had two cold tablets out to take this morning and it seems as though my cat took them instead. I found one, but the other is still missing. Since he's still walking around (and not dead), I assume he didn't swallow it. lol Managed to get everything done around here anyway, with the exception of gift wrapping (should be working on it today, but don't feel like it) and grocery shopping later in the week.

Concerts, meetings and parties are going to monopolize my week, so I'm not even going to attempt to count calories until the 26th. (Not a huge appetite, anyway although Mike's pics looked pretty darn good... )

So, for this week, I'm keeping it reeaally simple...

* Don't overeat.
* Eat sensibly.
* Drink a lot. (Water, that is.)
* Get plenty of rest.
* Don't stress... everything has a way of getting done.

I'll check in later. Enjoy your day!

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Mh Glad to see you back, sorry to hear about the 5lbs.

Cassie Brownie biscotti oh my, hmm Georgia nope don’t think I can get there for tea but if I was closer you wouldn’t have to worry about those biscotti’s making it to your hips they would be on mine.

ZoeDuc Good goals I think we all will be in the same bot this week enjoy the holiday without eating crazy amounts of treats.

Amy I missed you last week! I hope you get enough of your elf duties done to sit back a little and enjoy your family and the peace that Christmas offers you are such a super mom make sure you take time to take care of you too. The bunnies sound so cute you will need to show us some pics while they are still tiny.

Mike Yeah on the loss! I wish my dog would make me stay in bed I could use the sleep but since she’s not allowed on the bed this plan will never work. Nice sign lol but you know with Chinese food your hungry an hour later so it makes sense to stay awhile.

Tori Your Christmas plans sound fun. Your goals are still really strong for the week #5 is the one I hope you exceed at.

Joanna Glad to see you back! Maybe the pause in your diet was exactly what you needed to kick up your metabolism and put an end to that plateau you have been stuck in. Congratulations on your grades you worked hard pat yourself on the back from me.

Fit4luv Good morning have a good Monday.

Mern I hope your tests go even better then you expect, it’s awesome that you are controlling these issues just with food changes that’s not an easy task.

Pam I am envious of your ability to escape to a mountain home my dream retirement home overlooks a lake deep in the west coast forest. I hope you have a great time and that you have the perfect snow for skiing.

Torre Welcome wow your goals for this week are impressive. I am intrigued by your veganism and may have many questions if you are open to that.

Quinn I am so sorry you are still sick get well soon.

I am off for a busy but fun day I have tea planned with three friends and some errands to finish. I was going to try to get to the gym today but plans have changed slightly from yesterday, I still want to keep that in my head so maybe I will accomplish it. I hope you all have productive days with all your Christmas tasks but that you still find some peace and joy amongst your day.

May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope;
The spirit of Christmas which is peace;
The heart of Christmas which is love.

~Ada V. Hendricks

Walk 25k:
Gym 2 days
Exercise 4 days:
Squats 4 days:
Ab work 4 days:
Calories less than 1400 Mon thru Thur:
Calories less than 1900 Fri thru Sun:
Calorie deficit of 3000 for week:
Christmas company or visits everyday:
Slow down and take in or share the holiday spirit:
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Just had time to skim to see who's here.

fit4luv and Torre, WELCOME--no embarrassment, initiation, or hazing here. LOL

ZoeDuc, I know you're not new, but welcome. Haven't seen any of your posts for a while, but I rarely venture out of this group.

Back later--almost done with laundry, but also only have to leave the house.
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