7 Day Motivational Thread starting 07/11/2011

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Default 7 Day Motivational Thread starting 07/11/2011

Good morning Motivators!

I hope you are all ready for another stellar week of motivation, story swapping, recipe exchanging, venting, laughing, sharing, and above all MOTIVATING! Set your goals and turn your motivation on high gear because a new week starts now!

Happy Monday, Everybody!
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Ok, I'll go first....

My goals:

1. Eat between 1100-1400 calories per day.
2. Calorie deficit of 550 or more per day.
3. Exercise 5 hours.
4. Take my multivitamin.
5. Eat over 30% protein.
6. Drink minimum 10 glasses of water per day.
7. No sugar.
8. No wheat.

Other goals:

1. Put up the new shelves.
2. Put up the solar blind in the kitchen.
3. Water the flowers.
4. Wash the living room pillow cases.
5. Edit first cut of friend's wedding video.
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Thanks, Rose, for getting us off to such an energetic start this week! I really need the motivation; somehow my scale keeps creeping up despite having an on-point week last week (after Monday). I'm hoping it's TOM and trying not to push the panic button. Keeping my goals basically the same:

1. Keep calories below 1300.
2. Exercise 6 times.
3. Log everything.
4. Drink 64 oz. water.
5. 5 fruits and veggies daily.
6. 25 g fiber daily.

Not sure what projects to get into this week, so I'll either post later or just wing it. I'm really off kilter as a result of having no work and starting to stress, so I've got to find something to keep busy so I don't EAT .

Here's to a great week, everyone!
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Hi, Rose! Thanks for the starting out pep talk. I'm really going to try hard to make this a stellar week, especially on food goals and exercise.

Last week I reached my two mile per session treadmill workout goal. On the stationary bike I am making progress working up to 2 miles per session rolling hills intensity. (This immediately follows my strength training and range of motion class.) I'm currently at 1.6 miles with 1 mile being regular cycling and .6 miles rolling hills. Today I'm checking into the seniors Silver Sneakers Cardio Circuit which is three days a week--but until September I'll probably do that class only one or two days a week.

This week's goals:

Calorie limit 1600
Calorie deficit 900 per day
Carbs less fiber limit 25g
Sat fat limit 10%
Dietary cholesterol limit 300mg
Five servings veggies/fruit
Track protein
Vitamin D & Fish Oil

Water 64 oz.

Go to Y 5 days. This week achieve 2 miles on stationary bike in any combo that includes more than .6 miles of rolling hills intensity.

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Hi All. Rose, thanks for starting us off. Cassie, I look forward to seeing the projects you decide on. Mern, it sounds like you're doing great with the activity; you are inspiring me!

So here goes:
1)1600 calories max
2) 64 oz water min
3) walk or gym at least 3x this week
4) be a stretchy mama
5) no sugar
6) lower or fibro diet approved carbs

1) write 1.5 hours daily except Tuesday (class)
2) meditate
3) step back
4) be kind (in honor of Katherine)
5) see friends

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Hey folks! I was reading some of last week's motivational posts and decided maybe I need to get in on this! Hope you don't mind if I crash the party

Um, so here are some goals, on the fly:

1.) Stay under 1650 calories/day
2.) Go to the gym 3 times
3.) Keep active on non-gym days
3.) Find ways to keep the protein up

1.) Figure out my low blood sugars (will be a work in progress)

My summer is absolutely empty (I'm currently between undergrad and grad school) so my biggest challenge is staying busy 'cause when I get bored, you know I love to eat!

Best of luck,

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ChibiSub, I most likely misread and thought the before and after pics were of you--as you said, it was late--I'll take that as my excuse. LOL Aw, thanks for the link to your before pic. I love seeing to whom I am talking. I'm sure everyone here recognizes how difficult it is to be able to reply to all the posts and that no one thinks you're ignoring others. I am retired and don't have the time, so I just reply to what I can. Best wishes on the job interviews and unpacking.

Hope, you did a really good job last week from what I read. How are you feeling with the fibro today? I got my own inspiration to exercise from this group--nice thing to be contageous, eh? Big hug to ya!

Main80, glad you could enjoy your planned cheat day and the wine. Nothing wrong with that!

Rose, at least all the exercise helped speed up your metabolism. That lasts for several hours and would have helped burn more carbs from the pasta. And look at all your achievements in green--they far outweigh the few little lapses! Congrats on a week well done! Thanks for the info on the herbs for the grilled salmon. I added that to your simple recipe on my hard drive. I may have all but the fennel in my pantry as dried herbs. Sounds like a great combo!

Joannah, welcome! We love getting new members! Wow, I especially love your goal of staying active on non gym days. I need to do that. Wishing you a lovely summer free of boredom. I was in the pre-diabetic blood sugar range and was fortunate to be able to get back into the high normal blood sugar range through diet alone, no meds, by keeping my net carb (carbs less fiber) intake stable. And, truly, I credit this group for keeping me motivated enough to do that. I also have a wonderful doctor who is willing to work with me on that. I hope you can figure out how to stabilize your blood sugar into a healthful range for you.

Gotta hurry to get ready for the Y class! Catch y'all later!

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Good moring everyone and thank you Rose for getting us going. How can you have so much energy on a Monday? lol

1) 2600 caps deficient for the week
2) 65g of carbs for 6 days (green veggies not logged)
3) Daily:
Four servings of veggies (minimum)
Fish oil
Drink a gallon of water
Post here everyday (even on "epidural Tuesday")
4) workout 3 times
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Gooooood Monday morning everyone.

I'm having a cluster headache attack (though, thankfully, the worst seems to have passed) but still looking forward to a productive week (or half-week, for me). Friday, Saturday, Sunday I am on VACATION and won't have any specific goals for those days, just do my best to make good choices. We'll be doing a lot of walking, so I'm not too worried about getting in exercise. Hopefully these headaches completely clear up by then -- they should, when I get cluster headache attacks they usually last 3 days. This is day 3. At least it didn't happen on my birthday!

Thanks for getting us started, Rose. Looking forward to everyone's stories and successes this week!

My goals are only M-Th this week, and I'm making a focused and abbreviated list. I have NO EXCUSES for not doing all I can in these four days to make myself feel good before vacation. I'm also adding a sleep goal, as bad sleep habits have been creeping their way back into my life.

Short Week Goals:

1) Calories between 1100-1300, on average. No single day above 1450.
2) Achieve a 4,000 calorie deficit
3) 96 oz. of water per day
4) Exercise EVERY DAY, no excuses, 30DS or other exercise
5) In bed by 11:30 every night
6) Multivitamin and fiber pills every day
7) 30% protein average

Friday, Saturday, Sunday Goal:

1) Enjoy my birthday and long weekend!!! First vacation with BF in 7 years of being together, we're going to JUST HAVE FUN!

Happy Monday All,
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hi everyone
I'm almost suicidal. I have no idea why and how, but somehow i put on 10lb in only three weeks(yes, ten pounds). So I'm back to square one, logging all the foods, cutting out as much sugar as I can.
Back on the wagon then
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