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ChibiSub, good to watch that calcium. I'm 65 and never did and am just plain lucky I've always liked dairy products. My Mom had osteoporosis and I escaped it. My recent blood workup showed my calcium level is normal. I take a vitamin D supplement to help my body absorb the calcium. I live in southern Clermont County, Ohio (east of Cincinnati which is in Hamilton County) and just about 8 miles from the Ohio River.

Mike, you always keep me amused. "gangsta lean." LOL Yeah, you got that right--patients always have the final say, regardless. Aw, I hope it does take just one epidural. Yeah, you may be wise to just rest and skip the exercise. Know that we'll all be thinking about you tomorrow and rooting for a speedy recovery.

Cassie, I think you have more of the tortilla-makin' magic than I do, LOL, but thanks for the compliment. My La Banderita brand tortillas have an ingredient list a mile long (unfortunately including a bunch of stuff I can't pronounce) but it's nice to know they're low carb, low fat, zero cholesterol and full of fiber. Kudos on avoiding the sweet cravings! Glad you enjoyed your lc tortillas baked with margarine, cinnamon and sugar. That was creative! I had thought of how I could improve on the peach tarts and now wonder if a really thin layer of margarine, artificial sweetener, and cinnamon before baking the tart shells would add a little more depth of flavor. Don't know if I'd like cinnamon with peaches or not, but I'm going to try it next time. LOL-- sticking your bikini top in your purse as a reminder to ignore the willpower of your friend "the food pusher" is a great idea. Also great idea to post it ahead of time to help you stay accountable. Let us know how it went!

My low carb baked beans made with canned Eden organic sodium free black soy beans came out pretty darned good for my first attempt There are a million ways to make baked beans, but here's what I did. I drained off most of the juice of a 15 oz. can of beans and reserved it in case I needed more juice later--it wasn't needed. The baked bean sauce was just by dump and taste method--about 6 oz. plain canned tomato sauce to which I added 1 1/2 tablespoons vinegar, a teaspoon of onion powder and artificial sweetener to taste. Then I added to taste (several tastings, actually) yellow prepared mustard, ground cloves, Worcestershire sauce, dehydrated minced onion, salt substitute, chili powder and simmered it covered for about 1 1/2 hours over low heat, stirring occasionally. Simmering for 2 1/2 hours would have been even better if I'd had more time. Just before serving I added in some crumbled, crispy turkey bacon. We have some leftover--it'll be interesting to see if the flavor is better tomorrow. Depends what you put in them, but my rough estimate is for about 1/2 cup of the drained beans with about 1/4 cup of the baked bean tomato based sauce coming to about 170 calories, 14g carbs, 8g fiber, 14 protein.

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thanks Mern.
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You're welcome, Mike.
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Just checking in... better late than never. Had an insanely crazy weekend which involved a schooner, an abandoned harbor town and no healthy food choices within 100 miles. (Ever notice the more desolate the location the worse the food choices become?) Did tons of hiking but I still feel bloated and disgusting. Made Asian salads tonight to get back on track, one of my new favorite hot weather dinners.

So, here are this weeks goals:

*Keep calories under 1200.
*Limit bread intake to two 45 calorie slices a day. (I'm obsessed with bread lately...)
*Walk daily; 3 mile minimum.
*4-5 fruits and veggies daily.

Have to go back and read all of the posts to see what everyone's up to. Make it a great week!

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Default Report card for Monday

So I had a good enough Monday except that it was pretty intense and I couldn't squeeze in any official exercise. I ran home at lunch to walk Chico and took him on an extra long one after work too. It's not the same as working out but at least I was moving around today. tomorrow morning I'll have my run!

My goals:

1. Eat between 1100-1400 calories per day. YES 1124
2. Calorie deficit of 550 or more per day. YES 936
3. Exercise 5 hours.
4. Take my multivitamin. YES
5. Eat over 30% protein. YES 42%
6. Drink minimum 10 glasses of water per day. DONE!
7. No sugar. YES!
8. No wheat. YES!

Other goals:

1. Put up the new shelves.
2. Put up the solar blind in the kitchen.
3. Water the flowers. It's raining!
4. Wash the living room pillow cases.
5. Edit first cut of friend's wedding video.

Cassie, you are welcome! And any time you need motivation, you got it! After all of the totally inspiring and supportive things that you have share on this forum with me and with everyone here, you deserve it! I know how hard it is to see the scale creep up, believe me I know! But you will see that scale drop back down again! You've got this! Hope you're having fun on your girls' night out!

Mern, you're very welcome for the pep talk. Congrats on meeting your treadmill goal. Look at you working on your fitness at the Y like a regular gym queen!

bojibridge, welcome to the motivational thread, you are more than welcome to crash the party!

Mike, my dog wakes me up between 5 and 5:30 am every morning so by 7:30 I am full of energy. Good looking goals, Dude!

Terri, how great is it that you are going on a vacation with your sweetie? I hope you have a wonderfully romantic getaway and a fabulous birthday! You've done SO WELL, you gave yourself the best birthday present ever!

Muna!! Welcome back and please please don't be depressed. I put on 10 pounds in 3 weeks in Italy last year and believe me, it came back off. You're back on the wagon and that's what counts!

Mary, wow you are just 1 1/2 pounds from leaving the obese category? That's AMAZING! I can't wait to get there myself! Congrats!

Hope, I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better today!

welcome aboard, fellow Canadian!

Mike, glad to hear that you had no pain yesterday! And I think you made the right decision to keep your appointment. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!

Quinn, welcome back and I hope you had fun this weekend despite the lack of healthy food choices!

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Terri, I had missed your post of this morning. Oh, but I don't keep up with everyone, hard as I try. LOL I'm probably just nosier about what other people have going on--so much exciting and different stuff. LOL Aw, sorry it's just natural for you to worry. Good that your boyfriend helps keep your feet on the ground. Sounds like you compliment each other quite well.

Quinn--sounds like a Twilight Zone episode: a schooner and an abandoned harbor town. Did you actually ride in the schooner? If so, who captained it? I don't think I've ever been to a desolate location except when we drove through a Navajo Indian reservation and were not welcome there at the convenience store we found in the middle of nowhere.

Rose, LOL, I don't think I'm exactly a gym queen--more likely just intrigued with the newness of it all. I told DH I hope I continue to enjoy it once the newness wears off. Hey, it doesn't have to be formal to count as exercise! Congrats on walking Chico! Wow, you are off to a wonderful start this week on your goals!

My Monday report:

I went over just a teeny bit on calories but couldn't resist that last peach tart which put me over in carbs, but my protein LOL

This week's goals:

Calorie limit 1600 1624-close!
Calorie deficit 900 per day 974
Carbs less fiber limit 25g oops--had that last peach tart, but I'm not sorry. 29.8g
Sat fat limit 10-12% 11%
Dietary cholesterol limit 300mg 314.1
Five servings veggies/fruit YES
Track protein 147.5g or 39%
Vitamin D & Fish Oil YES

Water 64 oz. YES

Go to Y 5 days. This week achieve 2 miles on stationary bike in any combo that includes more than .6 miles of rolling hills intensity. Mon.-cardio class and bike

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Hi Mern,

No. I personally didn't actually get to sail in the schooner, but my daughter is studying aboard an 80' schooner on the Great Lakes this summer and we caught up with them when they docked in a harbor a few hours from here. There is a captain, 2 professional crew members, and a cook but the girls are expected to do the majority of the work. They are split into 2 crews. While one group is conducting environmental and biological experiments, the other is working on the deck. Then they trade off every few hours. Waves Saturday were 4-8', so there were some green complexions! lol

When I was young, my dad raced schooners on 6 man teams on the Great Lakes, so it brought tears to my eyes to see her sail into port. Her grandpa would be so proud!

The abandoned town is actually a preserved state park, so it was cool to see the schooner pull into a town that looks as it did in 1900.
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Default First day

Pretty darn good start, Mern and Rose!

For me, so far:

1.) Stay under 1650 calories/day:Nope
2.) Go to the gym 3 times: Yes
3.) Keep active on non-gym days:
3.) Find ways to keep the protein up: Pretty good

1.) Figure out my low blood sugars (will be a work in progress)

My calories totally would have been awesome if it hadn't been for the 6 cups of OJ I had to drink throughout the day to keep my blood sugar up. I decreased my long acting insulin by 4 units, will do another 4 tomorrow. I was diagnosed with type 1 when I was 11 - you'd think after 15 years, there wouldn't be any more surprises, but color me surprised, 'cause I've never had this much trouble figuring out insulin doses. Better luck tomorrow!

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Just read through all of the posts... Wow, everyone is doing great! Summer is so hard to keep on track. Congratulations for keeping focused!

Nice to see you again! Don't sweat it... I once gained 8 pounds in 7 days in Mexico. Stuff happens. Just dust yourself off and climb back on the wagon.

Good luck in the morning with the epidural. I've never had one. I'm anxious to hear how it goes.

I had terrible migraines from 12-40. Then, one day, they just stopped and I have no idea why. (Hormonal maybe?) Sounds like a vacation is exactly what you need. I'm planning on a couple of short trips, myself. Hope you have a wonderful time. You've earned some time off!

I'm envious of your girls night out! I haven't done that for awhile. Hope you had a great time!

And... Welcome to this week's newcomers! Hope you find our thread encouraging, motivating or, perhaps, just a good place to let off some steam!

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Quinn, sounds like you had a great nostalgic experience visiting your daughter, the poor food choices notwithstanding. Your Asian salad sounds like just the thing to get you back on track.

Mern, don't blame you for heeding the call of the last peach tart. I would think a dusting of cinnamon and Splenda would be great under them; my grandmother used to make a peach pie that was liberally dusted with cinnamon, so I love those flavors together. You weren't far off your goals, and I suspect it was worth it.

Joanna, best laid plans and all that...you'll get it figured out. Unplanned calories are very frustrating. My personal belief is that if they are uncontrollable or medicinal, they shouldn't count, but that is sadly untrue.

Rose, enjoy your run in the AM. I feel like a broken record telling you how great you're doing on your goals, but you are rocking!

Check In:

1. Keep calories below 1300. 1344
2. Exercise 6 times. Weights
3. Log everything. Yes
4. Drink 64 oz. water. Yes
5. 5 fruits and veggies daily. 5
6. 25 g fiber daily. 25.7

Well, I would say for deciding last minute to go out to dinner and have a drink, I'm pretty happy with how the calories ended up...it could've been much worse. Fortunately we went to a place where I have a "go-to" meal; my food-pusher friend wasn't feeling tortilla chips tonight, and I have zero tolerance, so one margarita was plenty. So, bullet dodged.

Except the kid is watching Man Vs. Food again...that show makes even stuff I don't like look good!

Night, all!

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