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My Goals For The Week-

1. Eat at least 3 fruit and two vegetable servings a day. No NO! UGH!
2. Re-eliminate bread! Yes Yes
3. Carry a water bottle with me at all times. Yes Yes
4. Purge the house of the rest of holiday treats... chocolate, nuts, etc. Tossed chocolates, froze nuts for granola bars.
5. Take multi-vitamin daily. Yes Yes

Non-Food Related Goals-

1. Take down outdoor holiday wreaths! Yes!
2. Get oil changed. YES!

Starting to see what my problem is- got away from fruits and veggies being the major part of my diet. Have to remember to take time to prepare. Planning is EVERYTHING!

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branmuffin-I have had the same problem with mutli vitamins.I finally talked to a friend who is a nutritionalist and he said sometimes there is a binder in the multi's that cause the problem. I now take all of my vitamins separately and don't have a problem. It is a bit more of a hassle, but I'd rather not deal with the nausea.

Report for Tuesday:

1.64 oz of waterYES,YES
2.No processed foodsYESYEs
3.Make each workout count!YESYES
4.In bed by 10 p.m.this is the hard one in my house! Yes,NO
5.No eating before bed.YES,YES
6.Sort through the clothes my dd has outgrown and pack them up and drop off at Goodwill.NO,NO

We have a snowday here today too, so now I can have dd help me go through all the clothes to pack up. I don't think the kids like being off because I come up with extra chores for them to do when they are home.
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ah girls the last 2 days were absolutely crappy :'( yesterday DH took me out and i ate a whopper (nearly 700kcal) and today i tried to limit my food, but gave in and ate half a tin of caramel flavoured condensed milk (nearly 600kcal and 120g of sugar). I really want to go and throw it all up - big red flag for me, as i'm recovered bulimic, had a relapse 18months ago. So far I'm holding it down. Tomorrow I must go shopping for veg and some proper fruit.
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MunaAmin, hang in there!! What's done is done but you can always decide to get right back on the horse, and it sounds like you did that. You are doing so well overall; don't let a little slip take you off completely. You have come too far!

You know you can do this...we know you can do it...grit your teeth and take care of yourself even when you want to throw in the towel.

Somehow when I try to limit the day after going overboard, it backfires on me. It's usually better for me if I limit just a little, but over a few days, instead of a lot on one day. Maybe that would help?

I really admire you getting on here and being accountable. Now go get that produce!!
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MunaAmin hang in there, as Cassie says. I know you can do it. I am also a recovering bulimic and I was tempted the other night when I overate cause I felt so full and horrible. But I once had a therapist who said just let that full nasty feeling let you know you need to do something different the next time. And you can do it, girl, I know you can. We can do it.

I am a bit bummed because I gained some weight I fought so haaaaaard to lose. But I am determined to keep going the healthy way, more fruits and veg, just like you said, Muna.

Today is a snow day but instead of cooking fattening stuff for everyone, I am letting them eat the chicken veg soup I made and then letting them fend for themselves or eating the good stuff I need to eat. Might be good for them too!!!

Enjoy your day all. Do the best you can and forgive yourself when you don't.

Plus this vitamin discussion is making me think of trying to take them again. I also have problems digesting vits but there were some good ideas. You guys rock.
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Check-in Wed:

This week I will:
1. Join CrossFit (an awesome, intense, focused workout)sort of, not yet, just not feeling it
2. Keep the carbs to 35%-40% Yes, 41%
3. Refrain from alcohol (yikes! football party at our house on Monday)No, NO (1 beer with dinner)
4. Finish that dang quality control report at work (not diet/fitness related, but it is stressing me out big time!)YES!!!

Ugh! I with many of you... motivation is only OK, but I just don't have much energy, or incentive. I seem to be keeping to the diet plan fairly well - calorie wise, but just don't feel like doing much else.

MunaAmin hang in there, everything the others said is true, you will get through this, and one meal, one day, or even one week isn't the end of your resolve. Just move on.

Don't know if it is post holiday let down, weather, or all the upheaval at work (total agency reorganization, and building rehab that has kicked all of us out of our offices) but all I feel like doing is curling up and watching movies. And this is from someone who usually can't sit still for more that 30 minutes.

Oh well, this too shall pass.

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I'm thinking about calling and getting myself an appointment at the tanning salon. I don't need to tan, but I seem to remember that it was deliciously warming and invigorating this time of year and I could really use that sort of boost right now, a little fake sunshine therapy since there isn't any in the sky. Maybe I'll get a hot wax dip on my hands and feet too, they look bad like something a snake left behind.
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I was thinking about a massage, but then I decided that I would just be all cranky and irritated when she stopped and it was over. Now an easy bake tan? That, at least you would have a door prize to take home with you.

ooops... sorry for the hijack
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Yes, Munamin, don't give up! Veggies and fruits will help a lot!

1. At least 5 servings fruit/veg a day (Y, Y, Y
3. Workout 2x during week, 2x during weekend (Y, Y, Y I've worked out every day since Thurs even though some days was only 25 min)
4. Less than 1500 cal for at least 3 days, under 1800 the rest of the days (1500 - Y, 1800 - Y, Huge resounding NO, I was sooo ravenous today it was scary, but I think I was around 2000 cal's even with massive overeating.)
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Wednesday check-in:

1. 1500 cal per dayyes!NoNo
2. Exercise 45 minutes minimum for at least 4 daysNoYes no. Had to get to work extra early, then got a massive headache.
3. 72 ounces of water each dayYes!yesyes
4. 5 servings of frts/veg's per dayYes!Noyes
5. Multivitamin dailyNoyesyes
6. Get the holiday things put away! yet.
7. Balance the checkbook! yet.

Coulda been better but coulda been worse. I keep going over my calorie goal, but still burning more than I take in, so should see a little loss by Friday.
How much longer until Spring??? I HATE the cold weather!
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