7-Day Motivational Thread Beginning 1/3/2011??

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lwanker, are you logging your sleep hours? I know that in the beginning I wasn't and thought I was running more of a deficit than I was. Once I put the sleep in, the numbers seemed to work out better, though there has been some discussion as to whether sleep is already accounted for in the equation.

Also, it might be worth experimenting with the ratios in your pie chart. Having healthy fats in your diet is not a bad thing. When I would plateau, or when I'm trying to recover from slipping up big time (like now), I really increase my protein and, to some extent, fats, and decrease the carbs. I could not sustain low carb by any stretch of the imagination, but even temporarily dipping carbs to about 45% (I'm usually right at 50-55%), is helpful; I look at it as kind of shocking my system.

Your body may have just become accustomed to what you've been doing; if you change something, that'll show it who's boss!

As for my report, embarrassingly, I completely slipped and skidded out of the week. Drank my water and exercised, but also blew my calorie limit, didn't get enough protein, and ate cookies, as well as various other snacks . Hopefully can curtail this to one day and be back on tomorrow. Kinda bummed; I thought I was back on track.
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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post

nottango, hope you got through Chuck E Cheese's ok. Glad those days are over for me...and that place has the most disgusting pizza on the planet!
Chuck E cheese hu.. I worked there for almost 4 years and LOVED it...I really enjoyed the pizza too! well now i think im paying for it along with no longer being active..oh wait that's over with which started today. ugh I have a CEC date with my friend and our lil ones at the end of the month....um SHOOT...although right now im only swearing off candy and soda after putting in my food for today i really REALLY need to work ont he carbs......which i think that will be more difficult than sugar and soda...ugh
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lwanker: I think I'm in the same place you are right now--scale hasn't budged in 11 days and I've been incredibly conscientious with only a couple minor slips! When I was 58, I went from 135 to 119--took all summer. Maintenance is a huge problem for me. All I'm asking is to be 122-125!

My workouts include an active rest day or two every week. Rest is as important as the hard workouts for making gains. I can get very structured with this! I make sure I have two easy days a week, and two hard days where I reach 90-95% in intervals. I do find that if I just stick with the consistent routine, all of a sudden I see weight loss. (I'm waiting . . . saw 1/2 pound this morning though).

I am frustrated with my self control around diet. I have a great detox diet that I know will kickstart me, but my head isn't into fruits, veggies, grains right now. All things in good time! For the time being I will just track food, make sure I get lots of veggies, and drink more water/tea.

Good luck to all!
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